Current Preservation Efforts

Internet Archive

  • Here is a thought-provoking article on their efforts, and why they're so important. 

Library of Congress - A synopsis of their efforts can be found here:

Preserving Virtual Worlds - a collaborative effort

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

University of Michigan Computer and Video Game Archive


Issues facing the preservation of video games:

  • Copyright and Access - Is it possible to make older games available while satisfying the rights of copyright holders? 
  • Hardware requirements - Games are often designed to work with specific consoles.  Maintaining those consoles in the face of age is increasingly difficult. 
  • Servers - Online games require access to and maintenance of servers.  When those servers go down, the game is no longer accessible. 
  • DLC and patches - Video games are now very much a work in constant progress.  New content is added, content is removed at times, and
  • Disc and bit rot - Data degrades over time.  How can its integrity be safely preserved?