FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes - October 28, 2016


Friday, October 28, 2016



  • Karl Debus-Lopez, Library of Congress (President)

  • Steve Pomes, US Dept. of the Interior (Past President)

  • Richard Huffine, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (Treasurer)

  • Kathleen Hanselmann, US Army Corps of Engineers (Armed Forces Director)

  • Janice Marie Young, US Department of Energy (Federal Director)


1. Approval of last month’s minutes – approved

2. Richard reported FAFLRT has $14,650.00 dollars that can be in part used for awards at ALA.

3. ASCLA & FAFLRT merger – joint meeting in November to discuss topics. ASCLA is fine to be included on the ballot and use ALA services for the vote. ASCLA doesn’t feel an urgent need to move sooner and will just wait until ALA.

Richard suggest to the board that we take and use the time before ALA to get the information out to the FAFLRT community about the merger vote. A higher turnout is possible if the community is informed.

An idea is for ASCLA and FAFLRT to host WebEx to communicate why the merger is a good idea and to get the word out.

4. Federal Librarian – email sent to FAFLRT community asking for input for the February 2017 issue. Janice is the lead on this action.

5. Membership Drive – trying to get more people to join. Don’t know if the campaign has been successful in acquiring new members. The last count reported 299 members - a decline in membership. Karl will ask Ros for the total count of FAFLRT membership.

6. Kathleen – open the awards up to non-FAFLRT voting members. Getting so few nominations for awards. Sent several emails soliciting submissions and to ALA for hosting on various sites and listservs.

7. ALA Summer Programs – deadline to plug into the ALA system is December 6th. [Note:  Karl found out later that the deadline is actually February 27th.] FAFLRT is responsible for the public relations and marketing of hosted programs. Janice will have the final draft ready to send out next week (first week in November). The deadline for proposals is November 25th. [Note:  we later decided to extend the deadline to January.] Emails announcing the programs will be sent out every week for the co-sponsored ASCLA and FAFLT programs:

  • Glass is half-full getting more out of less– ASCLA/joint with FAFLRT

  • Funding Mandates: A Game Changer in Faculty and Scientific Research – FAFLRT panelists discussion/joint with ASCLA

  • Library leadership: It’s a team sport– FAFLRT/Dr. Edward Scott

8. 2016 Vacant board positions – will not be filled.

9. Next FAFLRT meeting will take place in November with ASCLA to discuss the potential merger and pull together information that will be included on the ballot.

10. Meeting is adjourned.