GameRT Committees

The GameRT has a number of committees that work to complete a variety of tasks and manage different programs that fall under the Round Table. Committees are a great way to get involved and become a more active member of both the GameRT, ALA, and beyond. There are many opportunities to participate even if you are unable to attend every conference. To get started, you can fill out the GameRT Interest Form, or contact one of the board members via ALA Connect

GameRT Committees

  • International Games Week Committee

    • Plans and coordinates the annual International Games Week effort
    • Works with vendors and sponsors to obtain and distribute incentives for libraries signing up for the effort
    • Works with the Outreach Committee to publicize IGW to the library community
    • Corresponds with other international libraries and library organizations and coordinate their participation
  • Programming Committee

    • Programs for ALA Annual, ALA Midwinter, and others where practicable

    • Preconferences for ALA Annual, ALA Midwinter, and others where practicable

    • Coordinating ALA Play event at Annual

    • Developing ALA Gaming Lounge at Annual

    • Developing President’s Program in coordination with President

    • Developing new ideas and opportunities for promoting GameRT’s goals

    • Sourcing and ordering GameRT conference swag


  • Membership and Outreach Committee

    • Promotes membership in GameRT and ALA online and off
    • Maintains the GameRT blog and website including updating resources on games in libraries and gaming programs in libraries
    • Maintains GameRT's presence on social media
    • Develops the quarterly GameRT newsletter
    • Want to write? Share ideas? Connect and collaborate with gaming librarians around the world? Sign up here.
  • Strategic Planning Committee

    • Polling and outreach to membership and prospective members to determine path forward for GameRT

    • Maintaining relationships with larger gaming community, including vendors and designers, as well as non-library gaming groups

    • Maintaining a contact list of the above

    • Monitoring and reporting on changes in the gaming world

  • Nomination Committee

    • Identifies and nominates potential candidates for GameRT Executive Board positions.