FAFLRT Meeting Minutes September 12, 2017

FAFLRT Board Meeting

September 12th, 2017

9:30-10:30 CDT

Notetaker:  Julie



Stephen Pomes, President

Karl Debus-López, Past-President

Janice Young, Vice President

Kathleen Hanselmann, Armed Forces Director

Richard Huffine, Treasurer

Kimberly Megginson, Armed Forces Director

Vicky Crone, Federal Director

Julie Bramman, Secretary


1. Approval of August minutes.

JB added additional info from KDL. KH motioned approval, RH seconded, all in favor, motion carried.

2. Treasurer's report -- Richard

I received a financial statement on August 18, 2017 and here is the current financial summary for FAFLRT: In July 2017, we have income of $275.62 and expenses of $179.25 ($147.83 was a reimbursement for the cost of the FAFLRT Award presentations at Annual) for net income of the period of $96.73. Our current balance with ALA is $15,787.

3.  FAFLRT webpage -- any updates

JB has made most updates as requested. One update is left to make. SP asked for a review of Officer’s page, JB will check the navigation.

4. Planning for next Federal Librarian -- Janice -- any updates

JY: tentative Sept. 22nd release date.


5.  Legislative matters and meeting with the ALA Washington Office -- Richard -- any updates

What has changed

Emily Sheketoff has retired and ALA has hired Kathi Kromer as the new Executive Director of the ALA Washington Office. Kathi joins ALA after several years in non-profit advocacy, most recently for the ALS Foundation. Jessica McGilvray has left ALA (for a federal job!) and Gavin Baker has been hired to lobby for ALA on the Hill and to coordinate with GODORT and the ALA Committee on Legislation. Finally, Emily Wagner has been hired as the librarian to the ALA Washington Office, replacing Stephen Mayeaux who left for a federal job at IMLS.

What has not changed

Rosalind Bradly continues to be the ALA Staff liaison with FAFLRT and Pat May continues to support FAFLRT's financial management needs.

Issues ALA is Working On

•Title 44 Revision - Congress is considering revisions to Title 44, the act that authorizes GPO and the Federal Depository Library Program. The Committee on Legislation is working with the ALA Washington Office to make suggestions that would improve those programs.

•Federal Library Funding - ALA Washington Office sent a letter to the Hill on behalf of the USGS Library and continues to monitor Congressional actions regarding funding for federal libraries. It currently looks like Congress is not planning to implement cuts proposed by the Administration but ALA remains diligent for impacts to federal libraries as the 2018 budget is passed.

Meeting the new ALA Washington Office staff

With this message, I am asking Rosalind Bradley to propose some times that Kathi Kromer, Gavin Baker and herself would be available to join the FAFLRT Board for a conference call within the next 4-6 weeks. Once we have their availability, I will poll the Board to see who could join a call with them, just to meet them and share our concerns or issues.

6. Honoraria for 2018 ALA Annual Conference Speakers

JY sent program proposals to the Board for their review on September 5th.

RH will ask if there’s a contracted fee set by ALA. Suggested a vendor to underwrite program.

SP asked if ALA has a threshold and ASCLA about their fees, what they pay.

VC advised we make it clear this is funded by FAFLRT, not ALA or ASCLA. VC is a contracting officer and cannot negotiate on behalf of FAFLRT.

If we co-sponsor, do we do cost sharing?

RH will set aside funds for ALA administrative costs and the costs for certificates.

VC motioned to approve

KDL seconded

Board approved


7.  Suggestions for new division name -- any updates

KH sent SP a suggestion.

8. Should we approach ASCLA with a name to join their Program Review Board.

9. Other Matters

ALA Washington Office—is it possible to meet with them, and if so, who? KDL suggested in person or teleconference.

KDL advised we send email for award nominations. Discussion of submission deadlines, suggestion of January 31, 2018.

10 Adjourn

SP moved to adjourn. JY seconded. All ayes.