IDTF Agency Liaison Reports

Annual Meeting, June 21, 2003


The following report was provided by Bruce Samuelson, Director of Marketing, on the latest developments that are of interest to IDTF members.

As part of their ongoing efforts to deliver timely, accurate, and comprehensive information about government sales publications to our library customers, Bernan will begin publishing a new version of the old Bernan Government Publication News newsletter later this summer. This free newsletter will cover all Bernan distributed and published titles by source, with a special focus on intergovernmental publications, and it will list basic ordering information (title description, item description, ISBN, item number, price, and availability date). The first few issues will be printed with the goal of changing over to email broadcasts. Customers will be able to view just the section(s) that they’re interested in, such as IGO titles, and search by issuing international agency (UN, FAO, etc.). In the meantime, you can subscribe to the Bernan Reference Update on our website home page ( monthly email newsletter provides information on selected titles and other news we feel may be of interest to our customers.

Bernan continues to cultivate relationships with intergovernmental agencies in order to provide a wide range of publications of interest to our customers. In March of this year we became an official distributor of titles from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Among WIPO's best-known publications is the International Patent Classification, which covers the system for the classification and retrieval of technical information contained in patent documents. The recent WIPO publication Intellectual Property: A Power Tool for Economic Growth explores intellectual property’s positive impact on economic growth and its potential for the future, citing specific examples drawn from both the developing and developed world. Soon-to-be published WIPO titles include the new edition of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), with regulations as of January 2003, and Intellectual Property on the Internet: A Survey of Issues, which is a new publication.

Last year, Bernan became an official distributor of titles from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), publisher of the classic reference Health in the Americas.

Bernan is proud to announce the recent release of the first-ever publication of the WTO Analytical Index: Guide to WTO Law & Practice and the WTO Basic Instruments & Selected Documents Vol. 1: Protocol, Decisions, Reports 1995 (BISD), both of which are co-published by Bernan and the World Trade Organization. Volumes 2 and 3 will be released later this year. Bernan continues to co-publish several other WTO titles, including the WTO Trade Policy Review Series. TPRs for the European Union Australia and the Dominican Republic have been released this year, and Haiti Venezuela and Japan are forthcoming. Bernan also continues to regularly publish World Trade Organization Dispute Settlement Decisions: Bernan’s Annotated Reporter (DSD). The DSD Cumulative Index Annotations Vols. 41-50/tables & Cumulative Index Vols. 1-50 will be published later this year.

There have been a large number of publications released recently by the World Tourism Organization, which have been very popular. These include Worldwide Cruise Ship Activity Yearbook of Tourism Statistics Tourism Market Trends—World Overview & Tourism Topics, and Compendium of Tourism Statistics.

As a reminder, Bernan redesigned its website in January so that you can now search for and order nearly all of the approximately 50,000 publications available from Bernan. They will continue to implement further enhancements to our website.

Don Hagen, Bernan’s Managing Director, will be at the ALA Conference in
Toronto and he will make himself available to attend IDTF meetings. You are also welcome to visit with him at Bernan’s exhibit booth #1533.

As always, Bernan welcomes your feedback and suggestions, and appreciates the opportunity to communicate directly with the IDTF.

Respectfully submitted by Mercy Sanchez, liaison

Council of Europe

Tom Johnson of the Manhattan Publishing Co. provided the following report:


Besides the Parliamentary proceedings, the European Court of Human Rights judgments, and the various series (treaties, environment, education, health, society, law, human rights, etc.), here are some recent titles worthy of note:

But first: Not yet published - The very much requested Death Penalty: Abolition and Beyond. Some refer to it as the 2nd edition of the Death Penalty: Abolition in Europe(1999).

Activities of the Council of Europe : 2001 Report (2003). - a detailed comprehensive overview of all organs and directorates, with appendices which enumerate all resolutions, decisions and texts.

Recent Demographic Developments in Europe 2002 - statisticsnow a slim volume with a CD tucked in a pocket instead of some 400/500 pages. Reports on rate of population increase, migration, marriage, fertility, mortality for each the 41 member countries.

MISSCEO: - Comparative tables of social security protection in 21 member states of the Council of Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand . 11th edition (situation on 1 Jan. 2002)). This volume on CE members complements the volume of the European Union covering the EU members, so that together all European countries are covered.

