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 2009 Libraries in Tough Economic Times

If you listen to the buzz, there's a hum of excitement in the library. Library usage is up. Users need the library more than ever in a tough economic climate. How do we identify, market, and promote the needs of the library so that we may best serve our users?

Learn how major associations and organizations are tackling the problem. Exchange ideas with experts who have demonstrated success in branding services. Join hands with others in a common effort to better serve all in our communities.

Speakers include:

  • Suzanne Grefsheim (NIH Library)
  • Patricia Glass Schuman (Neal-Schuman Publishers)
  • Roberta Stevens (Library of Congress)  
  • Greta Southard (Executive Director, PLA)
  • Ellen Herbst (Director, National Technical Information Service)

Date:  Friday, March 6, 2009
Time:  1:00 - 4:00
Location:  National Institutes of Health Masur Auditorium (Building 10 near the south entrance --- across from the NIH library)

Want to take a tour of the NIH library at 12:00 before the event? Reserve a space with Dera Tompkins  (

Directions to NIH Clinical Center: 

Enter the NIH campus through the public entrance at Route 355 (Rockville Pike) and South Drive.  Show
your identification at security before proceeding on South Drive to Center Drive. Turn right on Center Drive following signs to "Patient Parking"  and "Clinical Center." The main entrance to the hospital will be on your left on Center Drive.

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2008 ALA/FAFLRT Programs
Anaheim, CA

Pre-conference program - 'Careers in Federal Libraries'

Co-sponsored by FAFLRT, FLICC/FEDLINK, LSU SLIS, New Members Round Table, ALA Placement Services, and Library Associates. [ Program Flyer ]

This pre-conference program helped participants to learn the acronyms, gather tips on applying for a federal job, and network with federal librarians over lunch. Then, attendees worked with resume and interview experts to improve their chances to land that federal job!

Speaker list:
  • Nancy Faget, GPO [ PDF]
  • Roberta I. Shaffer, FLICC/FEDLINK
  • Helen Sherman, DTIC [ PDF]
  • Dr. Margie Thomas, LSU [ PDF]
  • Sandra Jensen, Camp Pendleton Libraries
  • Doria Grimes, NOAA
  • Carla Southers, DoD Education Activity
  • Steven Kerchoff, State Department
  • Deb Schwarz, Library Associates Inc
  • Greta Marlatt, Navy Postgraduate School
  • Bill Tuceling, GAO

Slides also available on SlideShare

'DOCS 2.0: Emerging Web Technologies for the Government Information Community'

Sponsored by GODART, Co-sponsored by FAFLRT

This program highlighted tools like wikis, blogs, social tagging, custom search engines, flickr and other Web services, and focused on how these new technologies can enhance library services. Speakers highlighted projects and give hands-on training to setup and administer these services. Attendees gained a knowledge of tools to help them collaborate, build Web collections, and better connect with their users, as well as having real examples of projects to use as templates.

What is the State of Federal Libraries?

This program summarized a series of Listening Sessions held for federal and military librarians, sharing the issues identified as problems in the federal library community. The session also included ideas for legislative initiatives that are needed to support federal libraries, how ALA processes suggested resolutions, and how members can  participate in the upcoming FLICC Census of Federal Libraries.

'Gov 2.0: Going further with the Wikinomics folks'

Sponsored by FAFLRT and the FLICC Libraries & Emerging Technologies Working Group [ Program Flyer ]

Heard about Gov 2.0?  Wikinomics author, Anthony D. Williams, refers to it as harnessing the power of mass collaboration and the web 2.0.  Learn about the use of social technologies in CIA, DIA, State, NIH, GSA, DHS, and other government agencies.  Discover how government is striving to behave not as an isolated department or jurisdiction, but as something new: a truly integrated organization.  Meet the change agents who are bringing innovation to the bureaucracy.

