DECEMBER 7, 2017



Stephen Pomes, President

Karl DeBus-Lopez, Past-President

Virginia Sanchez, Federal Director

Vicky Crone, Federal Director

Richard Huffine, Treasurer

Julie Bramman, Secretary


SP: Meeting is to summarize reason FAFLRT supports the merger of FAFLRT and ASCLA and the steps we’re taking to prepare.


KDL: FAFLRT must prepare a memo request to dissolve FAFLRT because of declining membership, loss of dues revenue, and an inability to find volunteer leaders. This memo will be presented to ALA Council.

ASCLA can provide more benefits to members.

The first part of the 2-page memo will include information of what happens to the FAFLRT membership. In merging with ASCLA, FAFLRT will assume 2 Board member positions as well as have 2 interest groups.

Newsletters, websites, awards, and other details will not be discussed within this memo except to state that ASCLA has the ability to absorb all of these functions into the newly merged group.


SP: ASCLA and FAFLRT websites will go away and data will be merged into a new website. The public will be directed to our new page.


KDL: Questioned what happens to FAFLRT webpage, will it be retired and inaccessible?


SP: FAFLRT could request ALA maintain the pages as an archive, questioned what ALA normally does in the event of mergers.


KDL: Informed Board that ALA has had a few mergers.


SP: Mentioned old newsletters are available.


JB: Questioned if all newsletters are posted to website.


VS: Advised we check with FAFLRT Archivist.


KDL: Newsletters online go back to Winter 2002. Date of first newsletter unknown at time of meeting.


KDL: Informed Board he is willing to write draft of the 2-page memo and submit to FAFLRT Board for comment.


SP: Agreed.


KDL: It was first requested we prepare a report, then a 2-sentence statement, and now we’ve been asked to prepare a 2-page memo.


SP: No objections to KDL doing memo.


KDL: Deadline to submit memo is December 31, 2017. Board will prep memo to submit by December 22, 2017 in advance of holidays.


Informal Board discussion of ALA Annual programs. Item tabled due to lack of information.


Informal Board discussion of the passing of Kathleen Hanselmann.


KDL asked if anyone had heard anything about Kathleen; a place to send condolences or a service?


JB: No


VS: No. Offered to make a gentle inquiry.


KDL suggested a memorial in newsletter.


VS asked if we have asked membership if they want to submit comments.


KDL asked how to ask membership.


SP advised we check with groups she was a member of and ask for comments.


VS offered to check her Linked In profile to see which groups she belonged to and see if they want to submit comments. She will ask Air Force librarians for input as Kathleen was a former Air Force librarian. Board had no objections to VS taking this action.


Discussion returned to dissolution memo.


KDL asked Board what we should emphasize in memo.


SP: It’s tough to recruit members for leadership roles. Tough to get people to join the organization. 75% of the membership voted to merge.


KDL will mention complimentary nature of FAFLRT and ASCLA


SP: FAFLRT have made an honest effort to improve areas but we were not successful.


KDL asked when did we start in earnest talking of merger with ASCLA? FAFLRT met with ASCLA about a possible merger in the early 2010’s. ASCLA wanted to absorb FAFLRT, not merge. FAFLRT Board vetoed.


VC: Chris Corrigan (ASCLA) brought up the merger in April 2016.


KDL: Informal discussions occurred prior to April 2016.


VC: Conversation started November 2015.


SP asked if ASCLA polled membership?


KDL/VC: Did not think they did.


KDL: There have been some negative comments regarding new name of merged ASCLA and FAFLRT. There may be some ASCLA members who did not want the merger.


SP: FAFLRT lost membership on ALA Council due to declining membership.


VC is working on committee to revise ASCLA bylaws. Their membership had no vote as to whether or not to accept merger.


KDL:  FAFLRT will prepare the memo for delivery to the Committee on Operations one month prior to their meeting at ALA Midwinter.  They should receive the memo in January 2018.    


KDL asked if all Board members present agreed to let him write draft of 2-page memo?


All agreed.


KDL asked if there are any other comments.


RH is serving on Council now and is sure they will support and the merger will go through. Thanked KDL for writing draft memo and offered to help in any way possible.


KDL agreed to write memo as he was FAFLRT President when most discussions took place regarding merger.


KDL Will need to follow through with Jessica Hughes, ASCLA/RUSA President on the exact format for the memo to COO (who to direct it to, etc.).


RH said Council can vote virtually.


KDL Council will vote in February.


VC confirmed.


RH: By ALA Annual we will be 1 group. We have held joint programs for several years.


KDL will prep memo and present to Board by Thursday, December 14, 2017.


VS asked RH about an honorarium in Anahem; did FAFLRT provide funds or was there sponsorship?


RH there has been sponsorship. FAFLRT has funds and can provide an honorarium if necessary.


VC: we don’t know how much to approve for honorarium.


RH: Gale Cengage has been generous, but he cannot solicit for sponsorship.


Discussion of Board members being unable to solicit due to conflicts of interest.


KDL: Table discussion of honorarium until regular December Board meeting.


SP asked Board to send items for the December meeting agenda. We will discuss KDL draft memo if possible.


VS sent an email for further info on Kathleen and will inform Board if response is received.


VC asked for comments about Kathleen but had no response. Suggested Board/members could send a card and flowers.


SP adjourned meeting. All ayes.