2023-24 Directory

**Contact information for GODORT members listed in the directory can be found through ALA Connect.**


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Executive Committee



Ben Aldred,  University of Illinois at Chicago (2024)


Past Chair

Kian Flynn,  University of Washington (2024)

Assistant Chair/Chair-elect

Andrea Craley,  Harford Community College 


Brett Cloyd,  University of Iowa (2024)


Elizabeth Sanders,  Lamar University (2025)

Publications Committee Chair

Rick Mikulski,  College of William & Mary (2024)

Bylaws Coordinator

Angela J.A. Kent, Houston Public Library (2024)


Hallie Pritchett,  North Dakota State University (2025)

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Alison Downey,  Valparaiso University (Chair) (2024)

Lynn Gates, University of Colorado - Colorado Springs (2024)

Heather Getsay,  Slippery Rock University (2025)

Emily Rogers, Valdosta State University (2024)

Melanie Sims, Louisiana State University (2024)



Elizabeth McDonald,  University of Memphis (Chair) (2024)

Chad Deets,  Arizona State University (2025)

Valerie Glenn,  Virginia Commonwealth University (2025)

Cate Kellett, Yale University (2024)

Amy Laub,  University of Kentucky (2025)

Chris Straughn,  Northeastern Illinois University (2025)

Simon Healey, Free Library of Philadelphia (Ex officio, accessibility) (2024)

Andrea Morrison,  Indiana University Bloomington (Ex officio, chair of working group) (2024)

Jim Noel, MARCIVE (Ex officio) (2024)

Cataloging Toolbox for U.S. Federal Government Information - Contacts: Andrea Morrison, amorriso@indiana.edu, 812-855-3723, and Jim Noel, jnoel@marcive.com.

Cataloging Toolbox for International Government Information - Contact Andrea Morrison, amorriso@indiana.edu, 812-855-3723

Cataloging Toolbox for State Government Information (to be released) - Contact: Andrea Morrison, amorriso@indiana.edu, 812-855-3723


Sanga Sung,  University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Chair (2025)

Simon Healey, Free Library of Philadelphia (2024)

Patricia Kenly,  Georgia Tech (2025)

Annelise Sklar, University of California, San Diego (2025)

Brad Vogus,  Arizona State University (2024)



Joseph Yue, University of California, Los Angeles, Chair (2024)

Monifa Carter, NYU Long Island School of Medicine (2025)

Sarah Erekson, University of Florida (2024)

Shari Laster,  Arizona State University (2025)


Elizabeth Sanders, Lamar University (ExOfficio, treasurer) 



Aaron Wilson, University of Maryland, Chair (2024)

Laura Andrews, SUNY Maritime (2024)

Laurie Aycock,  Kennesaw State University (2024)

Sarah Causey, University of Georgia (2024)

Christine Fletcher, Mississippi State University (2025)

Lorena O'English, Washington State University (2025)

Patricia Takacs,  University of Florida (2025)

Liza Weisbrod, Auburn University (2025)

Anna Xiong, Rice University (2025)


Government Information for Children

Lauren Hall, California State University, Stanislaus  (Chair) (2025)

Ryan Grant, Michael Anderson Elementary School (2025)

Jenny Groome, Connecticut State Library (2025)

Marna Morland, University of Texas, Dallas (2024)

Kamaria Nurse, Queens Public Library (2024)

Perveen Rustomfram, The University of Memphis (2024)

Patricia Siska, Queens Public Library (2025)

Connie Williams, Sonoma County Library-Petaluma (2024)


Help! Webinar Series

Kate Tallman,  University of Colorado, Boulder, Chair (2025)

Howard S. Carrier, James Madison University (At-Large) (2023)

Kelly Wilson,  Soka University of America (Virtual Meetings Coordinator) 

Liza Weisbrod, Auburn University (Education Committee) (2023)




Lisa Pritchard, Jefferson College (Chair) (2025)

Sarah Causey, University of Georgia (2024)

Kelsey Flynn,  Army Corps of Engineers (2024)

Danielle Gensch,  San Jose State University (2025)

James Jacobs, Stanford University (2024)

Robbie Sittel, Plano Public Library (2025)



Kristine Stilwell,  University of North Georgia, Chair (2025)

Megan Graewingholt, California State University, Fullerton (2024)

Lawrence Mello, Florida Atlantic University (2025)

Robbie Sittel, Plano Public Library (2025)

Kian Flynn,  University of Washington (Ex officio) (2024)



Sarah Erekson, University of Florida, Chair (2025)

Elizabeth Sanders,  Lamar University (2024)

