Agency Liaison Reports

Government Documents Roundtable of the American Library Association
Midwinter Meeting, January 2007
International Documents Task Force

Agency Liaison reports are presented at the IDTF Meeting during each Annual and Midwinter Meeting of the American Library Association. They are also available under IDTF Business on the IDTF web page, which is found on the GODORT page on the American Library Association site. The Coordinator for the Agency Liaison Program is Susan Bennett White, who welcomes your comments and suggestions. She can be contacted at

Agencies Included in this Report

  • Bernan
  • Canadian Official Pub
  • Council of Europe
  • Human Development Reports
  • InterAmerican Dev. Bank
  • ILO
  • IMF
  • LexisNexis - CIS
  • MyiLibrary
  • Readex
  • Renouf
  • The Stationary Office
  • UN Depository Libraries
  • UNEP
  • UNHSP - Habitat
  • World Bank


Bruce Samuelson from Bernan Publishing will be at the ALA 2007 Midwinter Conference in Seattle. He invites everyone who will be at the Conference to stop by Bernan's exhibit in booth #1337. In particular, there will be a demonstration of the United Nations Comtrade database as well as other special conference offers

Distribution and Agent News. Bernan is working on a significant improvement to its web site to make it more user-friendly for libraries. Anyone interested in being a beta tester or who has specific features they'd like to see, should contact Bruce at

Bernan is pleased to announce that effective November 20, 2006, Kenneth E. Lawrence has been hired as Bernan's Publisher. Ken brings over 30 years of professional publishing experience. During much of his career, he has developed products to assist the private sector in complying with regulations and government information. He has worked for Aspen Publishers, Government Institutes, and most recently, the Association of Corporate Counsel. Ken is interested in speaking with people who have ideas for new publications, and in particular, those who would like to author those new products. Please feel free to contact Ken at or speak with him at the Conference.

Information Products. News of interest from Bernan's intergovernmental agency partners:

  • The WTOeLibrary from the World Tourism Organization is getting a new and improved interface in 2007. Free trials will be available from Bernan.
  • Bernan will become a distributor for publications from the World Customs Organization.
  • The updated editions of the popular ITIL Series from The Stationery Office will be published next spring in April/May and available from Bernan.
  • The World Bank is publishing two new titles on China and India in early 2007; New Industries from New Places: The Emergence of the Hardware and Software Industries in China and India, and Dancing with Giants: China, India and the Global Economy

E-books from Bernan Press. Bernan Press titles are now being offered on Ebrary. This joins other Bernan electronic distribution through netLibrary, the Gale Virtual Reference Library, and MyiLibrary.

UNESCO Online Service. A new UNESCO online service is planned for distribution by Bernan. UNESCO is continuing to develop the project, and issues of content delivery and packaging are being worked out. Subscriptions will be available to particular subject areas, as well as to the entire UNESCO electronic resource.

Newsletter. Bernan encourages all IDTF members to subscribe to Bernan's Government Publication News, a free monthly email newsletter that focuses primarily on new and forthcoming international agency publications. You can sign up online at, email at, or call toll-free at 1-800-274-4447.

Report submitted by Brett Cloyd, IDTF Agency Liaison
January 4, 2006
Brett Cloyd is at the University of Iowa Libraries

Canadian Official Publications

Library and Archives Canada. The efforts of Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and other government agencies help to expand and strengthen the electronic presence and availability of Canadian government information. LAC publishes an e-newsletter available at http://www.collectionscana Library and Archives Canada E-NEWSLETTER offers a wide range of articles on all aspects of Canadian libraries including government information. For instance, the November-December issue features an article by the Librarian and Archivist of Canada on the December national summit bringing together stakeholders from across the information community to “�strengthen Canada’s digital information environment.” Everyone, especially the public and librarians, will be glad to know that beyond the actual digitizing and preserving of information, attention was given to access issues such as reusability of information and equitable access for all Canadians.

LAC created and is maintaining a Government of Canada Web Archive that is available for consultation at the library in Ottawa since a password is currently required. With the modernization of the definition of a “publication,” the Library now officially recognizes websites as part of the documentary heritage and currently includes 1,489 Federal government sites. During the second harvest begun in October, 2006, LAC also harvested sites of Canada’s provincial and territorial governments. For additional information see: http://www.collectionscana

Electronic Access De-Restricted. The Depository Services Program (DSP) announced in September that access to the restricted depository electronic publication collection is now no longer restricted.

Statistics Canada. Statistics Canada announced its new gateway to the 2006 census module as the dissemination cycle begins on March 13, 2007 for the census taken on May 16, 2006, The Census is conducted every five years. Interestingly, in 2006, respondents were asked if Statistics Canada can release personal information after 92 years, primarily for the work of genealogists and historians.

