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The Federal and Armed Forces Libraries Round Table (FAFLRT) has an e-mail based discussion list to be used by the committee to work on on-going agenda items, to alert members of upcoming events, or to quickly notify members of pending legislation and changes that would affect the Federal and Armed Forces Libraries. This, hopefully, will enable meetings to be more productive and speed the resolution of issues.

Presently, this forum is not moderated. Therefore, all messages to the list will automatically be forwarded to all list subscribers without editing or intervention.


To subscribe to the FAFLRT Discussion List, simply send a message to:

and type the following in the body of the message:


You will receive a confirmation message via e-mail and can immediately send messages to the list.

You can also subscribe using the ALA web interface at:

(for additional assistance on the web interface, check out the help pages: http://lists.ala.org/sympa/help/user)

Sending Messages:

To send a message to the FAFLRT list, simply send a mail message to: faflrt@lists.ala.org

Your message will be automatically forwarded to all of the FAFLRT discussion list members.


If you would like to be removed from the FAFLRT list, you must send a message to the ALA ListProc server:

and type the following in the body of the message:


This will remove the e-mail address that you are currently sending a message from. If you are having problems with the FAFLRT list (i.e. unable to unsubscribe, receiving multiple copies of messages, etc.) please contact the FAFLRT List administrator, Vicky Crone at ala.faflrt@gmail.com.

You can also unsubscribe using the ALA web interface at:

Special Lists:

In addition to the main discussion list, there are also a couple e-mail lists designed to help the FAFLRT administration:
  • FAFLRTCOMM - All FAFLRT Committee Chairs
  • FAFLRTEXBD - All FAFLRT Executive Board members
If you are a committee member or board member and you'd like additional e-mail addresses added to one of these lists, please contact Vicky Crone, FAFLRT List Administrator, at ala.faflrt@gmail.com.