FAFLRT Board Meeting

December 20, 2017

10:30-11:40 CDT

Notetaker:  Julie



Stephen Pomes, President

Karl Debus-López, Past-President

Janice Young, Vice President

Virginia Sanchez, Federal Director

Kimberly Megginson, Armed Forces Director

Vicky Crone, Federal Director

Richard Huffine, Treasurer

Julie Bramman, Secretary




  1. Final review of the Dissolution memo.
    1. SP requested comments from Board. Members agreed the memo was thorough and well written.
    2. KDL suggested ASCLA review and offer input before we finalize in January. JY called for motion for ASCLA to review the Dissolution memo draft prepared by KDL. RH seconded. All ayes.
    3. KDL will send memo to ASCLA and include SP and JY.
    4. SP asked if ASCLA will also write a memo.
    5. KDL said there will be 2 separate memos.


  1. Honorarium or some form of acknowledgement for Kathleen
    1. RH ordered flowers on behalf of the Board, but there were delivery issues.
    2. KDL asked if Kathleen had a favorite charity or cause. Suggested the money used for the flowers could be a donation given to a cause in her name.
    3. JY said she will ask Dr. Scott and report to the Board.


  1. Honorarium for Dr. Goode (or do we drop his program)
    1. SP advised that the program will be one hour, although we have had lengthy programs in the past.
    2. JY confirmed the program will be one hour per ALA guidelines.
    3. KDL questioned if the program can be useful given restrictive time period.
    4. JY attended a 1 hour presentation by speaker in Atlanta and recommends. The lecture style is PowerPoint. Dr. Goode would also provide handouts.
    5. SP suggested collecting emails for handout distribution rather than print.
    6. JY agreed and asked if Board wanted to chair a program. African American Pioneers in Library Leadership was accepted by ALA. Initial word was that this program was not accepted. It is a FAFLRT-sponsored program, proposed by FAFLRT without ASCLA.
    7. KDL offered kudos as it is difficult to get a program accepted due to competitiveness.
    8. JY is working on a piece for the newsletter.
    9. KDL advised JY check to see how this program is offered online and in program. Will it be presented as an ALA program or a FAFLRT program?
    10. SP asked about cost.
    11. JY said if it isn’t chaired, there is no reason for honorarium. It’s up to FAFLRT Board if they wish to chair a program.
    12. KDL said if African American Pioneers program is chaired by ALA, FAFLRT would not have a program to chair as other programs are co-hosted with ASCLA.
    13. Regarding Dr. Goode, KDL agreed that based on JY’s experience attending a program that FAFLRT should move forward with the Building Your Brand program.
    14. SP had no preference either way and asked how FAFLRT pays honorarium.
    15. KDL asked how much Dr. Goode is requesting.
    16. JY: He requested $2500. Board declined. JY advised that the Board is paying $500 for other speakers and to be consistent, should offer the same to Dr. Goode.
    17. KDL asked if other speaker declined $500.
    18. JY said no.
    19. KDL suggested we offer him that.
    20. SP agreed.
    21. JY asked RH about the process of paying for the speaker.
    22. RH submits a request to Pat May who processes payment.
    23. JY will inform Dr. Goode of amount.
    24. RH said the program is promoted as an ALA-wide event and will be good exposure for him.
    25. JY reiterated upcoming programs:
      1. African American Pioneers in Library Leadership-ALA
      2. Nontraditional Partnerships-ASCLA and FAFLRT
      3. Dr. Good Building Your Brand-FAFLRT


Discussion of FAFLRT awards. Kathleen was POC for award nominations. Board is unsure if any nominations had been received.

JY asked if there has been any word from ALA Connect posts. January 31st is due date for nominations.

KDL asked if a 2nd email was sent to membership, as agreed to in the Nov. 28 meeting.

SP said he will send email and proposed including 2 emails for all nominations.

KM offered to be one of the email recipients, SP will be the other.

Board agreed this was a good idea.

KDL recommended resending in early January.

SP offered to send by Friday, Dec. 22nd and again in early January. Asked for deadline.

JY said January 31, 2018.

SP asked if topic required a Board vote.

KDL said no, but the Dr. Goode program does. Motioned to approve $500 honorarium to Dr. Goode for ALA Annual program.

SP seconded. All ayes.


  1. FAFLRT Membership meeting – should we have one last meeting for the membership?  If so, we will need to add a room request to the ALA system.
    1. KDL set up rooms at 2017 Annual and offered to take care of room reservations for 2018.
    2. JY is in favor of one last meeting for membership.


  1. FAFLRT/ASCLA Merger update: bylaws revision committee progress (Vicky)
    1. KDL said ASCLA leadership agreed to merger, there was no ASCLA membership vote on merger.
    2. VC said if ASCLA membership votes down bylaws this indicates they do not want the merger. Asked when merger proposal goes to Council.
    3.  KDL said it goes straight to Council for ALA Midwinter vote.
    4. VC clarified Midwinter or Annual?
    5. KDL said Midwinter, which occurs February 9-13, 2018.
    6. JY asked if the 2 Board positions created as a result of the merger will be on the ballot.
    7. VC advised the merger must first be approved. Vote not likely until January or February 2019.
    8. Discussion of ASCLA appointing people to the Board without a vote, which may be possible.


SP asked if there were any other comments or issues.

KDL asked if we need to send another message soliciting content for newsletter.

JY sent LW and KG a mock-up of the winter newsletter, which goes out in February.

KDL asked what the deadline is for newsletter content.

JY said January 15th. The summer newsletter goes out before Annual. Summer is the last newsletter prior to the merger.

KDL asked if we’ll publish an in memoriam for Kathleen, and if so, to include picture VS sent. Asked if someone from Board contact Dr. Scott to write a small memorial.

JY will ask Dr. Scott. Suggested SP incorporate into President article.

SP agreed.

JY asked if LW or KG have expressed interest in taking over newsletter duties.

SP said both are interested in being co-editors, but would like to know the final cutoff for duties, if merger takes longer than anticipated.

SP asked if there are any other issues to discuss.

KDL reiterated he will send memo to ASCLA. Will request meeting room for ALA Annual membership meeting.

JY will contact Dr. Scott for a newsletter statement on Kathleen and to determine if Kathleen had a favorite cause or charity the Board could make a donation to.

RH will work on payment to Mr. Lacoursiere for the Nontraditional Partnerships program and if Dr. Goode accepts the Board’s offer, he will submit paperwork for that payment as well.

SP will send message asking for award submissions to go to him and KM. He will send out doodle poll for membership meeting. Reminded Board there will also be a joint meeting with ASCLA. Move to adjourn meeting.

KDL seconded. All ayes.