Video Round Table Notable Videos for Adults 2012

2012 Notable Videos for Adults

  1. A Film Unfinished. 90 minutes. Oscilloscope Laboratories. DVD. $19.99. Available from most distributors.  Recently discovered footage sheds a new light on Nazi propaganda.

  2.  Freedom Riders. 120 minutes. 2011. PBS Home Video.  DVD. $24.99.  Available from most distributors. A group of white and black Civil Rights activists who traveled by bus together to challenge the segregated south through non-violent tactics.

  3. Mugabe and the White African.  94 minutes. 2010. First Run Features.  DVD. $27.99.  Available from most distributors.  A family of African farmers confront the Mugabe regime.

  4. Battle for Brooklyn.  93 minutes. 2011. Rumor Films. DVD. $295 (Universities and Colleges),  Chronicles the fight against the Atlantic Yards Project which attempted to displace local residents for new development.

  5. Hot Coffee. 86 minutes. 2011. Docurama. DVD. $29.99.  Available from most distributors.  A notorious cup of spilt coffee is pivotal to tort reform laws.

  6. A Small Act.  88 minutes.  2011.  Ro*co.  DVD. $295 (Universities and Colleges) $95 (K-12).  A small gift from a Swedish schoolteacher has a life-long impact on a young Kenyan boy.

  7. Catfish. 88 minutes. 2011. Universal Studios Home Entertainment. DVD. $19.99. Available from most distributors.  Online woman of your dreams may not be what she appears.

  8. Better This World. 89 minutes. 2011. Bullfrog Films. $295. (Universities and Colleges). Follows the lives of two political protesters accused of domestic terrorism during the 2008 Republican National Convention.

  9. Neshoba: the price of freedom. 87 minutes. 2011. First Run Features. DVD. $27.99.  Available from most distributors.  Chronicles the long-awaited trial of Edgar Ray Killen and the slow healing process in the 1964 murder of three Civil Rights activists.

  10. Bonecrusher. 72 minutes. 2010. New Day Films. DVD. $249 (Universities and Colleges)/Public libraries $119. An Appalachian coal miner follows in his father's footsteps.

  11. The Labyrinth: The testimony of Marian Kolodziej. 37 minutes. 2011. December 2nd Productions. DVD. $99 public libraries and $190 (Universities and Colleges).  Nearly fifty years after his internment in Auschwitz, Mariam Kolodziej crafts a series of haunting art.

  12. The Flaw. 82 minutes. 2011. Bullfrog Films. $295 (Universities and Colleges). Traces how a major "flaw" in Greenspan's economic philosophy lead to the 2008 economic meltdown.

  13. Iraq: War, Love, God and Madness. 83 minutes. 2011. Typecast Films. DVD. $300 (Universities, Colleges and Public).<>  An Iraqi filmmaker tries to create the first feature film made in his homeland in years.

  14. Jaffa: the orange's clockwork.  52 minutes. 2011.  Trabelsi Productions. DVD. $29.  Explores the history of Palestinians and Israelis using the symbol of the orange.

  15. The Price of Sex. 73 minutes. 2011. Women Make Movies.  DVD. $295.00 (Universities and Colleges). Eastern European women are drawn into sex trafficking and abused.

The Notable Videos for Adults Committee includes:

  • Mary Hanlin, Tidewater Community College (Chair)
  • Laura Jenemann, George Mason University
  • Julia Churchill, Oak Lawn Public Library
  • Maureen Tripp, Emerson College
  • Tom Ipri, Drexel University
  • Tracy Montri, Toledo-Lucas County Public Library
  • Sam Readman, Miami-Dade Public Library
  • Joan Skowronski, Hillsborough County Library