Awards and Reading Lists Committee

Awards and Reading Lists Committee: Kristin Anderson and Franco Vitella, co-Chairs


The GNCRT Awards & Reading Lists Committee is tasked with establishing and ensuring efficient function of GNCRT award and reading list member groups.  


  • Creates rules and procedures for awards and reading lists member groups.
  • Identifies, approves, and implements new awards and reading lists and associated member groups.
  • Offers recommendations to group chairs on new and existing procedures for group operations based on a thorough knowledge of ALA and GNCRT policy and committee operations.  
  • Communicates with the GNCRT board about the progress of the award/reading list groups, identifies common problems, and suggests solutions.  
  • Coordinates training and orientation for incoming group members.  
  • Works with sponsors and partners to fund prizes for awards.
  • Works with other ALA groups to coordinate non-GNCRT awards and reading lists involving graphic novels and comics. 
  • Reports back to membership of the GNCRT and surveys membership for new award/reading list group recommendations. 
  • Promotes established awards and reading lists.


  • 5-7 virtual members, including at least two members from the previous year
  • ALA Staff Liaison


  • 2 years