Report submitted by Linda Johnson, IDTF Agency Liaison
January 4, 2007
Linda Johnson is at the University of New Hampshire Library

Council of Europe

Catalogs and Online Access Council of Europe official publications can be accessed at . A Catalogue of Publications can be found at or through U.S. sales agent Manhattan Publishing at:

Recent Titles of Special Note

  • Ethical eye - Animal welfare 2006, 182 p .ISBN-10-92-871-6019-3 ISBN-13-978-92-871-6019-4 US$15 Takes a detailed look at animal welfare - ethical issues, religious viewpoints and the attitudes of different countries towards animal welfare, as well as at the Council of Europe conventions and in other European instruments which tackle the issue at an international level A dozen titles in the “Ethical Eye” series cover a broad range of key ethical issues in Europe today..
  • European Prison Rules. 2006, 132 p. ISBN-10 92-871-5982-3. ISBN-13 978-92-871-5982-3 US$23 . Deals with prison rules that are in effect in Europe and examines all aspects of imprisonment and prisons including use of force, selection of prison staff and protection of prisoners’ human rights. Provides an overview of recent developments in European Prison Rules and analyses the effectiveness of these rules and of imprisonment as a form of punishment.
  • Minority Rights Jurisprudence - Digest. 2006, 740 p. ISBN-10 92-871-5956-4 ISBN-13 978-92-871-5956-4 US$120. The only digest of European minority rights judicial practice. Judgments and reports are organized by key analytical concepts; summary of all the cases cited.
  • Plants used in cosmetics - Volume III: Potentially harmful components 2006, 320 p. ISBN-10-92-871-5912-2 ISBN-13-978-92-871-5912-0. US$59. Potentially harmful components occur naturally in plants commonly used in cosmetic products. These are not regulated specifically in cosmetic legislation.
  • Protecting witnesses of serious crime - Training manual for law enforcement and judiciar y 2006, 373p. ISBN-10-92-871-6030-9 ISBN-13-978-92-871-6030-0. US$42. Covers a range measures to ensure that witnesses can testify freely and without intimidation, and that their life and that of their relatives and other persons close to them is protected before, during and after trial. Includes recent Council of Europe and other standards in this field. Also a compendium of national laws and practices in many Council countries
  • Recent Demographic Developments in Europe 2005 2006, 200 p. ISBN 10 92-871-5973-4 ISBN 13 978-92-871-5973-1 US$38. Annual covers population in forty-seven European states, rate of increase, rates of migration, marriage and divorce, fertility and mortality, and size of foreign population.
  • The Treatment of Prisoners - European Standards. 2006, 402 p. ISBN-10 92-871-5927-0 ISBN-13 978-92-871-5927-4. US$66. Two million Europeans are detained in prisons, police stations, mental health institutions or other detention centers. Human rights and human dignity can be jeopardized by demands for security and efficiency. Describes how the European system for the protection of detained persons has evolved over the past fifty years. Covers Council of Europe Conventions and other initiatives.
  • Victims: Support and Assistance2006, 262 p. ISBN-10 92-871-6041-4 ISBN-13 978-92-871-6041-6 16x24cm US $35. Since the 1980s, the Council of Europe has integrated victims' perspective in work on Criminal Justice. It has created a set of legal instruments to assist states in dealing with victims needs. This book brings together these standards, providing a handy, comprehensive reference document.

Council of Europe Publications Contact:

U. S. Sales Agent for Council Publications
Tom Johnson
Manhattan Publishing Co
2036 Albany Post Rd. / P.O. Box 850
Croton-on-Hudson NY 10520
Phone 888-686-7066
Fax: 914-271-5856
On the web:

Report submitted by Chelsea Dinsmore, IDTF Agency Liaison
January 4, 2007
Chelsea Dinsmore is the International Documents Librarian at the University of Florida in Gainsville.

United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean - ECLAC

On the web at:

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, one of the five Regional Commissions of the United Nations, has a long standing mandate to ensure that its publications, resulting from its programs, are freely available to the public. In order to comply with this requirement, all of the Commission’s publications are available in full-text on its website. Publications can be downloaded and information on how to order a printed copy is also provided. The policy of the Commission is to maintain indefinite access to all digital copies of ECLAC publications. If necessary, due to space constraints, access might be to an online publications archive.

ECLAC’s “flagship” publications, listed under the heading Institutional periodical reports are issued annually in both Spanish and English. The Spanish version will generally be published about six weeks before the English language volume. These are:

  • Statistical Yearbook
  • Preliminary Overview of the Economies of Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Economic Survey of Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Foreign Investment in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Social Panorama of Latin America
  • Latin America and the Caribbean in the World Economy

Every two years the Commission also presents major policy publications that reflect its perspective on regional and global issues as part of its Session. These publications are always issued in their entirety in Spanish and English, and summaries are often published in French or Portuguese.

It might be useful to note that some of the Commission’s documents, Project documents, are not printed nor distributed. They are "published" only on the web, but not distributed to our normal institutional lists.

The ECLAC Library is actively involved in the digitalization of the Commission’s documents and publications for inclusion in the United Nations’ Optical Disk System (ODS). To date, the project has incorporated documentation and publications from 1989 through 1999. It is expected that in 2007, materials through 2006 will be incorporated.

If there are questions regarding the publications and/or documents of the Economic Commission for Latin America, I would be pleased to respond. My email is:

Report submitted by Ellen Schaffer, ECLAC Agency Liaison
January 4, 2006
Ellen Schaffer is the Chief Librarian of the ECLAC Library in Santiago.

Human Development Reports

On the web at:

Human Development Reports are issued through the United Nations Development Program offices, and represent a highly useful amalgamation of social, economic, and geopolitical information at national, regional, and even local levels for most of the globe. The major industrialized nations are excluded. Topics covered include the usual economic data, and also many gender specific measures, and a broad base of social issues including literacy, life expectancy, clean water, and expenditures on arms. Each volume begins with several chapters of analysis on a particular theme, and then concludes with a detailed section of many statistical measures.

