IFRT Reads


IFRT Reads

IFRT Reads is an ongoing educational and thought-provoking discussion group. Hosted in ALA Connect, this discussion group is a space where IFRT members can ask questions, pose alternative views, offer their experiences and generally discuss written works that fall under the umbrella of intellectual freedom. A new book, article, or chapter is chosen and posted in the group for each event. We'll have asynchronous and live discussions on various intellectual freedom topics.A

IFRT members are welcome to join the community to find all the readings, participate in the discussion, and register for the events.



How to Join the Community

  1. Sign In to connect.ala.org and navigate to the IFRT Reads community.
  2. If you are eligible, the blue Join Community will appear. Select it.
  3. Once you confirm notification frequency, the community content will be available to you.

IFRT Reads Join Community


What Happens Next

  1. Before each event, the IFRT Programming and Events Committee will choose a written work on a specific topic. The work (or part of the work) is posted in the community library. Usually the author or topic expert will be invited to join a live discussion event. 
  2. Two to four weeks before the live event, questions and discussions are posted in the community. 
  3. The live discussion event is posted in the IFRT Reads community as an event with a registration link for the zoom meeting. 

Joining the community does not obligate you to participate in the asynchronous discussion or attend the live events. Joining the community allows you to be notified of new topics and have access to the chosen intellectual freedom works.