Resources & Toolkits Committee

Matthew Noe and Chris Arrant, Chair


The Resources and Toolkits Committee is tasked with making accessible guidance on developing comics collections, programming, and other opportunities within the profession.


  • Develops guides for key aspects of comics librarianship, including but not limited to: comics review sites, publishers, publisher contacts, librarian-specific newsletter lists, and guidance on advocating for comics collections.
  • Develops and maintains toolkits to encourage the development of broader comics collections, such as “History Comics”, “Graphic Medicine”, etc.
  • Coordinates resources for professional response to challenges to comics, both within and outside of the library, in conjunction with existing efforts (CBLDF, ALA OIF, etc.).
  • Creates quick-response title lists and guides in response to current events.
  • Aids other ALA or outside groups with the development of both web-based and in-person educational opportunities relevant to comics librarianship.
  • Works closely with the GNCRT Communications Committee to ensure developed resources and toolkits are maintained on the GNCRT website and regularly promoted.


  • 10-15 virtual members
  • ALA Staff Liaison


  • 2 years