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ISLD presented a Webinar:  Gigabit Libraries and Beyond: Improving Broadband Access Worldwide

Date and Time: October 19, 2021

RECORDING available (668 MB)

Description: Libraries worldwide are a key resource in supporting and providing broadband access to their communities, which continue to experience inequitable access to the internet and information and communication technologies (ICTs). The Toward Gigabit Libraries toolkit is a free, self-service guide created to help libraries understand and improve their IT capacities and broadband resources. Join this webinar that will first introduce internet access globally and the role of libraries in providing internet access, followed by an interactive discussion on IT and broadband challenges your libraries face and learn about how the toolkit can help libraries beyond the US, understand and address them. While the toolkit was originally created for United States libraries, this session will focus on areas that can be applied and adapted to an international audience. Participants are encouraged to describe their technology challenges and work with the facilitators and other attendees to seek solutions.

A follow-up interactive, hands-on session is scheduled on January 19, 2022; 8-10 am CT for participants to virtually “workshop” possible approaches to localizing the toolkit for communities across the globe.


 Sponsored by: International Sustainable Library Development (ISLD) Interest Group of the ALA International Relations Round Table, Mortenson Center of International Library Programs, and Gigabit Libraries.

ISLD 2021 Midwinter Virtual Meeting

On Sunday, January 24, 2021 the IRRT International Sustainable Library Development (ISLD) Interest Group met virtually via Zoom.  

During the meeting we talked about the very successful webinar we offered in the fall and discussed our followup. Also we planned to offer other webinars.  Finally, we looked at what our goal(s) be for the next two years.

ISLD 2020 Program Webinar: Transcending Borders: From Librarians Collaborating Abroad to Reconsidering Opportunities in a Virtual World 

Four professional librarians, Dallas Long, Deborah Chavez, Janet Lee and Clara Chu who have worked outside the United States, shared their international experiences. In this time of social distancing and travel limitations, participants discussed means and opportunities for international virtual engagement. A resource list is available here. . The webinar link is available here.

 RPCVs Connie Champlin, Kelly Grogg and Janet Lee are the authors of "Peace Corps Support of International Sustainable Library Development (KQ: vol. 46 no. 5 May/June 2018 pg. 49-55). Check out this  article about library development in Cambodia, Ethiopia, Liberia, as well as learning about Peace Corps Partnership grants and of course, the ISLD.

ISLD 2016 Program:Collaborating for Sustainable Libraries: Examples from International Developing Economies

Description: Experts (each with previous Peace Corps service) in initiating and supporting libraries in developing economies reported on the critical importance of collaboration for sustainability. Specific examples of current projects and models were presented and details of their origins and implementation were discussed. Included was an interactive panel moderated by Peter Deekle, Community News Editor of National Peace Corps Association and Peace Corps/Iran.


  • Connie Champlin, Consultant Cultural Adventures and Peace Corps/Philippines & Korea

  • Patricia Wand, Adjunct Professor and University Librarian Emerita, American University

  • Janet Lee, Dean Regis University and Peace Corps/Ethiopia  Collaborating for Sustainable Libraries: Working with the Dispora

  • Jane Mirandette, President HJH Libraries for All Program San Juan Del Sur Libraries for All Biblioteca   Collaboration Works

2014 ISLD Program during ALA Annual in Las Vegas, NV

International Sustainable Library Development (ISLD) program will be held:

Date: Monday, June 30, 2014

Title:The Many Facets of Volunteerism for Sustainable International Library Development Projects

Description: Join the International Sustainable Library Development Interest Group for an interactive program on how volunteers participate in library development projects worldwide through travel to project sites, through participation in library to library collaboration such as sister libraries, through interactive programming such as Skype, and through fundraising and book drives to support library projects.  Breakout sessions will give opportunities for audience engagement and networking opportunities..

Speakers: Athena Michael, Project Hope - Volunteering on-site; Nancy Bolt, Nancy Bolt & Associates - Sister Libraries; Janet Lee, Regis University Library

2013 ISLD Program during ALA Annual in Chicago, IL

International Sustainable Library Development (ISLD) program was held:

Date: Monday, July 1, 2013

Title:Training: The Key to Sustainable International Library Development Projects

Description:  ISLD explored the importance of training in making international library development projects sustainable. Marcy Carrel, Technical Information Specialist at Peace Corps, spoke on the development, content and implementation of the newly created “Sustainable Library Development Training Package,” a set of resources designed for training Peace Corps Volunteers engaged in library projects. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about additional training materials and models used by a variety of organizations involved in international library development projects, and left with a collection of training resources for projects.

Speaker: Marcy Carrel, Technical Information Specialist, Peace Corps

Speaker: Connie Champlin, IRRT, Interational Sustainable Library Development Interest Group

Table Talks: Barbara Ford & Susan Schuner, Mortenson Center for International Library Programs; Min Chou, Chinese American Librarians Association;  Jane Mirandette, President, Treasurer, San Juan del Sur Biblioteca; Beth Ardner, CREDO; and others.

2012 ISLD Program during ALA Annual in Anaheim, CA

"International Sustainable Library Development (ISLD) and the Sister Library Initiative of Mutual Benefit:  Cooperation Across Borders."

Date: Monday, June 25, 2012

Description: This program presented ways in which Sister Libraries can collaborate with library development projects..  (Program sponsored by the International Sustainable Library Development-ISLD)

Speakers: Connie Chaplin gave an Overview of ISLD (PPT)

Gina Milsap from the Ames Iowa Public Library described the American Bulgarian Sister Library Project

Jamie LaRue spoke about the Dobrich & Douglas County Public Libraries Sister Library Project 

Elizabeth Cramer and John Boyd talked about Appalachian State’s Sister Library Biblioteca Th’uruchapitas

Carol Hodges presented: Biblioteca Puerta Abierta Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala & Tidewater Community College Virginia, U.S.A (PPT)

2011 ISLD Program during ALA Annual in New Orleans, LA

The "S" in International Sustainable Library Development: Sustainability Issues

Date: Monday, June 27, 2011

Description: This program presented ways that skills are developed and transferred to enable sustainability in developing libraries.  

2010 ISLD Program during ALA Annual in Washington, DC

Books in Many Languages: Reaching Out to Youth in a Multilingual World

Date: Monday, June 28, 2010

Description: At this program the panelists will discuss the development of books for youth in their local languages and the role that libraries in developing countries can play in collecting and distributing these books.


Marcy Carrel presented: Peace Corps: Volunteers and Books in Many Languages (PPT)

Janet Lee spoke about Multilingual Children’s Book Publishing: a Developing Industry in Ethiopia (PPT)

2009 ISLD Program at ALA Annual in Chicago

Yes We Can: Support International Sustainable Library Development

Date: Monday, July 13, 2009
Time: 10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Place: McCormick Place West (MCP) - W-181
Description:  This program presented ways that skills are developed and transferred to enable sustainability in developing libraries. Methods to overcome contraints such as bandwidth, cultural awareness, needs assessment, and language barriers were presented.  (Program sponsored by the International Sustainable Library Development-ISLD)


Susan Schnuer, from the Mortenson Center, University of Illinois presented Understanding the Context for Skill Development and Transfer(PowerPoint)  
Kathy Greely, from the South Africa Partners Project presented Libraries for South African Schools(PowerPoint)

Jane Mirandette, San Juan del Sur Biblioteca Movil presented Skill Share Programs: Volunteers Help Sustain Grassroots Libraries in Nicaragua(PowerPoint)

Annual Conference Presentations