Rehabilitation and integration of people with disabilities: policy and legislation. 7th edition (2003) - a compendium of policy and legislation in force in each of 16 member states.

Guide to the preparation, use and quality assurance of blood components. 19th edition (this is the "golden standard"for Europe. and now Australia)

The 3rd volume in the Ethical Eye series: Transplants-issues, problems. ethical and religious viewpointsuseful appendices. (Previous: "The Human Genome"; "Cloning"soon quot;Euthanasia")

Audiovisual statistics (extensive and detailed) on Europe: edited by an offspring of the Council of Europe, resulting from a convention, the European Audiovisual Observatory published (through the Council) Statistical Yearbook 2002: film, television and new media in Europe. Now in 5slimmer books (on specific topics) instead of one fat tome.

Two law books with international topics: The Protection of national minorities by their kin-state and Constitutional implications of accession to the European Union.

The cost of a blanket standing order for all C of E books for calendar 2001 was $3,496 and for 2002 $3,244, including shipping.


C of E Publications Department's website is = catalogue and new book information. The dept. offers email notification service for each title as it appears (seems a bit too muchthe monthly list from the US distributor might be easier to handle.)

With human rights being the most frequently researched activity of the C of E, the following information is offered:


HUDOC is a database which contains the case-law of the supervisory organs of the European Convention on Human Rights (the European Court of Human Rights, the former European Commission of Human Rights and the Committee of Ministers). The judgments, decisions, resolutions and reports of these bodies are held in a database and can be consulted via a search mechanism. HUDOC gives you access to an advanced search screen.

See the HUDOC Internet Manual user’s guide (PDF Format) for more information and tips on searching, printing, downloading:

  • Additional inputs:

Now includes the reports of visits of the CPT (European Committee for the Prevention of Torture) and the conclusions adopted by the European Committee of Social Rights (also presented in the European Social Charter Database - Collective complaints). It also presents statistical reports and information on the execution of judgments.

  • A new platform will be launched in September 2003: Same functions but with a more user-friendly portal technology.

European Court of Human Rights Web Site:

Directorate General of Human Rights (DGII):

Human Rights Directorate - Human Rights Co-operation and Awareness Division:

Database of case law of the ECHR available in Central and Eastern European languages (HR Directorate):

European Social Charter Database - Collective complaint:

European treaties of the Council of Europe:

WebCat - the shared catalogue of the Council of Europe's libraries:

Please phone Tom (toll free 888-686-7066) with questions or email him (

Respectfully submitted by Marian Shaaban, liaison

International Labour Organization


Paper / Print publication of ILO titles continues to be an important question for the central ILO staff. Online distribution of titles will continue, but the income streams, and most especially, the limited number of copies sold for any particular title are of critical concern. Subscriptions to ILO Publications are still down. Research libraries picking up a subscription-based blanket order for monographs would help. If public libraries saw the great topics covered and the really reasonable prices, would they buy? Will there be enough sales of ILO publications to sustain the publishing program? The answer is far from clear, and the rumblings around the issue worry this ILO liaison librarian very much.


1. ILO and several other international intergovernmental bodies will be offering a blanket subscription service through Coutts for electronic publications. Details will be announced at the IDTF meeting at ALA in
Toronto .

2. An enhanced web presence is found on the main ILO page at and includes:

•“What’s New - a list of hyperlinks to documents and sites which have recently been put online�” is a screen that pops up when the main site is accessed. Updated daily.

•quot;New for June"or other current month, occupies most of the page when Publications is called up. Some two dozen titles are available electronically on Publications page in PDF format.

• ILO Best Selling publications are listed here, and at present include: Introduction to Work Study, 4th Ed The Sex Sector, Encyclopedia of Occupational Health and Safety, 4th Ed., and Violence at Work, 2d Ed.


1. A Future without Child Labour Global Report under the Follow-up to the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, 2002, U.S.$12.95The abolition of child labour has become a global cause for the new millennium. Girls and boys are affected differently, and new data offers a perspective on its complex, interlinked causes. The growth of a global movement against child labour is charted, and a three-pillar approach is suggested to strengthen the action of the ILO in this field.

