FAFLRT Meeting Minutes April 14, 2017

FAFLRT Board Meeting

April 14th, 2017

1:00-2:00 Eastern time

Notetaker:  Julie



Karl Debus-López, President

Stephen Pomes, Vice President

Kathleen Hanselmann, Armed Forces Director

Lance Wiscamb, Armed Forces Director

Virginia Sanchez, Federal Director

Janice Young, Federal Director

Julie Bramman, Secretary


1.       Approval of March minutes

a.       KDL motioned to approve.

2.       Treasurer’s Report – Richard

3.       As of the end of February 2017, the Round Table has net assets of $14,916. We have initiated the process to transfer $1,500 to ASCLA in support of the Awards Reception at ALA Annual in Chicago in June. There have been no other financial actions taken on behalf of the Round Table to date.

4.       ALA Budget Review information

5.       After the meeting, Richard reported to Karl that he sent the requested information to the contact at ALA.

6.       Awards – Kathleen

a.       Certificates: KH sent out to Board for review. KDL emailed the awards announcement text to the board listserv on April 7th. VS approved as written. KDL requested certificates be framed before presenting. KH will get frames and mats, FAFLRT will reimburse.

b.       Transfer of $1500 to ASCLA. We have initiated the process to transfer $1,500 to ASCLA in support of the Awards Reception at ALA Annual in Chicago in June.

c.       Scholarship for next year: JB downloaded a list of ALA-accredited schools from ALA's website and will be contacting all to verify contact info. VS provided a few updates. KH suggested JB provide ALA with updates from VS.

7.       FAFLRT Brochure:

a.       Should we print some for ALA Summer: Board agreed 100 is a sufficient amount of brochures to print for distribution at Annual. KDL will check on price to print and tri-fold. Brochures will be available at FAFLRT-affiliated programs.

8.       ALA Annual Program events – Janice

a.       Continued promotion: JY has put program info on ALA Connect and has seen increased traffic to site. Not all programs have been posted but will be by late April/early May. JY will send out one notice per week leading up until ALA Annual.

b.       KDL will speak with Yvonne McClain to determine what rooms we'll have.

c.       KDL requested FAFLRT notifications also go to ASCLA listservs and will check with Michael Gorlick.

9.       Federal Librarian – Janice

a.       Content due on May 19

b.       LW has a vetted article to submit.

c.       KDL will provide a "Greetings from the President" as well as awards and merger info.


10.   Results of referendum (if we have the info.):

a.       The membership voted 75.9% YES and 24.1% NO to merge with ASCLA.   

b.       KDL will contact Michael Golrick and Chris Corrigan of ASCLA about having a joint meeting in May to discuss next steps.  FAFLRT and ASCLA will have a joint meeting in May. KDL will contact ALA for timeline of steps to affect merger, FAFLRT responsibilities and tasks and when everything has to happen.

c.       Do we need a slate of candidates for 2018?

d.       The following were voted to the FAFLRT Board for the 2017-2019 time period:

                                                               i.      Armed Forces Director  2017-2019  Kimberly Megginson

                                                             ii.      Federal Director 2017-2019  Virginia Sanchez

                                                           iii.      Vice President/President Elect   2017-2018 VP/2018-2019 President  Janice Young

                                                           iv.      Secretary 2017-2019  Julie Bramman

                                                             v.      Also, Vicky Crone will step in for one year to cover the vacant Federal Director slot once JY becomes VP/President-Elect.

e.       Pat May contacted KDL about vacant Board positions for the 2018-2020 period.  In the unlikely event that the merger has not gone through, KDL will inform Pat about the positions that would need to appear on the ballot in 2018.

11.   Other matters:

a.       Board agreed to add Kimberly Megginson to FAFLRT Executive Board email.   KDL will contact Vicky Crone about this.

b.       Question of who responds to email questions. Board determined member with appropriate experience and/or expertise will respond to emails.

c.       Discussion of Career Profession 34. KH will research and send info to Board and the individual who e-mailed the list.