GameRT Mystery Hunt

Welcome to Mystery Island!

Map of an island from above with large label that says Mystery Island, and three zones highlighted with square blue outlines - at the top one is labeled VOLCANO ZONE, on the lower left one is labeled BEACH ZONE and on the lower right one is labeled FORREST ZONE.

This is a game that is designed to be fun while introducing you to resources across ALA. There are riddles to solve, clues to unravel and bragging rights (and prizes!) to win.

The GamerRT Mystery Hunt is a series of puzzles, similar to a scavenger hunt and a little like a virtual escape room. On the first day of the conference, we will post a link that will take you to the game. Once you’ve filled out some basic information you can read through the story and click around the various play zones. There will be three zones in total with nine total puzzle clusters to work through.  Solve all the puzzles within a  puzzle cluster to unlock a clue, solve all the puzzle clusters and you’ll have all the information you’ll need to unlock the final puzzle.

While the whole Mystery Hunt will be online around the conference we’ll have physical versions of some of the puzzle clusters to play as well. You can find the in person puzzles on the exhibit floor at the GameRT Booth #3535 and the Gaming Lounge, as well as at ALAPlay on Friday evening.

Those who play will be entered into a random drawing for some super neat escape room games and resources brought to you by the Games and Gaming Round Table. No worries if you don't finish all your puzzles by the end of the conference. The Mystery Hunt will stay open and you can continue to play until Friday July 1st. That evening we'll select eight winners from the pool of participants."

If you need help you can check out the Mystery Hunt FAQ and the Mystery Hunt Tutorial or if you’d like you can share your experience with the game by using #ALA22MysteryHunt.

Happy puzzling and thanks for playing!