FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes - September 09, 2016

Board Meeting Minutes

9 Sept 2016



·         Karl Debus-Lopez, Library of Congress (President)

·         Steve Pomes, US Dept of the Interior (Past President)

·         Richard Huffine, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (Treasurer)

·         Kathleen Hanselmann, US Army Corps of Engineers (Armed Forces Director)

·         Janice Marie Young, US Department of Energy (Federal Director)

·         Julie Bramman, USAG Rheinland-Pfalz (Secretary)



1.         Approval of minutes of August 11th meeting.

a.    Steve and Julie confirmed they were approved by email.

2.         Treasurer’s Report – Richard

a.    No changes in Treasurer’s Report from August 11th meeting.


3.         Update on FAFLRT/ASCLA merger – Karl

a.    Ros Reynolds advised merger vote is our choice; either FAFLRT hosts the election this fall or wait until spring and have ALA include the vote in their springtime election cycle.

b.    Karl asked group how vote will be distributed to members and tabulated if FAFLRT hosts. FAFLRT has 308 members. Email is most accurate as some FAFLRT listservs include non-members. Karl has a list from ALA HQ, but it will need to be updated right before the vote, if we choose to conduct the election ourselves.  Votes could be divided between board members for tabulation.

c.    Richard offered to look into cost of a survey for 400 people through Survey Monkey. We have money in the budget to afford the cost.

d.    If ALA hosts they will distribute and tabulate.

e.    Karl asked members in attendance for preference on when vote takes place; board is divided.

Members discussed pros of fall vote: fresh in FAFLRT members’ minds, ability to recruit for vacant officer slot, settle the matter, unsure of our commitment to ASCLA, specifically if the vote is expected by a certain date. (Karl will meet with Chris Corrigan 12 Sept to discuss). 


Members discussed pros of spring vote: ALA would execute the election and FAFLRT would not have to spend funds nor members’ time to tally results, fall is a hectic time to ask members to vote, if vote is in spring, information may be included in newsletter with proposal from ASCLA.


4.         Fall issue of Federal Librarian newsletter – Janice

a.    Janice has received some but not a lot of input; newsletter is currently at 27 pages. She is waiting for content from a few people who’ve committed to writing articles.

b.    Award article from Kathleen was shared with Board Aug. 29th.

c.    Grand Canyon article has been included.

d.     Janice is checking on potential copyright issues with photographs, securing permissions. Karl offered that the photographer for the FAFLRT Program at ALA Summer was ok with the publication of photos, will provide name of photographer.

e.    Not much content is coming from Armed Forces libraries.

f.     A 9/11, 15th year commemorative letter will be included.

g.    Sept. 16th is cutoff for articles.

h.    Newsletter will publish Sept. 30th

                                          i.    Newsletter hasn’t been published in 2 years. Last newsletter was Fall/Spring 2014.


5.         Membership Drive – Janice

a.    Janice has sent membership flyer to several listservs. Feedback received is that it’s expensive to join ALA, which is required in order to join FAFLRT.

b.    Kathleen will pass out flyer to DC Librarians at their Fall event..


6.         Awards – announcement, getting the word out, etc.  – Kathleen

a.    Kathleen has written an article about FAFLRT awards for the newsletter. Karl complimented Kathleen on article.

b.    Need dates for submitting nominations. Kathleen did not include dates in article. Board decided Jan 31st so winners will be announced prior to ALA Annual and the student who receives an award has time to make arrangements.

c.     Dates for award submissions will be published in newsletter and on website.

d.    The Cicely Phippen Marks Scholarship page has been updated to reflect the scholarship is no longer offered. Information on award remains on webpage to honor the family for providing the scholarship.

e.    Award applications are not on the same page as award explanations. Janice will ask for this to be updated.

f.     Kathleen will work on announcement that will go in ALA News.


7.         ALA Midwinter – Karl

a.    Since only Janice is definitely attending ALA Midwinter, we will not meet as a Board then.

b.    Janice will attend.  Karl requested that she attend the Round Table Coordinating Assembly meeting on Friday of ALA Midwinter.


8.         FAFLRT Vacant positions – Karl

a.    Armed Forces Director IFLA Liaison, Annual Conference Chair, and FEDLINK Liaison.

b.    Vacancies will be listed in newsletter

c.    Karl will list vacancies on FAFLRT listserv.


9.         Updating information on FAFLRT web page on our committee lists – Karl

a.    Janice is working with Jules to make changes to webpage based on suggestions, submissions.

b.    Karl asked if contact information for awards page is correct; Janice will confirm.


10.      Anything else?

a.    kathanselmann@yahoo.com, mary.k.hanselmann.civ@mail.mil

b.    Karl will ask Vicky Crone, listserv moderator, to update language on FAFLRT listservs. 


Respectfully submitted,


Julie Bramman