Global reports are available in English, French and Spanish editions. Regional and national reports are most often in English only, except for those for Spanish or French-speaking countries which are issued only in that language. Global reports have been issued annually since 1990, while national and regional reports have been created on a wide basis only more recently. Both the great strength, and also a limitation of this important series, is that almost all titles are available without charge online in pdf format.

Global Reports and some regional reports, such as those for the Arab world and for the Arctic Region, are widely available in print. However, for most others, the only access is to pdf files on the Human Development Reports web site. This is after the supply is exhausted of the few complimentary paper copies offered on a first-come basis from national Human Development offices. Therefore it can be difficult to acquire a comprehensive reference collection of these key titles.

Human Development Reports at the national level are an essential resource for many developing countries across the globe where it is otherwise difficult to find up to date information and statistical measures. At the global level, they bring together such a broad range of current measures that they can be seen to have no equal as a first level resource for any type and size library - academic, public, or research, large or small, which has an interest in international affairs,

Report submitted by Susan Bennett White, IDTF Agency Liaison
January 4, 2007
Susan White is the United Nations Librarian at Princeton University

InterAmerican Development Bank - IADB

The Inter-American Development Bank continues to improve its information and research services.
One highlight of the improved website is GlobalLink. This is a web-based portal to 500 statistical indicators for the IDB member countries in the Americas. It is accessed by clicking on Research on the left of the homepage ( and following the link to Statistics and Tools.

GlobalLink provides data on macroeconomics, democracy and rule of law, openness of markets, trade, capital flows, social indicators and millennium development goals for all the member countries. Countries are chosen along the left side of the page, and subject categories across the top edge. Statistics appear on the right and just stack up as you add additional categories. This makes it easy to see comparisons. Charts of the data appear below. Warning: Sometimes the portal hangs and it is necessary to start over. Also, make sure a page is fully loaded before switching to another category.

The Publications page appears twice on the site. From the IDB home page the Publications link goes to a page which has good illustrations and descriptions of some of their most recent work. I recommend, however, clicking on the Research button on the left of the IDB home page and then on Publications, again on the left. This will lead you to an improved search engine for their papers.

Finally, Networks is another new page is also accessed from the Research page. This links to a list of all the research networks that IDB participates in or funds completely. Each link pulls up a box that describes the mission of the network before it gives you a link to the home page. One example is the Latin American and Caribbean Research Network. This is a network of 350 research institutes. Their papers are searchable by Google Scholar with a search box on the home page.

The Inter-American Development Bank continues to improve its online presence and evolve into an even more valuable information resource over time.

Report submitted by Diane K. Campbell, IDTF Agency Liaison
January 4, 2007
Diane Campbell is at Rider University

International Labour Organization - ILO

Notes from Reliable Sources

  • The Publications page on the ILO web site is a rich and varied portal to ILO publications - but the direct link has been dropped from the main ILO page. It must be located by using the site map, which is a serious deterrent to access to ILO resources.
  • ILO titles are commonly issued in multiple language editions, commonly including French and Spanish, and in many cases also in Chinese, German and Russian.
  • An attractive catalog of ILO publications is available for download at:
  • Renouf provides a full range of ILO publications, even backfiles. Visit Renouf’s booth # 1815 at ALA in Seattle to learn more about ILO publications.


  • Labordoc, available without charge at indexes a wide range of print and electronic publications, including journal articles. Hot links are provided to many electronic publications on the open Internet. These are drawn from countries on a global basis, and cover both jobs and related articles on economics, social issues, and human rights. There are hot links to from countries around the world, on all aspects of work and sustainable livelihoods, and the work-related aspects of economic and social development and human rights.
  • The World of Work, ILO’s flagship journal, is available free online. In an attractive and easy to navigate format. Many illustrations are shown on that web page for this journal

Recent Titles of Special Note:

  • Decent work in the Americas: An Agenda for the Hemisphere, 2006-2015. Report of the Director-General. Sixteenth American Regional Meeting, Brasilia, May 2006. 2006, 86 pp. ISBN 92-2-118509-5. US$11.95. Also in French and Spanish
    Decent Work is a situation which balances the needs and obligations of both the worker and the employer. This title documents Decent Work country programs in the Americas. These are designed to answer the main challenges to decent work in the hemisphere, which include the following.
    ▪ Ensuring that economic growth promotes decent work.
    ▪ Ensuring effective application of fundamental principles and rights at work.
    ▪ Building confidence in democracy and social dialogue.
    ▪ Extending systems for prevention and for social protection of workers.
    ▪ Enhancing social and labor inclusion to reduce inequality in the hemisphere.
  • The Employment Relationship. International Labour Conference - 95th session 2006, Report V (Part 2A) 2006, 220 pp. ISBN 92-2-116612-0. US$19.95. Also in other languages.
    The Employment Relationship is defined by the ILO as the legal arrangement between the worker and the employer, including the safeguards to protect the worker’s work situation, benefits, and pay arrangements. The ILO has been increasingly concerned for the last decade that the employment situation on a worldwide basis is sifting in profound ways, so that safeguards and guidelines in place no longer protect the greatest number of dependent workers. In an era of globalized work, issues of the Employment Relationship resonate in a new and critical way as to ethical and rightly ordered economic considerations. This volume, prepared for consideration of new standards for ILO, provides a snapshot of the legal framework of work in some sixty countries.
  • HIV/AIDS and Work: Global Estimates, Impact on Children and Youth, and Response 2006
    2006, 134 pp., ISBN 978-92-2-119070-7. US$22.95.
    This report presents updated global estimates of the impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on world of work, the labor force and the working-age population in 60 countries affected by the epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Latin American and the Caribbean, and in countries of the developed regions. Looks at employment growth, child labor, and the sexual exploitation of children and youth. For the first time, projections of mortality losses and the effects of illness on the labor force and the working-age population take account of increased future access to antiretroviral treatment.
  • The New Offshoring of Jobs and Global Development. ILO Social Policy Lectures, Jamaica, December 2005. Gary Gereffi 2006, 65 pp. ISBN 978-92-9014-805-0. US$12.

