Libcomix Online is our on-going virtual programming project. We host webinars, panel discussions, and more. We'll be sharing updates here for upcoming sessions and posting recordings and resources after.

2022 - 23 Libcomix Online Webinars

Preparing for Challenges - How to be ready before you get one  - Wednesday, January 18 at 4pm CT
Our panelists will discuss how to prepare for challenges - the importance of being proactive, creating strong policies, gathering advocates, etc. Attendees will leave with actionable information on how to build an arsenal of tools to deflect or defend against challenges.

Talking up a storm: using interactive prompts to promote cultural practices in family reading of visual narratives - Thursday, December 8 at 8pm CT / 6pm PT
An interesting addition to attending to the cultural identity of students, is the idea of also attending to cultural practices in reading. Not only is the content of reading material important, but so are the children’s interactional practices surrounding reading through talk learned in their communities and home. Using visual narratives to support cultural practices in reading can be an important way to affirm the contribution of families to children’s literacy. Designing interactive prompts for engaging families with graphic novels was a key component of pandemic learning in the home fostered by Altera, an after-school non-profit.  This short session will present the premise, as well as examples of a variety of conversational tools used for family reading of wordless picture books, comics and graphic novels.


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2022 - 23 Call for Libcomix Online proposals

Libcomix Online is currently accepting program proposals for content that is diverse, innovative, and informative. Interested individuals should complete this submission form. After review the committee will contact applicant with next steps.