2. Jobs and Incomes in a Globalizing World, by Ajit Ghose, 2003, U.S. $19.95 Employment, wages and incomes are examined by focusing on the core of globalization, the growing two-way trade in manufactures between North and South. New research shows that global income inequality is actually declining, South-North migration is falling, while job opportunities and wages are rising in a significant number of developing countries. There is no evidence of a global decline in labour standards, nor that globalization can be blamed for unemployment among the low skilled in industrialized countries.

3. Time for Equality at Work, Global Report, 2003. U.S. $12.95. Eliminating discrimination in the workplace transcend the individual and extend to the economy and to society. Some of the milestones of the last fifty years are reviewed in the international recognition of discrimination and commitment to its elimination. Gender disparities are documented in labour force participation rates, unemployment rates, remuneration and the jobs performed by most women and most men, within the serious limitations of the data available to the extent of the different forms of discrimination. While there has been some progress, eliminating sex-based discrimination is not irreversible, and much more needs to be done.

4. Working out of Poverty, Report of the Director-General. 2003, U.S. $12.95. Eliminating poverty is a long and complex process that requires all elements of society to work together - and governments, employers and workers each have a unique and crucial role to play. This enlightening report provides an overview of the various dimensions of ILO efforts to end poverty and demonstrates how the ILO’s strategic objectives are valuable tools to help in its eradication.

General Information: Standing Orders for ILO Monographs go to ILO Pubs in
Waldorf MD at 301 638-3152. For both individual and blanket serials: ILO Pubs in
Geneva . Check ILO site at ILO U.S. Contact: Karen A. Lee, Marketing & Sales Manager, ILO Publications 1828 L Street, NW #600,
Washington DC 20036 (202) 653 7652

Respectfully submitted by Susan White, liaison

International Monetary Fund

Inauguration of the West Africa Regional Technical Assistance Center (AFRITAC)

The IMF has recently launched several initiatives in support of African governments. In May 2003 the West Africa Regional Technical Assistance Center (West AFRITAC), serving Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, and Togo was officially inaugurated. May 29, 2003. Last fall, the first regional center, the East AFRITAC, was inaugurated in Dar-es- Salaam Tanzania . To date, it has been involved in more than 20 capacity-building projects in the East Africa region. If the operations of the first two centers are successful, additional centers could be opened to serve all sub-Saharan Africa.

Quarterly Newsletter for Civil Society

Contains short descriptions of new developments relevant to civil society, and also provides references for further reading. It lists new research and discussion papers, upcoming conferences, and other relevant information.

Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services

is now available at

It provides international guidelines for the compilation of statistics related to international trade in services.

For more information about this manual, please read

Direction of Trade Statistics Historical Database on CD-ROM

is coming automatically to subscribers of Direction of Trade Statistics (DOTS) CD-ROM

. It covers 1948-1980.

Balance of Payments Statistics (BOPS) became available on CD-ROM recently.

Respectfully submitted by Vida Margaitis, liaison

International Telecommunication
Union (ITU):

I. 2003 Goals for Liaison: 1. Make contact with the ITU. 2. Negotiate for special library fee structures, discounts (or donations!). Goal 1 has been met. I will continue to advocate for goal 2 and expand it to include standing orders. An additional goal for 2003-04 will be to make recommendations on website design for easier, more intuitive access and usability.

II. News and contacts:

The ITU website is not at all intuitive. ITU Member nations and companies that become sector members may access the ITU Telecom Information Exchange Services (TIES), a set of networked information services and resources such as conference documents, electronic document handling (like ILL) and internet services (email, telnet, FTP, WWW, newsgroups). Members may also access publications online. There are two tiers of titles from ITU: “publications” and “recommendations”. Most libraries will only be interested in their publications because recommendations are primarily guidelines, policy statements, definitions and the like. All titles can be ordered via the ITU website. They do not have a standing or blanket order process in place, but an account may be set up in order to facilitate the purchase process. There is an 80% discount to libraries of educational institutions for all online subscriptions to their serials and CD-ROM publications. One can also set up an account and get three free items of ITU-T, ITU-R and/or ITU-D Recommendations. Contacts: email

III. Titles of note:

A catalog of all ITU titles is available online at:

The World Telecommunication Indicators Database

Yearbook of Statistics: Chronological Time Series 1992-2001

Their most frequently requested titles are their maritime publications (chapter 3.2 of the catalog)indicators series (chapter 2.4 of the catalog) and individual ITU-T Recommendations.

