International Statistical Data: Trends, Sources and Issues

GODORT/IDTF Program American Library Association Annual Conference July 10, 2000

GODORT and the International Documents Task Force (IDTF) are pleased to make available files of the presentations offered by the speakers for the GODORT/IDTF program, held on Monday, July 10 at the ALA annual conference in Chicago.

Program topics included commercial repackaging of international statistics, sources of intergovernmental statistics, Intra-University Consortium for Social & Political Research (ICPSR) datasets and data libraries, statistical sources and issues in Europe, the European Union, and the United Kingdom, international trade data, and issues surrounding the acquisition, harmonization and dissemination of international statistics.

Files are listed according to speaker.
To view the files, simply click on the link and either save it to your hard drive or open it directly.
The full-text of the program proceedings are planned to be published in DttP, the official publication of the Government Documents Round Table.

I. Program Introduction - James Church, IDTF Coordinator and Program Moderator. State, Local & United Nations Documents Librarian, University of California, San Diego. ( MS Word File).

II. IGO Data and Data Archives: Issues & Trend - Heather McMullen, Social Sciences Data Librarian, Harvard University. (Powerpoint file). Heather has compiled an excellent bibliography of recommended sources of international statistical data.

III. Statistics for Europe 2000: Books, Bytes, and Bananas - Liz Chapman, Director of the Taylor Institution Library, Oxford University. ( MS Word File with web links).

IV. Commercial Repackaging of International Statistics - Bobray Bordelon, Economics and Finance Librarian, Princeton University. ( Powerpoint file).

V. World Trade and Statistics Canada - Jacqeline LeBlanc, Chief of Marketing and Client Services, International Trade Division, Statistics Canada. ( Powerpoint file).

Once again, to everybody who made this program possible, much thanks. James Church, Program Moderator