FAFLRT Meeting Minutes August 3, 2017

FAFLRT Board Meeting

August 3, 2017

10:30-11:30 CST

Notetaker:  Julie



Stephen Pomes, President

Karl Debus-López, Past-President

Janice Young, Vice President

Virginia Sanchez, Federal Director

Vicky Crone, Federal Director

Julie Bramman, Secretary

Holly Nickle, USGS

Catherine Canevari, USGS


The meeting began with a discussion between the FAFLRT Board and USGS employees Holly Nickle and Catherine Canevari.


USGS facing proposed reduction of 52% of current funding levels; $3,000,000, 20 FTE, half of their subscriptions, and 3 or 4 locations.


Any inquiries regarding proposed reductions should to go to press office: https://www.usgs.gov/news/media-contacts


They've been surveyed, asked to describe impact of cuts, long term issues, facilities issues, by COB Friday.


They've been asked to report cost centers, expenses. Asked Board for guidance.


Repurposing library space as IT space. Info is provided through Denver or Reston libraries. No library at wetlands facility.


Would like to compare METRICS with other libraries.


If anyone is attending Designing libraries for the 21st Century, get in touch. It's in Raleigh Sept. 17-19. http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/designing-libraries-conference-2017


Stats: 8000 USGS employees, 300 office locations, reference questions, training, and creating factsheets.


1.       Approval of June minutes. VC moved to approve minutes. VS seconded. all ayes.

2.       Treasurer’s Report – RH via email. As of June 30, we had a balance of $11,367.00 with $1,500 having been transferred to ASCLA to pay for our portion of the 2017 Awards Reception. We have an outstanding expenses of $150 for Awards framing and shipping that should bring our total to $11,217 not including administrative fees and dues income that is reported in June and July 2017. The Administrative Fees are approximately $30.00 per month.

3.       FAFLRT Web page – is it updated with all of the current information? JB lost access to ALA due to their updating. The website has been updated.

4.       FY18 Program Planning – Janice.  We identified the following possible topics at the membership meeting:

  1. New process for submitting program proposals: Must be submitted by August 25, 2017. (Update: deadline was changed to September 5, 2017)
  2. b.Board has received zero proposals outside the Board. JY has several topics, advised the Board should populate topics. Lance Wiscomb and Kathleen Hanselmann both have proposals.
  3. Since the Ed Scott program was so successful, having a program on leadership. Tabled.
  4. Serving remote users. Tabled.
  5. Big Data. Tabled.
  6. Where you can go with your library career beyond libraries. Tabled.
  7. Honoraria: Some discussion of issues other have experienced with Honoraria. Issue tabled.

5.       Planning for next Federal Librarian (September) – Janice: Will include Annual coverage of programs and awards.

6.       Legislative matters and meeting with the ALA Washington Office -- Richard. Will meet in person in September then teleconference.

7.       Merger timeline and discussion items (attached from me and Michael Golrick) – I can lead this discussion item, if you want -- to bring everyone up to date on where things stand with the merger.

KDL advised we get the proposal together by November 30th in time for ALA Midwinter.

  1. Suggestions for new division name (include “Government”?) "G" for government was suggested as it would include state and local employee members of ASCLA. KDL advised Board prepare message to FAFLRT list.  VS suggested Board draft message as a group then send to list. SP will draft message, Stacy Marchant will put on FAFLRT social media accounts.
  2. Board Members: Board Members:  FAFLRT and ASCLA have agreed to have two new Board members for the merged group -- one for federal libraries and one for armed forces libraries.  Unfortunately, due to timing, those positions will not be available until 2019-2020 (voted on in the spring of 2019).
  3. Interest Groups beyond Federal and Armed Forces Libraries. VS: science, technical, and MWR libraries. Discussion of setup outreach to groups.
  4. IFLA Liaison – KDL nominated RH and he accepted.
  5. Other matters identified in the attachments: Other matters identified in the attachments:  FAFLRT and ASCLA Leadership will need to begin meeting in the fall to discuss other matters related to the merger, including reduced membership for FAFLRT members for the first two years; merging budgets; how to handle social media and listservs; newsletter; etc.


8.       Other matters? FAFLRT awards will be discussed next meeting. 2018 will be the last year for awards.

SP motioned to adjourn. VS seconded. All ayes.