Respectfully submitted by James R. Jacobs, liaison

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Matt Brosius of OECD in Washington, D.C. has furnished the following report on SourceOECD:

We experienced problems with the statistics server over the past few months when we upgraded to a new version of the software. Those problems now seem to be solved.

OECD Health Data 2003 is now out in CD-ROM form and is also available on SourceOECD. This data will not be on the same Beyond 20/20 platform as the other statistics. Because the OECD Health Data program calculates many of the statistics on the fly, and Beyond 20/20 does not have that capability, we are putting the full OECD Health Data 2003 program as presented on the CD-ROM on SourceOECD for download. To use it, users will have to download the entire program to a local drive and install it there. It is a download of about 18 MB. We recognize that this is not a very elegant solution, but intil we can find another way, the data is at least available under SourceOECD.

Ingenta now tells us that it will be moving SourceOECD to the new platform (the same as it being used by Emerald) at end July or August. Benefits of the new platform will include:

  • Mirror sites in the US will provide users with faster access
  • Fewer clicks to get to content
  • Usage data to become available, hopefully by Fall
  • Full-text searching
  • User-Friendly URLs for books

During the second half of 2003, the following enhancements are planned:

  • More working papers to be added
  • Ability to create larger spreadsheets on SourceOECD/Statistics
  • Ability to save SourceOECD/Statistics report criteria

We are looking at Open URLs, Open Archive, and DOI, but have not yet taken any action.

Negotiations are under way with the following Consortia: Waldo Ohiolink, Palinet, CIC, and Solinet.

We welcome the introduction of the World Bank’s E-Library.

New OECD Titles, Selected by Lynne Stuart:

The following are a few new titles from OECDto see more, visit OECD’s web site at In Ageing Societies and the Looming Pension Crisis, OECD research suggests a range of reforms that are needed to prevent or ease this future crisis. They include changing workplace practices and labor policies, altering state pension plans, and encouraging older workers to delay retirement. OECD countries are spending record amounts on health care, largely due to the rising cost of pharmaceuticals and the diffusion of modern medical technologies. A Disease-based Comparison of Health Systemswhat is best and at what Cost? is a collection of essays that discuss the results of the OECD Ageing-Related Diseases study that investigated how health systems treat three diseases: ischaemic heart disease, stroke and breast cancer. The issues covered include expenditures, ageing, technology and outcomes and their policy implications. Among the many environmental topics covered by OECD publications, there is a series that presents a performance review of individual countries. One, the OECD Environmental Performance Reviews Poland covers the progress Poland has made in cleaning up its environment and the work that is necessary for future improvement. A timely publication, titled Emerging Risks in the 21st Century; An Agenda for Action, explores the vulnerability of major systems including health services, transportation, energy, food and water supplies, and telecommunications. This publication concentrates on five large risk clusters: natural disasters, technological accidents, infectious diseases, food safety and terrorism. This sample and other titles cover a vast array of topics that are published by the OECD.

Respectfully submitted by Lynne M. Stuart, liaison

The Stationary Office

Brian Tierney, Export Sales Manager of The Stationary Office (TSO) will be the liaison contact for the Agency Liaison Program. He has provided information from a press release dated March 18, 2003 on the United Kingdom Official Publications (UKOP) Catalogue:



TSO (The Stationery Office) today announced its acquisition of ProQuest Information and Learning’s share of the long established United Kingdom Official Publications (UKOP) database and associated publications.

UKOP is the comprehensive catalogue of UK official publications and is recognised as ‘the official catalogue’ by Government. The joint publication of UKOP by TSO (then part of HMSO) with ProQuest (then known as Chadwyck-Healey), began in the late 1980s.

The UKOP catalogue contains over 450,000 records. It combines the entire TSO publications catalogue together with COBOP (The Catalogue of British Official Publications), which is not published by TSO. As all Government departments are mandated to provide copies of their non-TSO publications for cataloguing within COBOP, the comprehensive extent of the coverage is guaranteed. UKOP includes Parliamentary publications, legislation - including Acts and Statutory Instruments, the publications of central government departments and devolved bodies and the output of quangos, agencies and selected international bodies, such as the UN, the WHO and the European Commission.

