FAFLRT Board Meeting

November 28, 2017

10:30-11:40 CDT

Notetaker:  Julie



Stephen Pomes, President

Karl Debus-López, Past-President

Janice Young, Vice President

Virginia Sanchez, Federal Director

Kimberly Megginson, Armed Forces Director

Vicky Crone, Federal Director

Julie Bramman, Secretary


  1. Approval of September minutes.
    1. VC motioned approval, KDL seconded, all in favor, motion carried.


  1. Treasurer’s report – Richard
    1. RH is waiting for report.


  1. ASCLA/FAFLRT Merger Update
    1. KDL: FAFLRT must prepare a 2-page memo based on specific criteria to explain and justify the merger. Information to include: what will happen to FAFLRT assets, why FAFLRT should be dissolved, where members of FAFLRT would go, and how will main components of the round table be integrated into the new organization. FAFLRT will submit report to Committee on Operations at ALA Midwinter.
    2. A detailed plan will be drafted after ALA Midwinter.
    3. KDL recommended a task force from Board be created to draft memo. JY will co-lead the effort to write the memo. KDL and VC will lead task force, with support from membership.
    4. Memo must be submitted by January 15th.
    5. KM recommended 2 meetings in December; one meeting focusing only on the merger with ASCLA. SP will send out Doodle poll for special meeting to discuss memo in December with the intent to have a draft prepared by December 31st.
    6. FAFLRT is not being absorbed by ASCLA, but will merge to form a new division, with a new name. Association of Specialized Government and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASGCLA) was the winning vote from membership polls. The ASCLA/FAFLRT Merger Planning Task Force will submit updated name to ASCLA bylaws committee with the recommendation that the new name be added to bylaws.


  1. New Federal Librarian Editor
    1. JY resigned from the position in September 2017.
    2. SP suggested we post to discussion boards to seek volunteer.
    3. JY asked if LW or KG might want to take over editorial duties as they are co-editors.
    4. JY has created a mockup for the next edition. She alerted Board that new editor will need to obtain permission to publish photos.
    5. KDL suggest that if LW or KG do not wish to become editor of the newsletter, that we open the search to our membership.
    6. SP will ask LW and KG and report to Board.


  1. Passing of Kathleen Hanselmann and re-assignment of Awards chair
    1. Kathleen Hanselmann passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, November 21st. Kathleen was a FAFLRT Armed Forces Director and Awards Committee Chair.
    2. FAFLRT and ASCLA Board have expressed condolences.
    3. Discussion of how to fill her roles. LW was previous Armed Forces Director. KDL said LW is interested in taking a more active role in Board matters. KM recommended LW be contacted regarding filling Kathleen’s position. SP will approach to see if LW will take Armed Forces Director position.
    4. VC advised FAFLRT President and Board may appoint a replacement Director. SP asked if it’s voted on by the Board, KDL said yes. If LW does not want appointment, Board will appoint a member after surveying membership for interested parties. VC advised the Board, including the President, would participate in filling the vacancy through the end of Kathleen’s term, and then a new Board member would be elected for the next regular term by the Membership. Kathleen’s position was due to expire in June 2018 so there is a space on the 2018 ballot for her Director position. As FAFLRT is merging with ASCLA, this term would only last until the merger is complete.
    5. JY advised Board Kathleen may have already received awards submissions. SP advised FAFLRT will need to ask membership to re-submit, if necessary.
    6. SP asked if Board can appoint a new Awards Committee Chair. VC said yes, Board may discuss, President appoints. VC clarified that according to bylaws, one of the President’s duties is to "appoint the chair and members of each standing and special committee." VC advised Board Katie Rapp is no longer a FAFLRT member, but is listed as Awards Committee Co-Chair on webpage. No one is sure when she stopped being a member. VS will contact KR to see if she has received any submissions.
    7. JY suggested SP include info in his “Greetings from the President” newsletter column.
    8. VC said KR is still a member of the listserv.
    9. VS will contact KR to see if she wants to be awards chair for this year.
    10. KDL advised that all submissions will have to go to KR if she accepts.
    11. SP asked if the Board needed to appoint people to any other Kathleen Hanselmann duties, but none were noted.
  2. Programs and Awards for upcoming fiscal year.
    1. FAFLRT will cohost two programs with ASCLA at ALA Annual; Non-traditional Partnerships and Building Your Brand.  JY has submitted proposals, both of which were accepted.
    2. KDL advised we request rooms and requirements such as layout, technology, chairs, tables, etc.
    3. JY will email ALA contact Melissa Tracy to request additional info and submit room requests.
  3. Honorarium for Dr. Goode
    1. JY updated Board on communication with Dr. Goode, who has offered to host a one-hour workshop. He asked for $2500, but Board declined. He counteroffered $1800 but Board declined. Dr. Goode said he appreciates the opportunity to present and will wait for the Board’s offer.
    2. SP would like details of what program entails.
    3. VC advised a workshop would mean high audience participation and asked for details of what Dr. Goode will present.
    4. JY asked Dr. Goode for program details but had not received a response by the time of the Board meeting. JY will follow up with Board once she receives word.
    5. KDL reminded Board some money must be set aside for awards and the awards ceremony. This will be the last year FAFLRT hands out awards.
    6. JY said $500 is offered to speaker for Non-traditional Partnerships program and asked if the same could be given to Dr. Goode.
    7. SP advised we’d be responsible for honorarium for both programs.
    8. VC requested the Board receive more information about the program before we commit to obligating membership funds.
    9.  JY will follow up with Dr. Goode and send FAFLRT Board his website info.
  4. Adjourn
    1. KM moved to adjourn meeting. KDL seconded. All ayes.