Federal Librarian, Spring 2009

Digitization Survey About to Begin

The FLICC Preservation & Digitization Working Group is beginning on a multi-year project to survey all federal libraries and learn about their digitization efforts. Our Survey Committee has chosen to begin this effort by surveying you, the permanent members representing your agencies to FLICC/FEDLINK.

The Working Group recommends:

1. Begin by reading the instructions and glancing at the definitions of terms used through-out the survey.

2. Next, print out the survey questions (pdf document 9457341). It is likely that multiple people in your library may need to be consulted in order to answer all of the questions accurately, and we know that this step may take some time.

3. Designate one person in your library to compile the answers and fill out the survey online using the link below. We are looking to get only one response from each library. Please respond before March 25, 2009.


Please do not forward this link to other libraries. We have started our survey process with a small group of libraries and intend to survey additional federal libraries later.

We will be tracking responses by library even though we intend to report only trends that we see in the data. This is to ensure that we receive a response (and only one response) from each federal library. If we do not receive your survey response by March 25, a member of our team will be contacting you personally to follow up.

If you have any question about the survey, or if you have any documents that you would like to share concerning your library’s digitization efforts, please do not hesitate to contact me using the phone number or e-mail listed below.

Thank you in advance for your time and effort to complete this survey, and for the information that you are providing to help our Working Group improve FLICC/FEDLINK’s role as a resource to the federal library community.

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