Federal Librarian Spring 2010

Greetings From the President

The Library of the Future … is NOW!

The schedule of programs at the 2010 Annual Conference of the American Library Association is almost set and our Round Table will have a number of programs that speak to the future of libraries in the federal and armed forces. Our programs will talk about what is on the horizon as well as how we are adapting to the changing methods of distribution of government information. We’ll continue our popular series of Careers in Federal Libraries and we’ll have a special program talking about military families and how we can serve the whole soldier in today’s armed forces.

These programs reflect the fact that the future of Federal and Armed Forces Libraries is not some distant concept. It is a reality that we all face every day. Our libraries are changing to meet the needs of our Agencies, Commands, and the public users that seek information from our government. This ALA Conference program demonstrates the best of what our colleagues have to offer and it’s going to be a great conference. We’ve received strong support from the vendor community and additional sponsors are signing on to make our programs valuable and meaningful.

What our organization needs now and moving forward is a renewed commitment from each and every member to participate, contribute, and promote our Round Table as a valuable avenue for professional development and community support. The community of libraries in the federal government and armed forces is truly diverse and complex. No two libraries are created equally… but we all have information that we can share with one another and experiences that we can all learn from together.

If you’re not able to make it to Washington, DC for the conference, I hope you’ll take advantage of your membership in FAFLRT to make some connections in your own community and build a network of fellow librarians. 

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