FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes-December 10, 2014

Board Meeting Agenda

10 December 2014



  • Amanda J. Wilson, Department of Transportation  (President)
  • Virginia Sanchez, Yosemite National Park Library (Immediate Past President)
  • Marla Chesler, Department of State (Federal Director)
  • Anne Harrison, Library of Congress (Federal Director)
  • Theresa Taylor, Combined Arms Research Library (Armed Forces Director)


  1. Approval of Minutes
    1. November 5 meeting minutes with Vicky’s corrections were approved unanimously (Theresa moved, Virginia seconded).


  1. Officer Reports
    1. President (Amanda)

GIS met on 24 November 2014. Three items around the Federal Depository Library Program include development of a national preservation plan, working with ALA to support GPO, and the addition of competencies around government information to the ALA competencies. Volunteers were asked for the latter; Virginia Sanchez expressed interest. There is also interest in developing a Government Information alliance that is modeled after the Library Copyright Alliance and which will be building a coalition inside of and external to ALA. The goal is to get more of an interdisciplinary understanding of government information, beyond GovDocs.


  1. Treasurer (Vicky via email)

We hadn't received the FAFLRT September Financial Report from ALA as of the November 5 2014 Board meeting. I just forwarded that report to the Board last week, along with the October report. Neither contains accurate starting numbers for the year because ALA is still reviewing the final reports from the previous fiscal year.


  1. Committee and Liaison Reports
    1. Awards (Marla)

Marla has reviewed the webpages and noted a few minor items that need to be updated on our website to not confuse 2015 applicants with the changes in awards.


  1. Programming (Anne)

We have speakers lined up for the open source tools program. The data visualization session has not had speakers confirmed. There was discussion around adding an open access/FOIA/public access session instead. It could be very timely and may have broader appeal across the organization. Anne will see if we can change in time to get in the ALA program booklet. We have requested Saturday 10.30a and 1.00p slots in the Convention Center for programs with the Awards Banquet and membership meeting on Sunday. This is the model from 2012. We hope that these schedule changes and location will help make our programs more available to more people.


  1. Nominations

Virginia 2015 slate chair – thanks Virginia! Amanda and Virginia will meet offline to discuss the officers needed. Vice-president/President-elect (2015-2016), Federal Director (2015-2017), Armed Forces Director (2015-2017), and Secretary ((2015-2017) are needed. A short discussion was had on identifying a new ongoing chair or making this a permanent duty of the immediate past president.


  1. Fundraising (Richard)

Note from Richard:


The FEDLINK Advisory Board met on Tuesday, December 2 and as part of their meeting, discussed the proposed fundraising activity for FAFLRT of selling print copies of the Handbook of Federal Librarianship. The FAB was supportive of our efforts and cleared the way for this effort.


I have opened the sales channels for this effort and we will be listed on all major retails including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and for libraries, Ingram, within the next 6-8 weeks. In the interim, libraries and individuals can purchase direct with a 25% discount from our distributor, Lulu.com at : http://goo.gl/C5ErO3/


FAFLRT should make a profit from these direct sales of about $6 per book and a much smaller profit of around $1.50 for sales through Amazon and other distributors. We can purchase copies directly for around $4.00 plus shipping which would allow us to sell copies at ALA and other area events at a much higher profit. I will plan on having copies for direct purchase at the next ALA Annual Conference.


By that time, we may have a second title as I am trying to get the 2011 Competencies for Federal Librarians into a print edition as well. I will keep you posted on that effort as well.


I will end a note to the FAFLRT List later this week and will make sure Anne has the information for her next edition of the Federal Librarian Newsletter.


The Board discussed this approval and suggested that 10 hard copies would be enough to bring to ALA.


  1. Newsletter

Anne is finalizing the latest edition of the newsletter and will send out when completed.


  1. Special Committee Reports
    1. Social Media: Some investigation was done with HootSuite to help manage all of the FAFLRT outlets. The possibility of adding the Evernote app to help manage was discussed; however, IT limitations at agencies rendered this impossible. The social media chair is still working on unlocking the passwords for all of FAFLRT’s social media outlets.


  1. Unfinished Business

Updating content of the promotional and membership brochures: Anne will send Amanda the brochure layout and new logo image so that NTL’s graphics support team can layout the brochure and add the new logo. This can be done in time for ALA Midwinter to have on-hand and for Annual to have at the Round Table display area. Items that need to be updated are membership dues levels and scholarship information.


  1. New Business

Due to the shortened timeframe over the December holidays, Virginia moved and Theresa seconded that we cancel the January FAFLRT Board meeting. The motion carried unanimously.


  1. Next Meeting: 4 February 2015, 3p ET


  1. Adjournment