Global Value Chains go across geographic space to examine the entire economic and social group involved in the creation of a product or service, wherever they are located in the world. In this volume, the Global Value Chain concept is used to examine how offshore outsourcing has affected the quantity and quality of jobs in the global economy. Both advanced and developing economies are related through dynamics of global value chains. Strategies of leading firms are examined, including global retailers, branded marketers, and brand-name manufacturers.

  • Protecting the Poor: A Microinsurance Compendium. Craig Churchill, ed. 2006, 654 pp. ISBN 978-92-2-119254-1. US$80.

Microinsurance, which provides insurance to low-income households, is critical for workers in entry level or other jobs whose pay is low. Such households are often at an increased rise of illness or injury, and insurance is an important safety net for the entire family of such households. This volume details product design, marketing, premium collection and governance. Various ways to implement microinsurance plans are included, such as the community-based approach, insurance companies owned by networks of savings and credit cooperatives and microfinance institutions. Offers strategies for achieving a balance between coverage, costs and price.

  • Reconciling Work and Family Responsibilities: Practical Ideas from Global Experience. Catherine Hein 2005, 207 pp. ISBN 92-2-115352-5. US$27.95.
    This practical look across national borders of ways that workers are combining work and family responsibilities including caring for both children and the elderly. Conflicts between work and family responsibilities is increasing in many countries, be they industrialized or developing,. This is a major source of gender inequalities in employment. Gamily-friendly working conditions include changes in work time and place such as flex time, part time, and tele-commuting.
  • Shipbreaking. What Can be Done? Bilingual. DVD 2006. ISBN 978-92-2-018790-6. US$31.95.
    Shipbreaking is the work of dismantling a vessel for scrapping or disposal, carried out at a beach, pier, dry dock or dismantling slip. In this unique DVD the ILO records the daily lives of those who work in this dangerous industry.. ILO cameras were granted special access to the shipbreaking yards in India and Bangladesh. Included are interviews with ship owners, government and industry experts as well as the workers themselves. This industry is both complex and largely misunderstood.
  • Social Dialogue in the Process of Structural Adjustment and Private Sector Participation in Ports. A Practical Guidance Manual . Peter Turnbull. 2006, 109 pp. ISBN 92-2-117721-1. US$19.95 Also French and Spanish
    Many of the world’s ports are today moving toward structural adjustment and private sector participation. Today in re-making port work environment, ILO offers Social Dialogue to be a critical concept which “includes all types of negotiation, consultation or simply exchange of information between, or among, representatives of governments, employers and workers, on issues of common interest relating to economic and social policy � to promote consensus building and democratic involvement among the main stakeholders in the world of work.” This is a manual for the use of Social Dialog in all aspects of shifts in the work situation, with many practical examples.

Report submitted by Susan Bennett White, IDTF Agency Liaison
January 2, 2007
Susan White is at Princeton University Library

International Monetary Fund - IMF

External Debt. IMF, together with the Bank for International Settlements, OECD, and the World Bank has developed the Joint External Hub (JEDH), which provides data on external debt from national sources as well as international creditor and market sources. This replaces the earlier BIS-IMF-OECD-WB statistics on external debt website. Updated quarterly, the aim is to provide transparency and timeliness for global users.

Pension Schemes. A moderated electronic discussion group on “The Treatment of Pension Schemes in Macroeconomic Statistics” forum/(senossv1e0cyoni0lnh0thql)/index10.aspx has been established by the IMF Statistics Department. “The purpose of the EDG is to explore alternative ways of recording and to identify the most appropriate treatment of such pension schemes in macroeconomic statistical systems.”

Annual Report. The Library Network consists of 10 libraries and resource centers. These serve both the World Bank Group and IMF. Among the interesting features of the 2005 Annual Report is the list of contacts in the library by subject experts. It is available online at: http://external.worldbanki

Report submitted by Vida Margaitis, IDTF Agency Liaison
January 4, 2007
Vida Margaitis is at Harvard.

LexisNexis - CIS

International Agency Materials. LexisNexis, through its former CIS connection, continues to provide unique access to many international agency materials through online indexing and microfiche full text in the LexisNexis Statistical service.

Foreign National Sources. InJune 2007, LexisNexis Academic service will add LexisNexis Country Analysis, already available to LexisNexis’ corporate customers. Offers economic, business, and political risk information on 190 countries, based on news, analysis, in-depth reports and statistics.

