FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes - December 20, 2016



Tuesday, December 20th

2:00-3:00 Eastern Time

Notetaker: Julie


1.     Approval of minutes of October 28th meeting


JB approved minutes. KH seconded. Board members have been sending emails to approve emails, which isn’t necessary. Minutes are approved during board meeting.


2.     Treasurer’s report – Karl


No change to treasurer’s report. $14,650 remains in the account which is the same as the previous month.


3.     Update on Nominations – Karl

a.     Need VP/Pres/Past Pres and Armed Forces Director


Virginia Sanchez will continue as Federal Director. Julie Bramman will continue as Secretary.



KDL has emailed FAFLRT members to see if they’ll consider serving but no response yet. KDL will contact two individuals who might be good candidates for the VP and Armed Forces positions.  Board members will reach out to FAFLRT members and colleagues to see if they’ll serve. Friday, January 13th is the deadline to submit email to Karl indicating interest in serving. Feb. 2nd is the ballot deadline.


VS has a nominee who is working to complete FAFLRT membership.


4.     Awards Update – Kathleen


KH will re-send the awards e-mail prior to Christmas and after the New Year to designated listservs.



5.     Next issue of Federal Librarian – any submissions?  -- Janice


JY has received one submission for Spotlight. JY will resend email asking for input.

Publication date will be mid-February, will extend deadline for submissions from 16 Jan. to 23 Jan.


KDL will write “Greetings from the President”.


JY will send email 2nd week of Jan. asking for names of retirees.



6.     ALA Annual Program and Meeting – Janice/Karl


KDL, KH, JY will attend. VS may attend. JB will not attend.


a.     Leadership and Librarianship are a Team Sport (Ed Scott) – Karl requested Sunday morning,10:30-11:30


KDL and Ed Scott requested theater style room, to seat up to 100 people.


b.     Funding Mandates – have three possible speakers – will input to ALA system in early February, after we make our choices


31 Jan. is the deadline for speakers.

27 Feb. is the deadline to confirm room.

Need to decide on panelists; reserve room now, decide on panelists later. KDL will follow up in Jan. board meeting.


JY asked if we are responsible for marketing. KDL answered yes, and we’d use FAFLRT budget. Main portal for marketing is listserv.


FAFLRT may give nominal gifts to speakers such as gift cards, etc.


There will not be a FAFLRT booth. However, FAFLRT will be represented at the Round Tables booth.  There will be brochures, ribbons, and info on our programs. Would need members to commit to working booth. We have lots of ribbons, but not many brochures.


VS asked if the brochure is outdated. KDL stated it is not outdated and asked Board to share an editable brochure. [Note:  It turns out that the brochure on the web site is an outdated version.  We will need to make minor changes to a more current brochure, add it to the website, and print new copies.]


c.     The Glass is Half Full – managed by ASCLA


d.     FAFLRT Board Meeting – requested Sunday afternoon 1:00-2:30



7.     FAFLRT/ASCLA Merger

a.     Need Ballot Referendum Information by February 2nd


                                Ballot referendum goes out in March. Need pros and cons statements by 2 Feb.


                                JY and KH will comprise small committee to work on wording.


                                KDL will send out email to ask for more helpers.


b.     Webinar on Tuesday, February 14th at 3:00 Eastern Time




7.     Next meeting in January




Additional items:


VS asked who is updating ALA Connect. JB will update once training is complete.


KDL will ask Ann and Vicki for e-copy of brochure.