Multimedia Production Discussion Group

The purpose of this discussion group is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and discussion on the operation, design, management or development of the computers, software, and equipment needed for multimedia
production services for library users.

Although this group can communicate anytime during the year via the listserv:Multimedia-l, we have twice a year week-long moderated discussions. 

Some topics that have been discussed in the past:
Assessment (of any multimedia literacy and workshops components you may
have), Maker Spaces versus Media Centers, Memorandum of Understanding (MOAs),
Involvement in Digital Humanities Initiatives on your Campus, and Best Practices for staff-made videos (file types, storage options, etc.).

Please send your topics ideas for the upcoming discussion!

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A summary is sent out to the listserv at the end, but the whole discussion is archived at: (note that you will have to create a log-in in order to view the archives and change your settings).
If you are new to the group, you may be interested in knowing that we have a Google spreadsheet of multimedia production centers.   Please add your information to the spreadsheet if you work in a multimedia production area or check the

information already on the sheet for accuracy.

There is also a Pinterest board called: Multimedia Production Centers in Libraries.