Jenny McBurney,  University of Minnesota (2025)


Andrea Craley,  Harford Community College (Ex-officio) (2024)



Andrea Craley,  Harford Community College, Chair (2024)

Cass Hartnett,  University of Washington (2025)




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Rick Mikulski,  College of William & Mary, Chair (2024)

Julia Ezzo, Michigan State University, Past Chair (2024)

Kelly Wilson,  Soka University of America, Chair-Elect (2024)

Jennifer Castle, Tennessee State University (DttP Editor - ex officio) (2024)

Elizabeth Sanders, Lamar University (GODORT Treasurer - ex officio)

Samantha Hager, Colorado State Library (Website Administrator - ex officio)

Emily Alford, Indiana University (Notable Documents - Chair) (2024)

Kelly Wilson,  Soka University of America (2024)

Chris Bloodworth,  Detroit Public Library (2024)

Notable Documents Panel


Emily Alford, Indiana University (2024)

Federal Documents

Federal Documents Selector


Federal Documents Judges


State and Local Documents

State and Local Documents Selector


State and Local Documents Judge

International Documents

International Documents Selector


International Documents Judge



Rare and Endangered Government Publications

Angela Bonnell, Illinois State University (Chair) (2025)

Michael Kardos,  U.S. Naval Academy (2025)

Aimee Quinn,  Northern Arizona University -Yuma (2025)

Susan Paterson, University of British Columbia (2024)

Jane Canfield, Pontificia Universidad Católica, Biblioteca Encarnación Valdés, PR (2024)

Iain Willamson,  Coherent Digital (2025)


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Social Media and Outreach

Ben Chiewphasa, Columbia University, Chair (2024)

Patricia Takacs,  University of Florida, Assistant Chair (2024)

Rachel Olsen, University of North Carolina, Greensboro (2025)

Melanie Sims,  Louisiana State University (2025)

Sanga Sung, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (2025)

Membership Committee Representative

Technology Committee Representatives:

Suzanne Reinman, Oklahoma State University
Kelly Bilz, Thomas More University


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Technology Committee

Samantha Hager, Colorado State Library, Website Administrator/Chair (2025)

Kelly Bilz,  Thomas More University (2025)

Michelle Donlin,  East Stroudsburg University (2024)

Suzanne Reinman, Oklahoma State University (2025)


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Task Force Coordinators/Interest Group Leaders

Federal Information Interest Group Leader

Hayley Johnson, Louisiana State University (2024)

International Documents Task Force Coordinator

Michael Alguire (2024)

State and Local Documents Interest Group Leader

Denise Jones,  State Library of North Carolina (2024)

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Special Officers (Non-Voting)

Angela J.A. Kent, Houston Public Library (2024)

Virtual Meetings Coordinator
Kelly Wilson,  Soka University of America

Website Administrator
Samantha Hager, Colorado State Library (2025)

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Liaisons & Contacts

ALA Staff Liaison

Danielle Ponton

ALA Public Policy and Advocacy Liaison

Gavin Baker, Assistant Director, Government Relations

Liaisons to ALA Committees

BARC (Budget Analysis and Review Committee)

Elizabeth Sanders, Lamar University

CORE Cataloging and Classification Section: Committee on Cataloging Description & Access (CC:DA)

Cate Kellett, Yale University

Library Education, Education Assembly

Connie Williams, Sonoma County Library-Petaluma (2023)

Literacy Assembly

Kian Flynn, University of Washington (2023)        

Membership Promotion Task Force

Kristine Stilwell,  University of North Georgia

Planning & Budget Assembly

Robbie Sittel, University of North Texas (2023)

Recruitment Assembly

Denise Jones, North Carolina Government and Heritage Library (2023)

Round Table Coordinating Assembly

Andrea Craley, Harford Community College


ALA Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Assembly

Megan Hamlin-Black, Rhode Island State Library (2023)


Liaisons to Other Organizations

Freedom to Read Foundation

Lisa Pritchard, Jefferson College Library (2023)

International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)

Frank Lester, Vanderbilt University (2024)

Liaisons to GODORT

ACRL Rare Book and Manuscripts Section

Elizabeth Sudduth, University of South Carolina

ALA Executive Board

Maggie Farrell, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Association of Specialized, Government and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASGCLA)

Vicky Crone, National Agricultural Library

Map and Geospatial Information Round Table (MAGIRT)

Michael Smith, University of California-San Diego

New Member Round Table (NMRT)

Kelly Wilson, Soka University of America (2023)

Social Responsibilities Round Table (SRRT)

Laurie Aycock, Kennesaw State University (2022)

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