FAFLRT Meeting Minutes March 30, 2017

FAFLRT Board Meeting

March 30th, 2017

1:00-2:00 Eastern time

Notetaker:  Julie



Karl Debus-López, President

Stephen Pomes, Vice President

Kathleen Hanselmann, Armed Forces Director

Lance Wiscamb, Armed Forces Director

Virginia Sanchez, Federal Director

Janice Young, Federal Director

Julie Bramman, Secretary



1.          Approval of February minutes

a.       KH motioned to approve. VS seconded.

2.          Treasurer’s Report –

a.       No report for this month.

3.          Awards Update – Kathleen and Karl. KH contacted all participants.

a.       Announcement will be posted to FAFLRT and FEDLIB listervs. A brief announcement to include Vicky Crone’s, Anne Harrison’s, and Heather Kiger’s accomplishments is needed.

b.       Creating certificates for both. KH will ask how they’ve been sent out in the past. KDL will ask if there’s a template for FAFLRT certificates.

c.        Joint Awards Ceremony – planning, financial contribution, etc.

                                                               i.      3 awards will be handed out. KDL will give award to Vicky Crone. KH will give award to Anne Harrison. VS will give award to Heather Kiger.

                                                             ii.      KDL asked if the Board would approve $1,500 for catering and beverages for the event. ASCLA will coordinate everything, FAFLRT will contribute half the cost. Board approved transfer of $1,500 from FAFLRT to ASCLA.   KDL will inform ASCLA and ask RH to work on the transfer.

                                                           iii.      Scholarship award: nobody applied. JB will compile a list of ALA-accredited Library Science schools and contact information. FAFLRT will use this information to inform schools of the scholarship in the next year.

4.          FAFLRT Brochure (attached) – Board approved brochure. KDL will ask Kelly Glaze to add to website.

5.          ALA Annual Program events

a.       Board selected moderators for programs.

                                                               i.      KH will introduce Dr. Scott presentation on Sunday, June 25th 10:30-11:30.

                                                             ii.      JY will introduce Funding Mandates on Saturday, June 24th 1:00-2:30.

b.       Timeline for sending out information to FAFLRT, FEDLIB, and ASCLA on the programs and annual meeting. VS suggested we send out program info with “TBD” for locations which are not set. JY said people are looking at program info on our website.

c.       Program info will be posted on ALA Connect, ALA newsfeed, FAFLRT webpage, FEDLIB, FAFLRT, and ASCLA listservs, FAFLRT Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In pages. JY will post flyer asking for people to tweet at Annual.

6.          Next issue of Federal Librarian. Will be published early June.

a.       Vote on merger: We will know results on April 12th.

b.        Announce new Board members

c.       Program information

d.        Other articles?

e.       May 19th is the deadline for newsletter content.

7.       Next meeting in April. KDL will be on work travel later in the month, so April meeting will occur earlier than normal.

8.       Other matters

a. VS will share information on volunteer opportunities which could be replicated at libraries elsewhere.

b. FAFLRT Board members attending ALA Annual: KDL, KH, LW, JY, VS. Board members not attending: SP, JB.



1.        Results of the ballot referendum