Memorial Resolution for Rosemary Allen Little

WHEREAS, Rosemary Allen Little was a lifelong champion of access to government information; and

WHEREAS, Rosemary was a charter member and president of the Documents Association of New Jersey; and

WHEREAS, Rosemary helped found the American Library Association's Government Documents Round table (GODORT), through which she furthered awareness of international and foreign government documents, and in which she held numerous positions, including chair of the Workgroup on International Documents (1981-1984) and liaison to the ALA International Relations Committee (1996-2001); and

WHEREAS, Rosemary served as a leader by encouraging the exchange of professional knowledge among librarians world-wide and provided longtime service within the International Relations Round table (IRRT) of the American Library Association; and

WHEREAS, Rosemary held several positions within the ALA International Relations Committee and served there with distinction as a member from 1986 to 2001; and

WHEREAS, Rosemary served as a mentor to a large number of librarians at various levels in the documents and broader professional community; and

WHEREAS, Rosemary's career began at Princeton University, where she was appointed as a reference librarian in 1961 and was then promoted to the position of Public Administration Librarian in 1964; and

WHEREAS, Rosemary was widely recognized for the expertise she shared with the Princeton student and scholarly community and for the development of a model outreach and instruction program; and

WHEREAS, Rosemary's selfless dedication to the promotion of government information, user education, global exchange of professional knowledge, and mentorship of new librarians is widely recognized; and

WHEREAS, Rosemary's career path constitutes a model of excellence in the areas of mentorship, professional development, and international engagement that should be emulated and widely acknowledged; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the American Library Association honor Rosemary Allen Little for her lifelong work supporting access to government information, mentorship, and exchange of professional knowledge across national boundaries; and be it further

RESOLVED, that copies of this resolution be sent to Rosemary's family, the President of Princeton University, the Princeton University Librarian, the Princeton University Library staff, and the Documents Association of New Jersey.

Moved by Larry Romans, Councilor at Large

Seconded by Bernadine Abbott Hoduski, GODORT Councilor

Approved by GODORT Business Meeting, June 17, 2002