Commenting on the acquisition, Shane O’Neill, Managing Director of TSO’s Advisory & Knowledge Services, said: “TSO retained responsibility for maintaining the bibliographic record of Government’s output when it acquired the trading functions of HMSO in 1996. Complete ownership of UKOP, together with TSO’s appointment by the International DOI Foundation as a Registration Agency for Digital Object Identifiers, provides an opportunity for TSO to work with the Government information community to provide a complete record of the discoverable output of Government.”

About TSO:

TSO (The Stationery Office) is one of the UK’s leading providers of information management services. It provides managed services to help clients create, manage and disseminate information in an increasingly digital world. The company supplies clients in both the public and private sector with information management services. These include knowledge and advisory services for information planning, technology services incorporating web services, content management, collaborative workflow and e-procurement and publisher services.

TSO has more than 200 years’ experience in publishing official and regulatory information for the UK Government, parliaments and assemblies. It is Britain’s largest publisher by output, issuing up to 15,000 publications, CD-ROMs and related products each year. Its customers include The UK Parliaments and Assemblies, The Office of Government Commerce, The Office for National Statistics, The Home Office, European Investment Bank, Oxford University Press, BT, Thomson Learning and Network Rail.

Headquartered in
London , TSO has over 750 employees at locations throughout the UK including
Norwich ,
Edinburgh ,
Belfast ,
Cardiff ,
Manchester and
Birmingham . Privatized from HMSO in 1996, it has revenues of £78 million per annum.

Respectfully submitted by Andrea Singer, liaison

United Nations

UN Comtrade, a product of the United Nations Statistics Division, is perhaps the most outstanding IGO information resource made available over the last six months. UN Comtrade is a commodity trade statistics database providing data for the last 40 years. The level of detail is impressive. As the Statistics Division states on its web site, by using UN Comtrade quot;anyone can find information on any commodity from any country, from trade in dried egg yolks � to railway passenger coaches or spacecraft launch vehicles." This product also includes textual information on countries and customs areas. For academic institutions, the cost of an annual subscription with IP access to the entire database is $3,750.

There is no new information about access to the Official Document System (ODS), which librarians hope will become freely available to the general public.

The United Nations Publications Catalogue 2003 is available in print upon request and online at

Respectfully submitted by David Griffiths, liaison


The UNESCO Liaison Office in New York reports that the U.S. has expressed its intention to rejoin UNESCO, but that all of the paperwork has not been completed. The Liaison Office hopes that it will be completed by the end of this year. They do not know about the status of depository libraries, but work on that would have to be done after the U.S. is actually a member.

Respectfully submitted by Marian Shaaban

World Bank

Attached is documentation which Meg Keller, World Bank Sales Manager for North America, will present at the 2003 IDTF Annual meeting along with her colleague Valentina Kalk. Because she thoroughly describes publications and pricing plans - including free-trial passwords for the available electronic databases - I decided to highlight the topic of archiving and information accessibility.

The World Bank E-library
There is a possibility - pending Ingenta's clearance - for libraries to burn CD-ROMs for archival purposes only when they decide to discontinue their subscription. Meg will keep us updated.

World Development Indicators and Global Development Finance Online
Some libraries have requested a free or reduced price CD-ROM to accompany their online subscription to WDI or GDF. This is not current policy, but Meg will keep us updated. FYI, some data sets are freely available at

The World Bank agency websites also offer free access to selected publications (in PDF or HTML format). Some websites of interest include:
* Electronic Records at the World Bank: The WBG Archives' Electronic Records Strategy
* The WBG Archives Electronic Records Strategy Final Report
* Information Disclosure at the World Bank
Highlights publications and initiatives towards greater transparency in the World Bank, including the World Bank Policy on Disclosure of Information.
* Knowledge Sharing
Discusses how the World Bank "creates, shares, and applies knowledge."
* World Bank Archives
Provides access to pertinent resources and discusses issues related to archiving, including the following project:
* Evidence Based Governance in the Electronic Age
Five-year project (2001-2006) initiated by the World Bank in partnership with the International Records Management Trust to improve electronic records management toward transparent and better governance worldwide.


Electronic Resources Update
The World Bank will be launching the final version of the World Bank e-Library in early June (just prior to the ALA Annual meeting). The e-Library is an electronic portal for libraries and institutions to the Bank's full-text collection of over 1,100 books, reports, and other documents.