New UPA Collections of Files on Foreign National Topics

  • Confidential U.S. State Department Central Files, Panama, Subject-Numeric Files, 1963-1966, Part 1 (9 reels), includes: detailed coverage of the January 9-12, 1964 anti-U.S. riot in Panama City that left four U.S. Marines and 21 Panamanians dead and injured several hundred others, insight into left-wing political activity, including reports on a 35-day strike by banana workers, demonstrations by high school and college students.
  • Confidential U.S. State Department Central Files, South Africa, Subject-Numeric Files, 1963-1966, Part 1 (~14 reels),includes: informationon the 1964 Rivonia trial of Nelson Mandela and others, insight into both nonviolent and violent resistance to the apartheid regime, and coverage of U.S.-South Africa relations, including coverage of Robert F. Kennedy’s 1966 visit.
  • The Richard M. Nixon National Security Files, 1969-1974, Vietnam: Subject Files, Section A (~ 22 reels) and Section B (~ 20 reels) ,gives an overview of U.S. military operations, including: expansion of the war into Laos and Cambodia, and reports on individual battles, the Paris peace negotiations between U.S. and North Vietnam, drafts of, and public and international reaction to, several important Nixon speeches on Vietnam, and highlights of the important role played by Henry Kissinger in Vietnam policymaking.
Role of Microfilm and Microfiche in a Digital Age. Does microformat have a place in an increasingly digital world? A new white paper being prepared by Lexis Nexis suggest that combining the benefits of the two technologies can ease both the use and longevity of information. To request an advance copy, send an e-mail to

Ordering. To order these materials, contact your LexisNexis Sales Representative directly or call 1-800-638-8380. You can also send an email to

(With appreciation to Marina Azariah, LexisNexis, for her assistance in preparing this report.)

Report submitted by Suzanne L. Holcombe, IDTF Agency Liaison
January 4, 2007
Suzanne Holcombe is at Oklahoma State University Library


MyiLibrary, represented by Coutts Information Services in North America, distributes and hosts electronic books, journals and other content. They provide electronic access to the publications of an increasingly comprehensive body of international organization publications including World Bank, ILO, UN, UN AIDS, WHO, IOM, OECD, IMO and IAEA.

Consortium pricing plans are available. MyiLibrary, will be at Booth #2622 at the 2007 ALA Annual Mid-winter Conference in Seattle. MyiLibrary is on the web at or . There is a link on the web site to sign up to receive MyiNews by email.

Report submitted by Jackie Druery, IDTF Agency Liaison
January 4, 2007
Jackie Druery is at Queen’s University in Ontario

Organization of American States - OAS

The Organization of American States has a powerful web presence in its newly re-designed home page, at The page is attractive, easy to navigate and find a wide range of information and services. Many key documents are provided full text on this page.

The page for the Headquarters Columbus Memorial Library in Washington D.C. is found there, with the direct address of . Under the library’s Services tab, several ways to contact the library are given, including contact information for the OAS Reference Librarian, Stella Villagran,, (202) 458-6037 telephone (202)458-3914 fax, “for requests for information or the loan of specific bibliographic material.” Information under the heading “Library Publications” is also useful for those who wish to acquire or use OAS materials.

Report submitted by Jeffrey Knapp, IDTF Agency Liaison
January 4, 2007
Jeffrey Knapp is at Penn State University

Readex Publications

Readex, a division of Newsbank, Inc., provides comprehensive indexing of United Nations materials from 1945 to the present in its AccessUN database, as well as microfiche full text of all documents. AccessUN from 1945 through 1984 is the only online index which covers documents from that time period for the main body of the United Nations. Even with online full text becoming a standard for current UN documents, the reliability and stability of microfiche strongly recommend the fiche product in an increasingly digitized age. The ease of use of digital format is wonderful, but there is a concurrent difficulty if a host database is downsized, as has happened with agencies such as the World Bank in providing digital content.

Readex also provides microfiche archives of the back files of the Foreign Broadcast Information Service reports, and of the United Nations Development Program Project Reports.

August Imholz, Readex Vice-President, invites all librarians interested in international documents to stop by Readex Booth 1442 at the ALA Conference in Seattle. Mr. Imholz can also be contacted by phone at (301) 572-5626 or by email at

Report submitted by Jeffrey Knapp, IDTF Agency Liaison
January 4, 2007
Jeffrey Knapp is at Penn State University

Renouf Publications

Gordon Grahame president of Renouf Publishing Co. Ltd., will be at the IDTF meeting for the ALA Midwinter Conference in Seattle. Gordon is available throughout the conference to meet with individual librarians and appointments can be made via e-mail. Renouf will also have a selection of new publications from international organizations on display at the Combined Book Exhibit, booth #1815. Gordon will be stopping by the exhibit to collect messages and regularly checking his email during the conference. His email is

Information on the 42,000 publications which it distributes can be found on Renouf's web site: In addition to many print publications, Renouf has been supporting and distributing on-line publications from the OECD, UN, World Bank, PAHO and the World Tourism Organization since their inception.

Information Products. Renouf reminds everyone that they are the sole North American distributor for ILO publications. Recent noteworthy ILO publications available from Renouf include the following:

  • Key Indicators of the Labour Market (KILM) 4th edition Print plus CD ROM has just been released (978-92-2-118551-2). A flagship ILO publication which provides the user with a vast amount of data on the world's labor markets. Renouf would like to remind everyone that the North American distribution rights for the third edition was held by Taylor & Francis and if your library placed a standing order with this company, they will not be able to provide you with new and later editions.
  • ILO Yearbook of Labour Statistics - 2006 (978-92-2-019193-4) has also just been published. Individual and standing orders can be placed with Renouf's serials department at
  • Decent Working Time: New Trends New Issues (978-92-2-1179504)
  • Violence at Work, 3rd Edition (978-92-2-1179481)
  • The End of Child Labour:Within Reach (978-92-2-116603-0)

Renouf also distributes Canadian, Council of Europe, and Commonwealth official publications, including the following.

