FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes - January 17, 2017



Tuesday, January 17th

1:00-2:00 Eastern Time

Notetaker: Julie



Karl Debus-López, President

Richard Huffine, Treasurer

Stephen Pommes, Vice President/President Elect

Julie Bramman, Secretary

(Janice Young sent an update via email)


1.     Approval of minutes of December 20th meeting


RH moved to approve minutes.  SP seconded and the attendees voted to approve.   

JB recently completed Drupal training and will begin adding approved minutes to FAFLRT website.


2.     Treasurer’s report – Richard


As of Nov. 30th, we had a balance of $12,867.00. Through Dec. 30th, we had a net income of $780.72 with $882.50 in dues income and $101.78 in administrative fees. The administrative fees are approximately $30.00 per month.


3.     Update on Nominations for 2017 – Karl


KDL requests all ballot info gets submitted within the ALA Ballot System ASAP.   He can re-send information on how to do this, if needed.  Below is the Board slate for the 2017-2018 period.


a.     President--Stephen Pomes

b.     Vice-President—Janice Young (will be on ballot)

c.     Past President—Karl Debus-Lopez

d.     Secretary—Julie Bramman (will be on ballot)

e.     Treasurer—Richard Huffine

f.      Armed Forces Director—Kathleen Hanselmann

g.     Armed Forces Director—Kimberly Megginson (will be on ballot)

h.     Federal Director—Virginia Sanchez (will be on ballot)

i.      Federal Director—vacant as Janice will move to be VP


4.     Awards Update – Kathleen


KH was not present at meeting. Update tabled.


5.       Next issue of Federal Librarian – Janice (via email)


JY has received an article from the Air Force Academy Base Library, one ‘newly hired’ submission for “Fabulous Feds,” and a piece authored by Virginia Sanchez for the Winter issue.

JY will add content about our ALA Annual Programs which should fill a full page in the newsletter.


JY suggests extending deadline for content/information until Jan. 31st. Additional time will provide editing team two weeks to edit content before the Feb. 16th release date.


KDL requested minutes be included in newsletter.  He will also write a “Welcome from the President” article.


RH will write up a profile of his agency for the newsletter.


6.       FAFLRT Brochure—Karl


KDL emailed the brochure to the Board for review prior to the meeting. He suggested we remove the “Careers in Federal Libraries” section, as we no longer sponsor that event.


KDL asked if we’d like to add our brochure to the website. JB agreed this would be helpful and offered to add to website once updated.


7.     ALA Annual Program and Meeting – Janice/Karl


a.     Leadership and Librarianship are a Team Sport (Ed Scott) – set for Sunday, June 25th,10:30-11:30


JY will work on the publicity flyer for this session, post on ALA Connect, and add to the newsletter.


b.     Funding Mandates – will input to ALA system after we decide on speakers. Three (?) so far.


JY: Deadline for proposals is January 31st. Once the board votes on speakers, she will work on the publicity flyer, post on ALA Connect, and add to newsletter.


KDL: Board will decide which proposals to keep after January 31st deadline. He has sent information to Board, which all need to read to come to a decision. He will check in with Board January 31st.


                                          i.    Phyllis Levine, DTIC—Repurposing Collaborative Tools

                                         ii.    Caitin Bakker, University of MN--Managing OSTP directives

                                        iii.    Nina Exner, NC Ag and Tech State Univ.--Researcher and Grant Support Services Librarian


c.     Glass is Half Full—Getting More with Less (with ASCLA)

                                                  i.    Virginia has submitted a proposal

                                                 ii.    ASCLA is point of contact for this event


d.     FAFLRT Board Meeting—set for Sunday, June 25th 1:00-2:30

KDL and RH will attend. SP and JB will not attend


8.       FAFLRT/ASCLA Merger

a.       Ballot Referendum sent to ALA


KH and JY drafted a ballot referendum, which KDL reviewed and edited.  KDL sent the referendum to key staff at ALA, who approved it.  The ballot on the merger will be on the same page as the ballot for the Board members.  The explanatory information on the merger will appear with the background information on the Board nominees.


RH asked if there is a required number of votes.   KDL recalled that 1% of the membership have to agree for the merger to proceed. [He later confirmed this with Vicky Crone.]


In response to a question from SP, KDL informed board that all actions by FAFLRT have thus far been approved by ALA.


b.      Webinar on Tuesday, Feb. 14th at 3:00 Eastern time


KDL is working with Michael Gorlick of ASCLA on the Merger. He is adding FAFLRT info to slides which show the benefits of the merger.  When a draft is available, he will send to the Board members for their review.


9.       Next meeting on February23 from 1:00-2:00 Eastern time.