IRRT | 2023-2024 IRRT Chair's Theme

The Impact of IRRT: Celebrating our past and looking to our future

Mark Mattson, IRRT Chair
Mark Mattson, IRRT Chair, 2023-2024

As we prepare to mark the 75th anniversary of IRRT at the next Annual Conference, we take time to honor the visionaries who laid the foundations for the round table and the countless individuals who have propelled its mission forward. We also recognize the changing landscape and the need to adapt to the new ways of working that have become ubiquitous. For this reason, I have chosen "The Impact of IRRT: Celebrating our Past and Looking to our Future" as the Chair's theme for this year.

Our 75th anniversary year marks a pivotal moment in the round table's journey, one where we will actively engage in transformation and progress. It is a time for us to innovate, evolve, and redefine our structure in a world of Zoom meetings, webinars, and greater international connectivity. On the agenda for this year is a rewriting of, and voting on, our bylaws in coordination with the new Round Table Coordinating Assembly bylaws template, reestablishing mechanisms for organizational communication and documentation, and an approved reorganization of our committee structure. 



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