Like the OECD, World Bank has partnered with Ingenta for the building and hosting of this new subscription-based reference and research tool, which is accessible via IP range. Each new book will be added to the database as it is published, and all titles will be completely cross-searchable and indexed. Subscribers will also have the option of including access to the World Bank's two statistical databases (which have been available to libraries for over a year now): World Development Indicators (WDI Online) and Global Development Finance (GDF Online).

Pricing and Discounts
All three electronic resources are priced by FTE. Discounts are available when libraries subscribe to all three databases, and there is also a 5% discount on the e-Library for libraries that subscribe to both a blanket standing order and the e-Library. (The blanket standing order discount for print publications is 20%.) World Bank is beginning to work with consortia, and consortia discounts are already available through Renouf and Amigos.

Subscriptions to the three electronic resources can be arranged direct through World Bank Publications, through Renouf in Canada, or from a number of distributors including: EBSCO and Swets Blackwell, and from other distributors internationally.

Technical Features

* Usage statistics
* Full-text searching
* User-friendly URLs for linking from OPACs
* The World Bank is looking into making MARC records available for each of the titles in the e-Library, but these are not available currently.

Free Trial
Libraries wishing to try the e-Library may access through July at: Username: Password: greenforest

Attached are: a press release on the World Bank e-Library, a flyer describing all three databases, and a Power Point demonstration of all three databases.

Print Resources
Blanket Standing Order Program World Bank offers a flat 20% on all purchases for subscribers to the WBP blanket standing order program. Under the plan, libraries would receive one copy of every title published in English and can select a cloth or paper preference. World Bank publishes a number of titles with Oxford University Press - the co-published titles can be excluded from the blanket plan. The 20% discount applies to all print purchases, not just to standing order releases. Individual standing orders are also available for all annual and series titles.

Series Update
The World Bank has recently ended publication of two series - World Bank Technical Papers (ISSN: 02537494), and World Bank Discussion Papers (ISSN: 0259210X). These two series will now be combined into a new series, titled World Bank Working Papers (ISSN: 17265878). A Series Title Change Alert is attached. Individual standing orders for either of the discontinued series will be automatically converted.

World Bank has a new catalog designed specifically for libraries: if you are not currently receiving it and would like to do so, please e-mail

World Bank attended ACRL in April for the first time in many years, and will be in attendance at every ALA show and at all IDTF vendor update sessions going forward. They also regularly exhibit at SLA. Typically, we give away 1-3 free one-year subscriptions to the electronic resources at each exhibit. Upcoming exhibit plans include: ALA Annual - Toronto c/o Renouf - Booth # 2236 SLA - New York Booth # 128

Contact for further information:
Meg Keller, Marketing Department World Bank Publications
1818 H Street, MSN U-11-1104
Washington, DC 20433
202-473-4747 phone

To receive a free trial or pricing information e-mail:

To order e-resources through Renouf, contact:
Lise St. John or Gordon Grahame
Renouf Books
1-5369 Canotek Road
Ottawa, Ontario,
Telephone: 1-613-745-2665
Toll-Free North America: (888) 551-7470
FAX: 1-613-745-7660

World Development Indicators - WDI Online is the premier data source on the global economy. It contains statistical data for over 550 development indicators and time series data from 1960--2001 for over 200 countries and 18 country groups. Data includes social, economic, financial, natural resources, and environmental indicators. Data selection screens are intuitive and easy to use. Results can be scaled, indexed against a particular year, viewed by percentage change, and charted. Data can also be exported in standard formats like Excel.

Global Development Finance - GDF Online contains statistical data for the 138 countries that report public and publicly-guaranteed debt to the World Bank Debtor Reporting System. The database covers external debt stocks and flows, major economic aggregates, and key debt ratios as well as average terms of new commitments, currency composition of long-term debt, debt restructuring, and scheduled debt service projections. Data selection screens are intuitive and easy to use. Results can be scaled, indexed against a particular year, viewed by percentage change, and charted. Data can also be exported in standard formats like Excel.

The World Bank e-Library ~ NEW! ~ is an electronic portal to the World Bank's full-text collection of books, reports, and other documents. It brings together in a fully indexed and cross-searchable database, over 1,000 titles published by the World Bank during the past several years, plus every new title as it is published. The World Bank e-Library will be available beginning May 20, 2003. To receive a free trial, e-mail:

For additional information, to request free trial access, or to request a quote for one or more World Bank e-resources, please send an e-mail to: or contact your preferred subscription agent.

