INTL-DOC is a listserv based discussion group designed to facilitate the exchange of information concerning the publication and information dissemination policies of International Government Organizations (IGOs). Most subscribers are librarians and users of IGO information.  Owing to the multinational makeup of the participants, foreign national government publications are discussed as well. Commercial and IGO Publishers and representatives of international governments all participate on INTL-DOC, making it a valuable resource for international government information professionals.

INTL-DOC was founded in 1996 by Mike McCaffrey-Noviss during the ALA Annual Conference in New York. The current moderators are Jim Church and Anne Zald. The list is owned and maintained at Northwestern University.

To subscribe to INTL-DOC, send the following message:


where First = your first name and Last = your last name and type nothing in the subject line.

Updated 12-18-2017.