Titles on Terrorism.

  • A New Review Mechanism for the RCMP's National Security Activities. .Commission of Inquiry in the Actions of Canadian Officials in relation to Maher Arar. 600 pp. Includes CD-Rom. ISBN: 0-660-19666-2. This extensive report, just released at the end of 2006, contains recommendations which will lead to changes that hopefully will help prevent similar human rights violations from occurring in the future. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police provided the United States Government with false information that resulted in an innocent man being deported and subsequently tortured for ten months. This lead to a complete review of Canada's national security activities as well as the practices of other countries around the world This is a landmark publication which documents the Canadian experience in this matter, and will be useful to Governments throughout the world which are waging the war on terrorism. It can help in their struggles with questions of how to do it efficiently while still upholding the basic values of human rights
  • The Fight Against Terrorism: Council of Europe Standards, 3rd Ed (978-92-871-5739-3)
  • Terrorism: Protection of Witnesses and Collaborators of Justice, Council of Europe (978-92-871-5811-6),

Other Key Titles:

  • Minority Rights Jurisprudence, Council of Europe (978-92-871-5956-4)
  • Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, 2nd Ed., Commonwealth Secretariat (978-0 -85092-842-6)

Report submitted by Brett Cloyd, IDTF Agency Liaison
January 4, 2006
Brett Cloyd is at the University of Iowa Libraries

The Stationery Office - TSO

New Current Awareness Service. This fall TSO launched a new email news service and dedicated web site to increase awareness of Command and House of Commons Papers from the UK. Anyone may sign up for Have Your Say Online at scribenow

The news service summarizes the week’s key Parliamentary Papers, describing the background, context, and likely impact. One can also sign up for alerts in specific areas.

The initiative is a free service from TSO on behalf of the Office for Public Sector Information (OPSI) .The goal of the service is to encourage citizens “to participate in the consultation process from a more informed perspective”, but signup is open to everyone.

An interesting reference sidebar on the Have Your Say Online site is a list of terms associated with parliamentary papers such as “Green Paper” or “White Paper”, which link to short definitions.

TSO being purchased by Williams Lea. By the time ALA meets in January, the purchase of TSO by Williams Lea should be close to completion, or completed.. Williams Lea combines consultancy and integrated technology in the communications realm. The company employs over 7,000 staff across Europe, the US and Asia Pacific. Williams Lea’s site at indicates that TSO will be purchased from Apax partners. Brian Tierney remains TSO’s contact person.

Report submitted by Andrea Singer, IDTF Agency Liaison
January 4, 2007
Andrea Singer is at Indiana University Library in Bloomington

United Nations Depository Library System

The United Nations Depository Library System is administered at Headquarters in New York. According to Anatoli Sidorenko, Chief of the Outreach Support Unit at the Dag Hammarskjöld Library (DHL), the UN Publications Board has approved a recommendation to gradually discontinue the distribution of printed masthead documents, but he believes depositories will still have the option to receive Official Records in print. He has no knowledge of when this decision will be implemented.

This change in the program is driven by the growth of the Official Document System (ODS), a database containing masthead documents and Official Records in the UN’s six official languages. Coverage prior to 1993 is not comprehensive, but progress in digitizing documents issued from 1946 to 1992 and adding them to the database has been steady. Currently, Security Council (SC) documents are the focus of this work. Digitization of SC meeting records and agendas, and documents in the Council’s general series (e.g., S/23350) and information series (e.g., S/INF/49) is complete for 1975 to the present. Note that this applies only to materials issued in English, French, and Spanish.

In 2007 or 2008, the DHL collection will be transferred temporarily to another location so that asbestos can be removed from its facilities. Because access to the Library’s printed documents will be diminished at that time, the Library is exploring ways to gain additional funds for its digitization activities so that historical documents not currently available in ODS may be added.

Report submitted by David Griffiths, IDTF Agency Liaison
January 4, 2007
David Griffiths is an Assistant Government Information Librarian at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

United Nations Development Fund for Women - UNIFEM

On the web at

UNIFEM , the women's fund at the United Nations, has added links to their field offices on the UNIFEM web site at

On the web, Lists of publications have also been added in each of UNIFEM’s four strategic areas:

  • Reducing feminized poverty
  • Ending violence against women
  • Reversing the spread of HIV/AIDS among women and girls
  • Achieving gender equality in democratic governance in times of peace as well as war.

The recent publications web feed has been maintained at

Advancing human rights for women at the centre of all of its efforts, UNIFEM publishes first in electronic format, with only limited numbers appearing in paper. Vendors for UNIFEM publications include:

Report submitted by Amy E. West, IDTF Agency Liaison
January 4, 2007
Amy West is at the University of Minnesota Library

United Nations Environment Program - UNEP

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) established in 1972, is the voice for the environment within the United Nations system. UNEP acts as a catalyst, advocate, educator and facilitator to promote the wise use and sustainable development of the global environment. To accomplish this, UNEP works with a wide range of partners, including United Nations entities, international organizations, national governments, non-governmental organizations, the private sector and civil society.