The World Bank grants unlimited access to its e-resources across subscribing institutions through IP authentication. When you request a quote, please specify:

* Academic Libraries: total number of FTEs (Full Time Equivalents, i.e. students and faculty)
* Public Libraries: total population served
* Corporations / other institutions: total number of authorized users

SERIES TITLE CHANGE ALERT - World Bank Publications

Effective March, 2003, the following 2 World Bank publication series names will no longer be applied to forthcoming titles:

World Bank Technical Papers ISSN 02537494

World Bank Discussion Papers ISSN 0259210X

These two series will instead be combined to form a new series, which will be called:

World Bank Working Papers ISSN 17265878

Please note that if you have a standing order on file with us for either WB Technical Papers or Discussion Papers, your standing order will be automatically replaced by a standing order for WB Working Papers. Similarly, if your preferred distributor - wholesale vendor has a standing order on file with us for you, it will automatically be replaced by the new series.

The first three releases planned in the new series are:

World Bank Working Paper # 1
Bank Loan Classification and Provisioning Practices in Selected Developed and Emerging Countries
ISBN 0821353977 pub date 3/15/2003

World Bank Working Paper # 2
Private Participation in Infrastructure in China: Issues and Recommendations for the Road, Water, and Power Sectors
ISBN 0821354396 pub date 03/27/2003

World Bank Working Paper # 3
Turmoil in Latin America and the Caribbean: Volatility, Spillovers, and Contagion
ISBN 0821354795 pub date 05/07/2003

This change in series name applies only to reports printed and published by World Bank Publications. It does not apply to online reports which may be found on the World Bank website in various locations and which may be called either Working Papers, Technical Papers, or Discussion Papers but which do not have an ISBN.
If you have any questions about this change, or if you would like to receive a complete schedule of forthcoming publications, please do not hesitate to contact us at the e-mail:

E-Library offers electronic access to full-text Bank publications

Washington, May 20, 2003--The World Bank's publishing division is launching the World Bank e-Library, an electronic portal for libraries and institutions to the Bank's full-text collection of books, reports, and other documents. The complete, final version of the World Bank e-Library will launch on May 20, 2003, and trial access to the portal will be made available then.
A commercial, subscription-based research and reference tool, the World Bank e-Library will bring together, in a fully indexed and cross-searchable database, more than 1,000 titles published by the World Bank during the past several years and all future titles. Subscribers will also have the option of including access to the World Bank's two statistical databases, World Development Indicators (WDI Online) and Global Development Finance (GDF Online).
"The potential value of the e-Library to researchers, students, and to our borrower countries in the developing world is significant and far-reaching," said Dirk Koehler, Publisher, World Bank.
One of the world's largest sources of development assistance, the World Bank also prides itself on its role as a "Knowledge Bank." In support of its operations and its efforts to promote economic development in borrower countries, the World Bank compiles statistical indicators of social and economic development, undertakes important research on an array of public policy issues, and actively disseminates information world-wide. The World Bank e-Library was built and is hosted by publishing partner, Ingenta, a leader in the management and distribution of scientific, professional, and academic research via the Internet. Access to the e-Library collection is available to subscribers directly from the World Bank and from major subscription agents around the world. For more information visit


Blanket Standing Order Plan –Books: 20% discount
* Automatic shipment of every new title published by World Bank Publications until cancellation
* Order titles published prior to your start date and receive the 20% discount
* Order additional copies of any book at any time and receive the 20% discount
* Consolidated shipments of 5-8 books (roughly one shipment per month) lets you save on shipping costs and optimize receiving and processing time.
* No prepayment obligation - you will be invoiced only upon shipment and every invoice will reference your original PO number.
* Includes all annual titles including World Development Indicators, Global Development Finance, Global Economic Prospects, and World Development Report.
* Cost is dependent on the number of books published during the year, but the estimate for 2002 is
$3200 - $3600. (Actual blanket standing order cost in 2001 with a 20% discount was $3,200.)

