FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes - August 11, 2016

Attending: Stephen Pomes, Karl Debus-Lopez, Richard Huffine, Kathleen Hanselmann, Julie Bramman, Janice Young, Virginia Sanchez

FAFLRT Board Meeting
Thursday, August 11th
1:00-2:30 EDT
Notetaker:  Richard Huffine

1.            Approval of minutes of July 8th meeting (attached)

a.       We could not get approval at this time. Will try again next meeting.

2.            Treasurer’s Report – Richard

Richard reported that according to the June 2016 reports he has received, FAFLRT has $12,852 in their account. The Round Table has incurred $2,643 in expenses during the year, received $2,953 in dues revenue and $250 in other revenue. Richard will prepare a budget for the operating year (July 2016-June 2017) and will include funding for the Conference Travel Scholarship, printing for the flyer, and co-sponsorship of the ASCLA/FAFLRT Awards Reception at the 2017 conference.

3.       Second Armed Forces Director position – Karl

Karen is no longer an ALA member and has not responded to contacts. She is therefore no longer on the Board as the second Armed Forces Director. Should we have another Armed Forces Director? Karl will call for volunteers in the next newsletter.

4.       FAFLRT/ASCLA Merger

Stephen asked for clarification that the current Board is committed to holding a vote on the question of merging with ASCLA. Karl confirmed that we are committed to taking a vote. Karl is working with Ros Reynolds (ALA staff) on the logistics. Karl submitted questions to her about sending out ballots in the Fall (or Spring with elections), how the ballots are disseminated, who handles the mailings, who tallies the responses, formatting, what supporting information can be provided, etc.

5.       Questions from ALA HQ

Ros sent two questions last Tuesday. Chris Corrigan (ASCLA Councilor) has clarified that the proposal is for two interest groups: separate for armed forces and federal librarians. ASCLA may change their name to include federal/armed forces as well.

6.       E-mails of FAFLRT members

Karl contacted Ros about obtaining a list of current members. Karl has that. There are 277 members on that list. Karl will ask Vickie to find out how many people are on the FAFLRT listserv. There are 377 members of the FAFLRT list at this time. There are a number of institutional member of the Round Table.

5.       Federal Librarian Newsletter Matters – Janice

Karl commended Janice for her work to develop a template. Do we want to keep the categories of articles listed? Yes, those categories are good and we can work with them. Karl can send an email out to the listserve, listing the topics for which we are looking for contributions with a deadline of Friday, September 16, 2016. Richard will forward Karl’s request to FEDLINK for an update on that program.

7.       FAFLRT Membership Recruitment Flyer – Janice

Suggestions include removing or modifying the “types of libraries” list and changing the “Join FAFLRT membership” to join us. Once we finish this, we can send it out to various lists for people to print themselves.

7.       Update on awards – Kathleen

a.       Update Cicely Phippen Marks Scholarship Award information

o   We should maintain the description of the Awards but indicate that the Award is no longer active.

b.      Addelaide Dell-Frate Conference Scholarship Award?

o   The Board requested that we plan to fund this $1,000 award for 2017 and keep this open for applicants.

c.       Other Awards – Kathleen will develop an announcement for the Fall. We will be accepting nomination through January 2017 for the Distinguished Service, Achievement and Rising Stars Awards.

8.       Filling vacant positions for committees, etc.

d.      Should we request volunteers at the same time we send out the newsletter? Yes, in September.


8.       Other Topics

a.       Virginia Sanchez - Using retired librarians as catalogers? Contact Pat Hogan (Retired Librarians Round Table) about working together. NPS uses volunteers.gov and can recruit volunteers.

b.      Richard mentioned that his Bureau has a Libraries Partnership Program and is attending ALA to network with public libraries - http://www.consumerfinance.gov/library-resources/. They have engaged the CFPB Library staff.

9.       Next meeting – second or third week in September. Karl will do a Doodle poll. Stephen will be away September 11-19.  Julie cannot predict her schedule at this time.

10.   Adjourn

Future agenda items:

-          FAFLRT Programs and joint programs with ASCLA – Karl will meet with Chris Corrigan about this on August 30th over lunch at LC.