UNEP includes the following divisions:

  • Division of Early Warning and Assessment
  • Division of Policy Development and Law
  • Division of Environmental Policy Implementation
  • Division of Technology, Industry and Economics
  • Division of Regional Cooperation
  • Division of Environmental Conventions
  • Division of Communications and Public Information
  • Division of Global Environment Facility Coordination

The agency web site is very well-organized. As the international producer of information in the critical area of the environment, international documents librarians should keep abreast of all UNEP publications through the various access points on this web site. Via its web site, the UNEP provides specific resources organized for Government Officials, Scientists, Business Persons, Journalists, Civil Society, Children and Youth. Other special features of the web include the following:

The News Centre provides access to Press Releases, Speeches, and Photos. is UNEP’s official online bookstore for its publications. Titles can be purchased online. It has general keyword search capability, but can also be searched by topics including Air Pollution, Biodiversity, Chemicals, Climate, Desertification, Environmental Law, etc. Bestsellers are featured in the middle of the page, such as Challenges to International Water : Regional Assessments in a Global Perspective. Titles feature a brief synopsis. Global Deserts Outlook featured on the main Publications page at the time of this report and other titles featured below are available full-text online. Publications offer both reports and statistics.

Publications includes a UNEP Publication Database Search Engine (unavailable at the time of this report). Other access points include:

  • What’s New
  • Best Sellers
  • Latest Reports
  • Annual Reports (2000 forward in full-text, .pdf or .html format),
  • Periodicals ( Our Planet, vol. 16 forward available full-text online)
  • Newsletters, most full-text online, including:
  • Poverty and Environment Times
  • Chemicals Newsletter
  • Confluence - Dams and Development Project Newsletter
  • Global International Waters Assessment (GIWA) Newsletter
  • Sustainable Consumption Network (
  • BREEFings - Coral Reef Unit Newsletter
  • Electronic News Centre of the Caribbean Environment Programme
  • Global Environment Monitoring System (GEMS) Newsletter
  • Urban Environment Newsletter
  • OzonAction Newsletter
  • Environmental Emergencies News

Recent Titles of Special Note:

  • Africa Environment Outlook 2: Our Environment Our Wealth.

The main focus of the AEO-2 report is on sustainable livelihoods and the environment. The report profiles Africa’s environmental resources as assets for the continent’s development.

  • Africa ’s Lakes: Atlas of Our Changing Environment.

This atlas vividly illustrates some of the changes - both good and bad - people and nature have brought about on Africa’s lakes over the last decades. Presents an overview analysis of Africa’s lakes situation.

  • Labour and the Environment (December 2006).

The publication addresses the synergy between labor and the environment. It links the work of UNEP to the role workers can play in the implementation of environmentally sustainable development strategies.

  • One Planet Many People: Atlas of Our Changing Environment. (2005) (A Bestseller.)

One Planet, Many People is intended for environmental policy makers, non-governmental organizations, the private sector, academics, teachers and citizens. This colorful and approachable atlas contains photographs, satellite images, maps, and narratives that provide insights into the many ways people around the world have changed, and continue to change, the environment.

  • Sustainability Communications: A Toolkit for Marketing and Advertising Courses.

This toolkit offers relevant training material on sustainability issues for students in marketing, communications, and other relevant fields. The material is designed so that professors and universities can use some modules or the whole kit, depending on their needs.

Report submitted by Suzanne L. Holcombe, IDTF Agency Liaison
January 4, 2007
Suzanne Holcombe is at Oklahoma State University Library

United Nations Human Settlements Programme - HABITAT

The United Nations Human Settlements Programme, UN-HABITAT (UNCHS), is the United Nations agency for human settlements. It is mandated by the UN General Assembly to promote socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities with the goal of providing adequate shelter for all. Cities are now home to half of humankind, and sustainable urbanization is one of the most pressing challenges facing the global community in the 21st century.

The United Nations Millennium Declaration recognizes the dire circumstances of the world’s urban poor. It articulates the commitment of Member States to improve the lives of at least 100 million slum dwellers by the year 2020 - Target 11 of Goal No.7 - a task mandated to UN-HABITAT.

UN-HABITAT runs two major worldwide campaigns - the Global Campaign on Urban Governance, and the Global Campaign for Secure Tenure. Through these campaigns and by other means, the agency focuses on a range of issues and special projects which it helps implement. This includes the Cities Alliance program with the World Bank and the Safer Cities Programme, also major projects in post-war societies such as Afghanistan, Kosovo, etc.

The UNCHS web site includes a publications section that features its Publications Catalogue available in text or .pdf format. The Catalogue is organized by subject categories (Disaster Management and Mitigation, Economic Development and Finance, Infrastructure, Urban Management, etc.), and features the organization’s flagship publications and periodicals. Titles can be purchased online and some are in electronic format.

Periodicals are available online in full-text at no charge. Periodicals include Habitat Debate, Urban Governance, Urban Environment, Urban Observer Newsletter, and Water for Cities.

Key Publications.

The organization’s flagship publications are the Global Report on Human Settlements and the State of the World’s Cities, both annual.

  • The Global Report on Human Settlements is the most authoritative and up-to-date assessment of the conditions and trends in the world's cities. It is an essential tool and reference for researchers, academics, public authorities and civil society organizations around the world. The preceding issues of the Global Report on Human Settlements have addressed such topics as An Urbanizing World, Cities in a Globalizing World and The Challenges of Slums.
  • The State of the World's Cities charts the progress and the challenges we face in this rapidly urbanizing world. With contributions from some of the world's leading urban scholars, writers and experts, this report carries extensive examples, illustrations and facts that are of use to experts and non-experts alike. First published in 2001, this flagship report of UN-HABITAT now published every two years, represents a further milestone in the efforts of the United Nations to gather, promote, and disseminate information for policy makers and the public at large.

