NAME OF COMMITTEE MEETING ASCLA Executive Committee/FAFLRT Board Virtual Planning Meeting

May 23, 2017

Attendees: Carrie Banks (ASCLA), Julie Bramman (FAFLRT), Lydia Collins (ASCLA), Chris Corrigan (ASCLA), Vicky Crone (FAFLRT), Karl Debus-Lopez (FAFLRT), Michael Golrick (ASCLA), Kathleen Hanselmann (FAFLRT), Richard Huffine (FAFLRT), Stephanie Irvin (ASCLA), Eldon Ray James (ASCLA), Patrice Johnson (ASCLA), Wendy Knapp (ASCLA), Steven Pomes (FAFLRT), Mary Beth Riedner (ASCLA), Jeannette Smithee (ASCLA), Mary Soucie (ASCLA), Lance Wiscamb (FAFLRT), Janice Young (FAFLRT), Virginia Sanchez (FAFLRT). Note Taker: Wendy Knapp.

Agenda Topic 1 Call to order and approval of Agenda. Golrick called the meeting to order at 3:13 PM Eastern and led the group in introductions. Golrick asked for additions to the agenda. Debus-Lopez asked that we clarify timeline if possible when we reach that point.

Agenda Topic 2  Request to ALA Committee on Organization (COO)  to discontinue round table. Golrick reported that FAFLRT and ASCLA need to submit a joint report and form regarding the merger. Debus-Lopez recommended working towards a mid-winter deadline for those reports and forms unless there is an advantage to rushing to meet the June 10 deadline for ALA.  Golrick noted that if we did meet the June 10 deadline, it would be more in line with ALA’s fiscal year, which starts September 1. Other members of both the ASCLA and FAFLRT boards recommended waiting and letting presidents and president-elects work out the details as we move forward.

Conclusions: Leadership will work to submit the forms/reports to ALA COO before mid-winter.

Action Item: Communicate with FAFLRT. Persons Responsible: Debus-Lopez/Pomes. Deadline: November 30, 2017.

Action item:  Complete reports and forms for COO/ Persons Responsible: Golrick, Debus-Lopez, Smithee, Pomes. Deadline: December 31, 2017.

Agenda Topic 3  ASCLA Bylaws, ASCLA member vote, (Includes addition of Board members from FAFLRT interests). Golrick noted that he and Smithee have been reviewing the current ASCLA bylaws.  Golrick noted the Federal librarians and Armed Forces librarian as additional interest groups as well as those 2 seats on the Board to ASCLA bylaws.  Interest groups currently require 10 signatures to a petition to be established for ASCLA. Banks clarified that it would be useful to create the two interest groups before members of FAFLRT would join the new, merged association. Crone and Huffine offered to set up the interest groups through the current bylaws before the merger is complete, as both are current members of ASCLA as well. Interest groups are not listed in the bylaws, so the discussion of setting up interest groups does not need to be decided prior to merger.  Board structure will need to be updated in bylaws.  Since we are not going to have the merger take effect until next year, the bylaws need to be drafted prior to mid-winter so they can be on the ALA election ballots in 2018.

Conclusions: The board of the newly merged association will need to include two additional seats (Federal and Armed Forces) that will need to be addressed in bylaws.  Bylaws do not include interest groups by name, and can therefore be a topic to be decided after FAFLRT has communicated with members.

Action Item: Develop Armed Forces and Federal and/or other Interest Groups. Persons Responsible: Huffine, Crone, others? Deadline: June 30, 2018.

Action Item: Revise Bylaws. Persons Responsible: Smithee, Golrick. Deadline: December 1, 2017.

Agenda Topic 4  Budgets and financial assets / liabilities merged by ALA staff. Huffine is confirming the FAFLRT is getting funds transferred to ASCLA before Annual to support Awards ceremony. Other budget items can be discussed later, but budgets need to be prepared as separate divisions for the upcoming fiscal year. The merger will go into effect in September 2018 when there will be one, merged budget.

Action Item: Confirm funds transferred. Person Responsible: Huffine. Deadline: May 31, 2017.

Agenda Topic 5  ASCLA dues structure for former FAFLRT members (discount). For the upcoming year, both divisions will continue to administer dues structures in place now.  ASLCA EC has recognized the difference for dues between a round table and an association, and, upon discussion with staff, will offer a discount to the FAFLRT members who would join ASCLA in the first year or two of the new merged association. 

Conclusions: Discount code would be given to FAFLRT members prior to their registration for the year starting September 1, 2018.

Action Item: Verification of discounts (one year or two years?) Persons Responsible: Golrick, Smithee, ASCLA staff. Deadline: March 2018.

Action Item: Set up FAFLRT Board Meeting for June. Person Responsible: Debus-Lopez. Deadline: May 31, 2017.

Agenda Topic 6  Interest Groups for new members. Discussed in Agenda Topic 2.

Agenda Topic 7  Listservs (merge a general listserv/identify interest group listservs). Listservs do not need to have division name, so it should be easy to subscribe to any current lists and add newly merged members to the ASCLA general list.

Agenda Topic 8 Newsletters, Email

Agenda Topic 9 Social Media, web presence

Agenda Topic 10 Continuing education and conference programs. Corrigan stated FAFLRT and ASCLA have set programs at Annual this year. Corrigan needs someone else to chair the one that ASCLA (“Glass is Half Full”) is the lead on.  Debus-Lopez noted it is in conflict with the ASCLA/FAFLRT Awards Ceremony.

Action Item: Find a host for the ASCLA/FAFLRT “Glass is Half Full” program. Person Responsible: Corrigan. Deadline: June 15, 2017.

Agenda Topic 11 Committees, committee appointments, nominations: 2018-2020 and beyond. Smithee will communicate with Adam Szczepaniak, the next chair of ASCLA, Debus-Lopez, Pomes, and Young will work on behalf of FAFLRT going forward.

Agenda Topic 12 Division name change. Golrick asked if there were suggestions.  ASCLA currently includes “Specialized,” and that may be a large enough umbrella.  Debus-Lopez did say that it may be important to have “Federal” and/or “Armed Forces.” Golrick said that within the bylaws, there will be many ways to incorporate those phrases. Soucie suggesting “Association of Collaborative, Specialized and Federal Library Agencies.”

Action Item: Discuss possible names at next FAFLRT Board meeting. Person Responsible: Debus-Lopez. Deadline: June 30, 2017.

Agenda Topic 13 Summary, Q&A, Next steps

Notes of Interest / Next Meeting:

  • Golrick will share with Debus-Lopez the list of ASCLA programs to be shared with FAFLRT membership (by 5/25/17)
  • Next meeting TBD