FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes - July 8, 2016

Board Meeting Minutes

8 July 2016



·         Karl Debus-Lopez, Library of Congress (President)

·         Kathleen Hanselmann, US Army Corps of Engineers (Armed Forces Director)

·         Janice Marie Young, US Department of Energy (Federal Director)

·         Julie Bramman, USAG-Rheinland Pfalz (Secretary)


1.      Introductions

2.      Treasurer’s Report – Richard

a.       Richard did not attend, no report presented.

3.      Armed Forces Director position

a.       Karen Filkil is not an ALA member and is therefore not eligible to serve as Armed Forces Director. Karen did not respond to emails or Doodle poll. Karl will speak with ALA about removing her from the board.

b.      Members present discussed appointing a member to position or the possibility of eliminating the second AF Director position.

c.       Kathleen is willing to serve as sole AF Director. 

4.      Listowner and moderator of FAFLRT listserv/discussion boards

a.       Ann Harrison is listowner and Vicky Crone is moderator. Vicky is no longer on the board. Karl will ask if they’re willing to continue. If not, the Board will assign someone else.

5.      Filing vacation positions on:

a.       http://www.ala.org/faflrt/governance/committees

b.      http://www.ala.org/faflrt/contact-us

                                                              i.      Present board members will contact individuals listed on above links to determine if they’re willing to continue serving or if new participants are required.

                                                            ii.      FAFLRT cannot fill the vacant ALA Council position. Our membership is too low to qualify.

                                                          iii.      Fundraising Committee slot is vacant. Board shall seek to fill and continue fundraising efforts until next spring.

6.      ALA Council Resolution – Gun Violence and Libraries

a.       FAFLRT board takes no position on the ALA Council Resolution.

7.      Reinstituting the Newsletter


a.       Janice Young will contact Kelly Glaze to determine if she wants to continue as co-editor. Janice Young is interested in being co-editor or editor and will send thoughts out to the Board on how the newsletter may be re-constituted.

b.      Existing newsletter features of Presidential greeting, board meeting minutes, articles, and Fabulous Feds will continue. New content will be created.

8.      Status of awards

a.       Scholarship is no longer funded. Board will seek to remove award from website.

b.      FAFLRT did not give an award at Annual.

c.       $6,000 in current budget.

d.      Board is considering offering an award between now and spring, to engage with the membership, but we do not know if that can be done

e.       Karl will send the list of awards to the Board and clarify with Vicky Crone and Richard Huffine which ones still exist with funding.

9.      ASCLA Merger logistics/survey

a.       Board decided to mail survey to FAFLRT membership in September to vote on whether or not to merge FAFLRT with ASCLA.

                                                              i.      Not all FAFLRT members have provided an email. Board will seek addresses from ALA for all members.

b.      Karl will contact Ros Reynolds to see if it is possible to have the ballot mailed out in September or if it has to wait until the election cycle in the spring 2017.  We also need guidance on the format of the ballot and what supporting documentation can be included.

10.  Other business

11.  Next meeting

a.       Tentatively scheduled second week of August 2016. Karl will send Doodle poll to determine exact date and time.

12.  Adjournment


Future agenda item:

1.      Programs for ALA Summer in Chicago – joint with ASCLA, on our own, or both

a.       This item was not discussed during today’s meeting.



Respectfully submitted by,


Julie Bramman