ADD World Bank CD-ROM titles to your Plan: 20% with books; 10% alone
* Choose either the single-user or multiple-user CD-ROM plans.
* Single-User CD-ROMs can be run on one computer at a time by a single patron in your library. This version may not be networked.
* Multiple-User CD-ROMs can be made available to multiple users on access-controlled networks.
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* Includes: World Development Indicators, Global Development Finance, World Development Report, WB Africa Database, and (in 2002) TradeCAN.
* Estimated cost in 2002 for the single-user CD-ROM standing order is $1100.
* Estimated cost in 2002 for the multiple-user CD-ROM standing order is $1800.

WORLD BANK DATABASES World Development Indicators and Global Development Finance NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE For free trial and pricing information e-mail:

Individual Standing Orders No discount * Released immediately upon publication with an invoice at list price plus S/H charges. * Titles Available: * Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics June $ 29 * African Development Indicators - Print March $ 40 * Global Development Finance - Analysis & SummaryJune $ 40 * Global Development Finance - Complete Print Edition June $400 * Global Economic Prospects December $ 38 * Little Data Book May $ 15 * World Bank Atlas May $ 20 * World Development Indicators - Print May $ 60 * Global Development Finance - CD-ROM (single / multiple) June $400 / $1100 * World Bank Africa Database - CD-ROM (single / multiple) March $ 95 / $190 * World Development Indicators - CD-ROM (single / multiple)May $275 / $550
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STANDING ORDER REQUEST Books - Blanket Standing Order - 20% offTO: Meg Keller, Sales Manager North America World Bank Publications 1818 H Street NW, Mail Stop U11-1104 Washington DC 20433FAX: 202-522-2631 PHONE: 202-473-4747 YES - Please set up a standing order for our library effective _____________ 1st, 200__. (You will automatically receive every book in English published by WBP from this date forward. If you would like to add additional titles already published, you may do so by attaching an order form to this standing order to receive the 20% discount.) I understand that standing order shipments will go out per the details on the attached sheet and that we will be invoiced per shipment at a 20% discount (for blanket standing orders) plus shipping costs. I understand further that this standing order will remain in effect until canceled. (Estimated total for Blanket Plan-Books, 2002, is $3400.)____________________________________________________ Date___________Authorized Signature - Print Name BelowSHIP TO (please print or type) PO NUMBER _______________________________________ This number will be used for all shipments on the Standing OrderName_________________________________________________________________________________Title___________________________________ Organization___________________________________________Street_________________________________________________________________________________ City/State __________________________________ ZIP_________ Country______________________________Phone _______________________Fax: ____________________ E-mail: ________________________Please check here if you would like to receive an e-mail alert 3-5 days prior to each Standing Order shipment. _______ E-mail address to send alert to_____________________________________________________________BILL TO if different from above (please print): Name_________________________________________________________________________________Title___________________________________ Organization___________________________________________Street_________________________________________________________________________________ City/State __________________________________ ZIP_________ Country______________________________Phone _______________________Fax: ____________________ E-mail: ________________________&PLEASE SEND ALL ORDERS ATTENTION: MEG KELLER, N Am SALES MANAGEREMAIL: FAX 202-522-2631&

Respectfully submitted by Daisy Domínguez, liaison

World Intellectual Property Organization:(

I. 2003 Goals for Liaison: Make contact with the WIPO. Negotiate for special library fee structures, discounts (or donations!). I will continue to work toward these goals.

II. News and contacts:

WIPO deals with intellectual property, trademark, patents copyright, licensing and domain name processes and is the primary international body responsible for arbitration and mediation of international disputes in the above areas. Many of their publications would be of interest to both public and academic libraries. All titles are available via the electronic bookshop on their website. In addition, email updates of new publications and products are available.

III. Titles of note:

There are quite a few free publications available in PDF format, largely made up of public relations, brochures and the like (check out the Copyright comic book:

Some examples of titles for purchase on their website include:

Principles of Copyright: Cases and Materials

Agreement between the United Nations and the World Intellectual Property Organization

Socio-Economic Benefits of Intellectual Property Protection in Developing Countries

WIPO Intellectual Property Handbook: Policy, Law and Use

Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works

Industrial Property Statistics on CD-ROM

WIPO Guide to Intellectual Property Worldwide

Intellectual Property Profile of the Least Developed Countries

Respectfully submitted by James R. Jacobs, liaison