Speaker list:

  • Michelle Springer, Library of Congress [ PDF]
  • Sean Dennehy, Central Intelligence Agency
  • Elaine Cline & Tiffany Smith, State Department [ PDF]
  • Chris Rasmussen, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Slides also available on SlideShare

Researching, Archiving, and Collecting for the U.S. Congress [ Program Agenda]

Information professionals from the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate presented, including the House Archivist, Robin Reeder, who discussed her work with Member research collections and House Committee records. Erin Hromada, from the House Office of History and Preservation discussed how her office conducts congressional research, advises their users, and provides services to librarians.  Kimberly Ferguson of the Senate Library also discussed the Virtual Reference Desk on"

Speaker list:

  • Robin Reeder, U.S. House of Representatives, House Archivist [ PDF]
  • Erin Hromada, U. S. House of Representatives, House Office of History & Preservation [ PDF]
  • Kimberly Ferguson, U. S. Senate, Senate Library

Slides also available on SlideShare

2007 ALA/FAFLRT Programs
Washington, DC

'Careers in Federal Libraries'

Co-sponsored by FAFLRT, DC/SLA, FLICC/FEDLINK, DCLA, LSU SLIS, and Library Associates. [ Program Flyer ] [ Program Flyer 2 ]

Slides and a video recording of this event hosted at the Library of Congress is available on the FLICC web site. An archive of the event as viewed through OPAL-ONLINE is also available.

'Public Access to Government-Sponsored Research'

Co-sponsored by FLICC Libraries & Emerging Technologies Working Group [ Program Flyer]

This session explored the 'comparative advantage' that the Federal Government holds in the Open Access debate. James King, Chief Librarian of the Naval Research Laboratory, led a well-rounded panel discussion through the history, issues, legislative efforts, and opportunities related to Open Access and US Federal Government-sponsored research. [ PDF]

Specifically, our first speaker was Heather Joseph, formerly of BioOne and currently the Executive Director of SPARC (Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resources Coalition) who discussed her group's advocacy efforts related to Open Access and the Federal Research Public Access Act of 2006. [ PDF]

Our second speaker was Dr. Neil Thakur, the point person for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Public Access policy ( link) who shared the NIH perspective in this debate and their progress to date. [ PDF]

The final speaker was Michael Mabe, formerly VP at Elsevier and currently CEO of the International Association of STM Publishers (with membership representing nearly all major society and commercial publishers); who presented the commercial and society publisher perspective on the Open Access debate. [ PDF]

2004 ALA/FAFLRT Program

2004 ALA/FAFLRT program - "What's In, What's Spin... Winning Strategies for Marketing Your Library" [ Program Flyer ]

Marketing your library or information center is essential in an era of unabated change. What notions do users have of us and what we do? How do we redefine the marketing of our services in response to organizational and technological changes, outsourcing, and the growing population of remote users?

Leslie Barrett, Vice President, Outsell, Inc. will offer marketing strategies that enhance visibility and reinforce need. Learn what pitfalls to avoid and how to use professional, business, and political skills to convince stakeholders of the value of your services.

2002 ALA/FAFLRT Program

2002 ALA/FAFLRT Workshop on Open Archival Information Service (OAIS) - Presentations

  • OAIS: What is it and Where is it Going? - Don Sawyer/NASA/GSFC, Lou Reich/NASA/CSC [ PDF]
  • Preserving Digital Publications - Gary McCone, National Agricultural Library [ PDF]
  • Trusted Digital Repositories: OAIS and Certification - Robin Dale, RLG [ PDF]
  • OCLC Digital Archive - Suzanne Butte, OCLC Library Services Consultant [ PDF]
2001 ALA/FAFLRT Program

2001 ALA/FAFLRT Workshop on Open Archival Information Service (OAIS) - Presentations

  • Reference Model for an Open Archival Information Systems (OAIS): Overview and Current Status - Alan Wood/A.E.Wood & Erickson/Lockheed Martin, Don Sawyer/NASA/GSFC, Lou Reich/CSC [ PDF]
  • Preserving the Digital Publications of the USDA - Evelyn Frangakis, National Agricultural Library [ PDF]
  • OAIS and It's Applicability for Libraries, Archives, and Digital Repositories - Robin Dale, RLG [ PDF]