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    2021 Banned Author Birthday Calendar

    IFRT 2021 Banned Author Birthday Calendar


    Virtual Backgrounds

    IFRT Virtual Background I Read Banned Books IFRT Virtual Background IFRT Virtual Background Censorship is a Dead End IFRT Virtual Background IFRT Virtual Background Top Ten


    2020 Banned Author Birthday Calendar

    Intellectual Freedom Round Table Banned Author Birthday Calendar 2020







    Emerging Leaders Video Series

    IFRT is pleased to announce the publication of four videos to engage non-librarians in the fight to protect intellectual freedom. The brief explainer videos  ⁠— created as part of the 2019 Emerging Leaders project ⁠— cover the basics of intellectual freedom, censorship, and privacy for a non-library audience with key definitions and everyday language.

    2019 Team: Nicola Andrews, Jade Geary, Cyndi Hamann, Kacy Helwick, and Jess Newman. (Press Release


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