The UNCHS web site is very well-organized as is its Publications Catalogue. Publications offer both reports and statistics. As the producer of information in the area of populations in urban areas, international documents librarians should be keep abreast of the above UNCHS publications. Additional titles can be searched and purchased according to topic.

Important recent publication:

Meeting Development Goals in Small Urban Centres - Water and Sanitation in the World’s Cities 2006

This is the second UN-HABITAT global report on Water and Sanitation in the World´s Cities. This publication looks at small urban centers which tend to be overlooked; however, they are the first tier markets and service providers for rural enterprise and development.

Report submitted by Suzanne L. Holcombe, IDTF Agency Liaison
January 4, 2007
Suzanne Holcombe is at Oklahoma State University Library

World Bank

World Bank representatives will be present to report on new programs and initiatives at the IDTF meeting at ALA Midwinter Conference in Seattle, where the World Bank has Booth 1437.

I. Online Resources Update

World Bank e-Library and Print Archive

The World Bank e-Library is an electronic portal to the World Bank's full-text collection of its own books, reports, and other documents. Includes 4,000 titles and working papers published by the World Bank during the past several years and every new title, about 200 each year. It now also includes all editions since 2001 of World Bank Research Observer and World Bank Economic Review, currently published by Oxford University Press.

World Development Indicators Online (WDI Online), updated twice a year, includes data for over 695 development indicators and time series data from 1960 for over 200 countries and 18 country groups. Data can be indexed, graphed, and exported in standard formats including Excel. For more, go to

Global Development Finance Online (GDF Online)offers external debt and financial flow data for the 134 countries that report public and publicly guaranteed debt to the World Bank. Time series data include over 200 indicators from 1970. Updated annually in January. For more, go to

WDI and GDF Online New Features:

  • New Mapping and Charting Options. Results on a World map that can be resized and zoomed to the country level.
  • Multi-Language Interface. Users may choose their preferred language interface. English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, and Chinese are available.
  • New Usage Statistics. Library contact persons will be able to download WDI and GDF Online usage statistics themselves and won’t have to send an e-mail request anymore.

II. Print Resources Update

  • Atlas of Global Development: A Visual Guide to the World’s Greatest Challenges. March 2006. 144 pp. ISBN-10: 0-8213-6856-7. US$19.95. Biennial. [Replaces World Bank Atlas.]

Co-published with Harper Collins, the Atlas of Global Development vividly illustrates key development challenges facing the world today through colorful world maps, tables, graphs, text and photograph, focusing on key global social, economic, and environmental issues. Makes visual country comparisons of social indicators such as life expectancy, infant mortality, safe water, population below the poverty line and energy efficiency, as well as basic economic indicators like income growth, income per person, private capital and aid flows. Critical issues such as HIV/AIDS, extreme poverty, corruption, international aid and trade are presented in a carefully neutral way.

  • Globalization for Development: Trade, Finance, Aid, Migration, and Policy Co-published with Palgrave Macmillan UK. May 2007. 330 pps. ISBN-10: 0-8213-7030-8, US$90

Globalization and its relation to poverty reduction and development are not well understood. The revised and updated edition of Globalization for Development identifies the ways in which globalization can overcome poverty or make it worse. The book defines the big historical trends, identifies main global flows--trade, finance, aid, migration, and ideas--and examines how each can contribute to undermine economic development.

  • Guide to the World Bank, 2nd edition, May 2007, 250 pp.. US$30

Following the success of the first edition (with over 12,000 copies sold to date), the World Bank is publishing this completely revised and updated second edition of the Guide to the World Bank. This useful guide provides detailed information on the largest anti-poverty institution in the world, including its governance, structure, organizing principles, and areas of international interest. A good introduction for anyone interested in understanding what the World Bank does and how it operates, this book shows readers who want to learn more where to begin.

  • Public Sector Governance and Accountability Series

The many titles in this series provide conceptual guidance and practical lessons on how to establish a well functioning public sector that focuses on poverty alleviation, delivers quality public services, fosters private market-led growth, and is accountable to its citizens for all actions.

IV..Orders and Contacts

Print Archive through e-Library

Libraries subscribing to the World Bank e-Library have the option of adding the e-Library Print Archive to their subscription. This print option costs $2500 per year, including shipping and handling, and represents an estimated 65-70% discount off of list price. This plan allows libraries to offer both print and electronic copies of World Bank titles. Provides one copy of each of the 150-200 books published by the World Bank during the subscription year.

Blanket Standing Order Program

The World Bank offers a flat 20% on all purchases for subscribers to the WBP blanket standing order program. The 20% discount applies to all print purchases, not just to standing order releases. Individual standing orders are also available for all annual and series titles.


The World Bank has a new catalog designed specifically for libraries. Print and PDF / email formats are available. Any librarian not currently receiving it who would like to do so should e-mail

Contact Information

World Bank Online Resources:

Pricing information and free trials, consortia relations, contract queries:

Triinu Tombak, Electronic Sales Manager
P: 202-473-5149
F: 202-522-2631
World Bank Publications:

Jose De Buerba, Sales Manager
World Bank Publications
1818 H Street NW
Washington DC 20433
P: 202-473-0393
F: 202-522-2631

Thanks to Triinu Tombak, World Bank Publications, for providing information for this update.

Report submitted by Jackie Druery, IDTF Agency Liaison
January 4, 2007
Jackie Druery is at Queen’s University in Ontario

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