FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes-February 4, 2015

Board Meeting Agenda

4 February 2015


  • Amanda J. Wilson, Department of Transportation  (President)
  • Steve Pomes, Department of the Interior (Vice President)
  • Marla Chesler, Department of Justice (Federal Director)
  • Anne Harrison, Library of Congress (Federal Director)
  • Kathleen Hanselmann, Defense Language Institute (Secretary)
  • Vicky Crone, Department of Agriculture (Treasurer)
  • Tatiana Bryant (GODORT Liaison)
  • Jessica McGilvray, American Library Association Washington Office


  1. Officer Reports
    1. President (Amanda)

Amanda introduced Tatianna Bryant as the new FAFLRT liaison to GODORT. Tatianna will be a part of the GODORT Legislation Committee and, as a GODORT member, will be able to vote in addition to representing FAFLRT interests.


  1. Treasurer (Vicky)

Brought up three items from ALA Midwinter.Asked us to respond to the ALA Survey on Diversity.The ALA Strategic Planning process is under way and we should participate in it to represent FAFLRT. Vicky will collect and funnel any feedback from FAFLRT members as a group.There are YouTube presentations by candidates for ALA president that we can watch.


Vicky attended Midwinter and mentioned the FAFLRT ribbons were popular and had people asking what FAFLRT stood for so it was a good opportunity to explain.GODORT is looking for input on [need input from Vicky]


In the years 2007 – 2014 60,000 jobs were lost in the Library industry. ALA overall and all divisions have had membership decreases except for two, including YALSA. BARC is looking at budget options for ALA in this environment. ALA is solid financially and is going to post training videos on financial details.FY2016 budget proposals are due on 6 February and Vicky is preparing the one for FAFLRT. To be conservative and try to prevent an unbalanced budget, Vicky will reduce FY2015 numbers by 20%.We have decided to limit our programs next year to two to account for controlling costs, like we have for Annual Conference 2015.We are looking to ALA for actual costs on the AV equipment used at ALA Annual 2014.


Vicky wanted the Board’s feedback on an issue discussed at ALA Council. The item raised is how specific should ALA Resolutions be? Should individual whistleblowers be named or should ALA release resolutions that support whistleblowing in general? The same with types of libraries; for example, the Air Force Libraries resolution passed at Annual 2014. The Board decided by acclimation to be general and not name names.


  1. Committee and Liaison Reports

Jessica McGilvray presented the Resolution on AF Libraries and we discussed making it broader to include all military libraries.  ALA is planning briefings to Congress on this issue.  Letters will be sent and education emphasized.  Kathleen Hanselmann moved to approve FAFLRT co-sponsoring our participation, Vicky Crone seconded.  Approved by acclimation.  Air Force Librarians will be asked to find patrons to pen testimonial letters by an email to the FAFLRT listserv.


 Also, by acclimation we approved cooperating with Nancy Faget on her Job Search workshop by providing $100 if ALA allows FAFLRT to spend money with outside organizations. Vicky will confirm. The March 21 resume workshop is also co-sponsored by with DCLA, SLA MD and others.


  1. Unfinished Business

Anne sent the brochure layout and new logo image to all of us.Everyone seemed to like it.


  1. Next Meeting: 4 March 2015, 3p ET


  1. Adjournment