DttP 2004, Volume 32







Spring 2004, v. 32, no. 1

3 - Editor’s Corner
3 - From the Chair: Permanent Public Access to Government Information
4 - Washington Report
6 - On the Range: New Options for the Serial Set
7 - By the Numbers: Comparing Apples and Oranges: Statistics over Time
9 - International Documents Update: The New Slavery: International Resources on Human Trafficking

12 - Experience Speaks: Thoughts on Documents Librarianship
Barbara Kile, Ridley R. Kessler Jr., and Walter Newsome

18 - From Documents to Data: The Information Age Produces a New Type of Government Record
Linda Roberge and Lesley Pease

24 - Promoting IGO Information Resources to Scholars and Citizens, Panel Discussion, ALA/GODORT-IDTF

24 - International Relations Research and Undergraduates: A Credit Course Approach
Helen M. Sheehy

28 - International Government Information in the Library School Curriculum
Mike McCaffrey-Noviss

30 - The Readex International Documents Seminar: The United Nations, European Union, and Beyond
Susan B. White

34 - Response
Peter I. Hajnal

36 - Archiving International Government Information on the Internet
Jim Church

40 - ACRL/EBSS Ad Hoc Committee on Access to Government-Sponsored Education Research Responds to ERIC Clearinghouse Network Statement of Work
Soraya Magalhaes-Willson

42 - PAPR—Preserving America’s Printed Resources The Role of Repositories and Libraries of Record Conference
Bill Sleeman

In Memoriam
45 - C. Diane Bradley

46 - State-by-State Report on Permanent Public Access to Electronic Government Information
American Association of Library Libraries

47 - Legal Information Buyer’s Guide and Reference Manual 2003

Round the Table
48 - 2004 Midwinter Meeting Wrap-up
50 - Councilor’s Report
52 - GODORT Silent Auction in Orlando
52 - Index to Advertisers
About the Cover:
Our cover photograph is of Christine Dent of the University of Minnesota Morris, holding Sprocket Man, from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (Y3.C76/3:2SP8). This photo was used in the MLA (Minnesota Library Association) Read (Docs!) Campaign at http://govpubs.lib.umn.edu/forum/read2003.phtml

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Summer 2004, v. 32, no. 2

5 - Editor’s Corner
5 - From the Chair: GODORT Now and GODORT Future
6 - Washington Alert
8 - On the Range: Assisting Library Patrons with FOIA Requests
10 - Tech Watch: RSS: It’s only XML but I like it!
11 - News from the North: E-Archiving in the Provinces: Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario
14 - State and Local Documents Update: Quest for Data: Examining the Tools That Link Users to Local Data, Part 1

Web-based Government Information
16 - Web-Based Government Information: A Critical At-Risk Resource
Patricia Cruse

22 - TRAIL: From Government Information Locator Service to Electronic Depository Program for Texas State Publications
Cathy Nelson Hartman and Coby Condrey

28 - Minerva Project Selecting and Collecting
Abigail M. Grotke

32 - Inside the UCLA Library Online Campaign Literature Archive
Gabriella Gray

36 - The Current Information Literary Instruction Environment for Government Documents (pt. 1)
Judith Downie

40 - Key Principles on Government Information

42 - The Complete Guide to Citing Government Information Resources: A Manual for Social Science & Business Research
43 - Social Change in America: the Historical Handbook

Round the Table
42 - Report from the Councilor for ALA-MW
43 - Index to Advertisers

About the Cover:
The cover image is from Northwestern University Libraries Workd War II Poster Collection at http://www.library.northwestern.edu/govpub/collect ions/wwii-posters. Our thanks to Beth Clausen for her assistance with selection and obtaining the image.

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Fall 2004, v. 32, no. 3

5 - Editor’s Corner
5 - From the Chair
7 - Washington Report
9 - On the Range: Election 2004—You Can Make a Difference
10 - By the Numbers: Primed and Ready for the 2002 Economic Census
12 - Geospatial News: Who is CUAC and What Have They Done for You Lately?
13 - International Documents Update: Family Planning: Now a Component of Reproductive Help

Canadian Government Information in the Digital Age

15 - Introduction
Ben Amata

15 - The Depository Services Program (DSP) where does it go from here – the depository proposition revisited
Bruno Gnassi

19 - Getting to Know the Canadians: Access to the Stats Can Universe
Lindsay Johnston

23 - The Evolution of Census Dissemination in Canada
Ernie Boyko

28 - Democracy in an Electronic Depository World: Public Access to Government Information in a Canadian DSP Library
Elizabeth Hamilton

32 - Government Information Reference Service: New Roles and Models For the Post-Depository Era
Debora Cheney

38 - Easy Access, Early Exit? The Internet and the FDLP
Luke A. Griffin and Aric G. Ahrens

Round the Table
42 - Nominations Are Open for GODORT Awards
42 - CUAC Liaison Report
43 - Councilor’s Report (Midwinter Meeting 2004, and Annual Conference 2004)
44 - Get Involved with GODORT
45 - Interested in Serving on Depository Library Council?
45 - Notice of Proposed Bylaws Change
45 - Rozkuszka Scholarship Fundraiser a Success!
46 - 2004 Annual Conference Wrap-Up: GODORT Highlights
49 - Steering Committee 2003–2004
50 - Index to Advertisers

On the Cover:
The cover photo is of the 2004 GODORT Award Recipients. Back row (left to right) are Dr. Kristin R. Eschenfelder, Mark Phillips and Robert A. Walter. Front row (left to right) are Melody S. Kelly and Rosalie Lack.

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Winter 2004, v. 32, no. 4

5 - Editor’s Corner
5 - From the Chair
6 - Washington Report
8 - Tech Watch: XML, .GOV, and YOU
9 - News from the North: A New Knowledge Institution: The Library and Archives of Canada
11 - State and Local Documents Update: Quest for Data: Examining the Tools That Link Users to Local Data, Part 2

Teaching about Government Information

14 - Introduction
Dena Hutto

15 - Documents to the ï¿Â½ Freshmen! Early Exploration of Government Publications
Deborah Hollens

17 - Integrating Government Documents Into Information Literary Instruction (pt 2)
Judith Downie

22 - We are all Documents Librarians: Naturalizing the Next Generation
Judith Schiek Robinson

25 - The Relevance of Political Advocacy Literature to the Library Field: A Case Study Of The National Conservation Landscape System
John Kawula

33 - Tips from Tim: Ten Ways to Destroy Microfilm

32 - USDOT Web Sites

Review 30 - Lobbying for Libraries and the Public’s Access to Government Information: An Insider’s View

‘Round the Table
32 - Report of the Federal Documents Task Force on Permanent Public Access to Government Information
34 - 2004 Resolutions Written or Endorsed by GODORT
34 - Index to Advertisers

About the cover:
The image is from the cover of Cultural and Spiritual Values of Biodiversity, published by Intermediate Technology Publications on behalf of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in 1999. The photograph “Ceremony in the Andes” was taken by Oscar Minera. Our thanks to UNEP for their permission to use this image.

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