Metadata & Cataloging Committee

Liz Adams and Lindsay Gibb, co-Chairs


To provide best practices documentation and a forum for discussion on the topic of graphic novels and comics cataloging, classification, discoverability & accessibility, shelving arrangements, and other related organization of knowledge activities.


  • Members of the Committee shall endeavor to create/update/share documentation on best practices for the larger library community.
  • Keep an open forum for ongoing discussion about ways to increase consistency in knowledge activities related to graphic novels and comics.
  • Liaise with other cataloging and metadata committees to keep open channels.
  • Committee members should aim but are not required to:
    • Participate and assist with conference meetings and programs to promote best practices as described above.
    • Include graphic novels, comics, and the descriptive practices therein in wider library-related discussions.
    • Promote professional development opportunities to support and strengthen library staff and colleagues.


  • 10-15 virtual members
  • ALA Staff Liaison


  • 2 Years