Poster Session Announcement

The International Relations Round Table (IRRT) invites you to present a
poster session at the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA, June 24, 25 and 26. Applications for presenting poster sessions for both US and International participants at the 2006 American Library Association Annual Conference in New Orleans will be accepted until January 31, 2006. Applicants will be notified by March 31, 2006 whether their poster sessions have been accepted for presentation at the conference.


This is a forum for librarians from around the world to highlight their
libraries and to share their successful ideas with colleagues by
presenting a research study, a practical problem-solving effort or an
innovative library program. Poster sessions are displayed on bulletin
boards (1m 20cm x 2m 40cm). Pictures, graphs, data and text are used to illustrate the presentation.  An effective poster presentation highlights, with visual display, the main points or components of your topic. Poster Sessions can cover any project or program.


Note: The receipt deadline for proposals is January 31, 2006.

Please have the information below ready when filling out the online

1. Title of poster session.
2. Author's or Authors' name(s).
3. Employer or affiliated institution.
4. Contact information for author, including phone number, fax number,
email, and mailing address (if there is more than one author, choose one person to be the contact).
5. Abstract of no more than 200 words.
6. A one or two word subject description.

A limited number of poster sessions will be selected for presentation at
the Annual Conference. Detailed guidelines for the preparations of
poster sessions will be included. When the final conference schedule is
made in May/June you will be notified of the scheduled date and time of
the poster presentation. Poster session abstracts are listed in the
Poster Session Booklet, which is available to all attendees of the
poster sessions. Proposals and presentation of poster sessions must be
in English.

To submit proposals online go to:


2. Fill out the online form

If you have any questions, please contact Jody Condit Fagan, Chair of the ALA Poster Session Review Panel at: email- or phone 1-540-568-4265.