Meet the GNCRT Committees

Meet the 2021 - 2022 GNCRT Committee volunteers

GNCRT / BCALA Collaborative Committee

This committee collaborates with the Black Caucus of the American Library Association to develop programs, comics reading lists, and other professional development resources to promote the work of Black creators and storytelling about Black experiences.

  • Shira Pilarski, GNCRT Chair
  • Deimosa Webber-Bey, BCALA Chair
  • Sandra Farag
  • Miranda Webster
  • Elizabeth Flores
  • Elisa Garcia
  • Sally Engelfried
  • Jessica Cerri
  • Tatanisha 'Tiki' Love
  • Tamela Chambers

GNCRT Best Graphic Novels for Adults Selection Committee

  • Edward Whatley - Instruction & Research Services Librarian,Georgia College & State University Library (Committee Chair)
  • Luke Burger - Student, San Jose State University
  • Rachel Gagnon - Teen Services Librarian, Haverhill Public Library
  • Nancy McKay - Head of Teen Services, Byron Library
  • Carli Spina - Associate Professor and Head of Research & Instructional Services, SUNY's Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Avi Woontner - Public and Techinical Services Librarian, Institute of American Indian Arts Library
  • Elizabeth Doherty - Young Adult Librarian, Walpole Library
  • Mx. Victoria Rahbar - Web Services Librarian, Hostos Community College (CUNY)
  • Chloe Horning - Librarian, Bellevue College Library
  • Laila Mai-Nguyen - MLIS Student, Florida State University, School of LIS
  • Micki Waldrop, Brenau University (also serving as Committee Assistant)

GNCRT Best Graphic Novels for Children Selection Committee

  • Angela Frederick, Chair - High School Librarian, Williamson County Schools
  • Mariizhe Bonier - Syracuse University SLIS
  • Eric Carpenter - Toomer Elementaty School
  • Natasha Carty - Tres Volcanes Community Collaborative School
  • Anna Chou - Elementary Teacher Librarian, Papillion La Vista Community Schools
  • Andrea Erickson - Montgomery County Public Library
  • Karlie Herndon - University of Southern Mississippi SLIS
  • Kerrie Mierop - Calabasas Library
  • Angela Ocana - Youth Services Supervisor, Eugene Public Library
  • Sarah Okner - Vernon Area Public Library
  • Megan Rasmussen - District Librarian, Round Lake Area Schools CUSD #116
  • Heather Rowan, Committee Assistant - Librarian I, Austin Public Library

GNCRT Conference & Convention Planning Committee

This committee provides GNCRT outreach by planning and programming panel topics and collaborating with creators at in-person comic conventions and library conferences.

  • Brian Fulton, Co-chair
  • Tina Lerno, Co-Chair
  • Abilene Castillo
  • Jen Stutesman
  • Haley Shaw
  • Meredith McGovern
  • Helen Lutke
  • Justine Randle
  • Daniel Patton
  • Chris Matos
  • Alessandra Affinito

GNCRT Creators Get Carded Committee

This committee collaborates with comic creators on a project to help spread the word about the importance of having a library card for #LibraryCardSignUp Month.

  • Robin Brenner, Chair
  • Alexx Conrad
  • Julia Bae

GNCRT Libcomix Online Committee

This committee solicits, schedules, and promotes virtual programs, live streamed webinars, recorded interviews and discussions with comic creators, and brainstorming sessions for librarians and educators.

  • Brittany Netherton, Co-chair
  • Carla Riemer, Co-chair
  • Jillian Rudes
  • Emily Remer
  • Aryssa Damron
  • Jamie Stanfield
  • Margaret Miller
  • Vanessa Warner
  • Elizabeth Ogle
  • Richard Wade
  • Adam Kullberg
  • Julia Pohl-Miranda

GNCRT Mentorship Exploratory

This committee establishes the framework of running a mentorship program for GNCRT members. This purpose of the mentorship program is to support membership engagement and continue to define what "comics librarianship" is and what skills it requires.

  • Liz Brown, Chair
  • Rebekkah LaRue
  • Katherine Counterman

GNCRT Metadata & Cataloging

This committee develops a best practices guidance that discusses and records different MARC fields. Members track contents to quickly identify what stage each section is in as well as keeping an updated Table of Contents. A Committee Member also consults with OLAC’s best practices to keep communication channels open.

  • Deborah Tomaras, Chair
  • Allison Bailund
  • Carole Sussman
  • Steven Holloway
  • Kayla Kuni
  • Lindsay Gibb
  • Liz Adams

GNCRT Newsletter Committee

This committee emails current and upcoming news and projects to all GNCRT members on a monthly basis.

  • Francisca Goldsmith, Chair
  • Angelina Brodie

GNCRT Preparing For & Addressing Comic Book Bans, Censorship, and Challenges in Libraries Committee

  • Amie Wright (Chair)
  • Natalie Dejonghe
  • Jack Phoenix
  • Julia Lanter
  • Shawn Norton
  • Gabriel Lopez
  • Daniel Patton
  • Alec Chunn
  • Kara Baker
  • Ryan Grant

GNCRT Social Media Committee

This committee promotes GNCRT content and upcoming events on social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). They develop policies and procedures for management and moderation of GNCRT platforms.

  • Elizabeth Bass, Chair
  • Cassandra Morris
  • Tricia Soto

GNCRT Website Committee

This committee coordinates directly with the GNCRT board and committees to apply best practices and the latest GNCRT information onto the website.

  • Jonathan Khan, Chair
  • Danica Ronquillo