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International Librarians Reception
IRRT provides many opportunities for international librarians to connect with their colleagues from across the globe at the ALA Annual Conference and Midwinter Meeting, as well as online throughout year. 

ALA Annual Conference: 

International Librarians Orientation- this event is held just as the conference gets underway on Friday evening. This orientation features an introduction to the ALA Conference and the hosting city for international librarians and other attendees from abroad. ALA members provide an overview of the conference, including recommended programs and social activities. You can learn about conference transportation, the ALA's Exhibit Hall and the meanings of the ALA's many acronyms. You also can meet mentors and representatives from ALA's many divisions and round tables who help international librarians get the most from the conference experience. (For international librarians outside the U.S.

International Visitor’s Center – This is a special place for international librarians to meet and connect with free internet. It is fully staffed throughout the annual conference with knowledgeable librarians who provide advice and support for all international attendees.

All International Committee Meeting- Held on Saturday morning during midwinter, all committee gather in one large room to promote flexibility in connecting with colleagues. 

International Poster Session – This event is held on Sunday during the annual conference for 1 ½ hrs. Submissions are invited from international librarians at all types of libraries on any topic relevant to librarianship. Submissions are also invited from librarians in the US on any topic relevant to international populations, projects, and collaborations. Posters may include a description of an innovative library program, an analysis of a solution to a problem, a report of a research study, or any other presentation that would benefit the larger library community.


International Papers SessionThe purpose of this program to encourage the scholarly exchange of ideas on library issues between U.S. librarians and their colleagues from other countries; to develop a venue that fosters discussion and the exchange of opinion; to disseminate a global view of the library profession that will enrich and broaden the views of U.S. librarians; and to encourage our international colleagues to learn more about our professional associations and concerns.


International Librarians Reception For many international librarians this reception, held Monday evening, is the highlight and grand finale of their experience at the annual conference.  ALA choses a special venue that highlights the unique specialties of the city where the annual conference is held and librarians frequently wear special national dress and mingle with their colleagues from around the world. 


ALA Midwinter Meeting:

International Librarians Reception This event is held before the exhibit hall opening on Friday evening as an opportunity for international librarians to connect to mentors or other new member events. 

All International Committee Meeting- Held on Saturday morning during midwinter, all committee gather in one large room to promote flexibility in connecting with colleagues. 

Connecting Online:

International Leads 

International Leads is provided online free of charge at: . International Leads (IL) is the official publication of the International Relations Round Table (IRRT). The purpose of IL is to disseminate information about international librarianship and the activities of the Round Table. It brings members news, brief articles and reviews that help update them on recent developments in international libraries, and reports on international activities inside and outside the various ALA units that are relevant to IRRT and its members. IL accepts submissions from international librarians in their own languages with English translation and relevant general news releases intended for mass publication vehicles.

International Relations Round Table Blog – IRRT encourages blog posts on librarianship of interest to librarians around the world at:

International Relations Round Table Facebook – Join librarians for all types of libraries and “like” us at: .

International Relations Round Table ALA World listserv – all IRRT members can subscribe at:  

Sister Libraries –ALA encourages global libraries to set up a sister library relationship with a library in the U.S. See the details at: