FAFLRT Meeting Minutes February 23, 2017



Thursday, February 23, 2017

1:00-2:00 Eastern Time

Notetaker: Julie



Karl Debus-Lopez, President

Richard Huffine, Treasurer

Kathleen Hanselman, Armed Forces Director

Lance Wiscamb, Armed Forces Director

Janice Young, Federal Director

Julie Bramman, Secretary


1.     Approval of minutes of January 17th meeting


LW moved to approve minutes.

KDL asked for minutes to be updated in FAFLRT webpage. JB sent minutes to Kelly Glaze who updated same day.


2.     Treasurer’s report – Richard


As of Nov. 30th, we had a balance of $12,867.00. Through Dec. 30th, we had a net income of $780.72 with $882.50 in dues income and $101.78 in administrative fees. The administrative fees are approximately $30.00 per month.


RH: we need to submit budget for next operating year. We will fund award ceremony.

KDL: asked RH to speak with Chris Corrigan and Michael Gorlick regarding awards ceremony.


3.     ALA Ballot – next year’s board and referendum on the merger – Karl


a.       March 13—April 5th; results posted April 12th

KDL will send out a reminder.


Stephen Pomes will be President

JY is running for Vice President

KDL will be Past President

JB is running for Secretary

Kimberly Megginson is running for Armed Forces Director

Virginia Sanchez is running for Federal Director

LW is interested in serving in any capacity, if possible.


JB asked when FAFLRT would disband. KDL said the earliest would be after ALA 2018, if we vote to disband.


b.       Further outreach to the membership in March


c.       Federal Director position for 2017-2018

KDL: board may appoint Vicki Crone into Federal Director spot


4.       Awards Update—Kathleen

a.       Need to decide on recipients

                                                                           i.      KH will let all recipients know before ALA Annual by phone and will update KDL if recipients will attend ALA Annual

                                                                         ii.      FAFLRT will make formal announcement in April

b.       Should we have two for FAFLRT Distinguished Service Award?

                                                                           i.      Two recipients qualify for FAFLRT Distinguished Service Award. Board discussed if we should award both recipients with same award. Majority of board thought this was acceptable.

                                                                         ii.      KH suggested we give the Distinguished Service Award to Vicky Crone and the Achievement Award to Anne Harrison and the Rising Star Award to Heather Kiger.  Board members agreed by acclimation. 


5.       Winter Issue of Federal Librarian – Janice


Release date Feb. 28, 2017.

The “In the Spotlight” article had to be changed. The original article wasn’t vetted and could not be published.  Virginia provided a backup article from Heather Kiger on the Yosemite Research Library.


JY asked how many months’ worth of minutes to include in the newsletter. KDL advised we publish the gap; for the Winter Issue, this means we will include October, December, and January. There were no November minutes as we had a joint meeting with ASCLA. The newsletter is digital and is easy enough to scroll past minutes if members do not wish to read.


JY sent draft to Board to preview before publishing.


6.       FAFLRT Brochure—Karl


We will have the American flag in two spots in the brochure.


7.     ALA Annual programs and Meeting – Janice and Karl


a.     Advertising events: JY prepared flyers for FAFLRT and ASCLA speakers at ALA Annual and included them in the newsletter.

Funding Mandates presentation is sponsored by FAFLRT and will take place Saturday, June 24th, 1-2:30

Dr. Scott presentation is sponsored by FAFLRT and co-sponsored by ASCLA and will take place on Sunday, June 25th, 1030-1130.

Glass Half Full presentation is sponsored by ASCLA and co-sponsored by FAFLRT and will take place on Monday, June 26th from 10:30-11:30.

                 KDL is in contact with panelists to keep on track for presentations.


8.     Anything else?

LW: base librarian have 30 day requirement from Public Affairs to vet newsletter articles


JB: viewed the FAFLRT webpage on tablet and smart phone to determine if current design is causing any readability issues. No navigation issues, but an issue is noted in using reading software.


9.     Next meeting in March: KDL will send out a Doodle poll link