FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes - October 1, 2014

Board Meeting Minutes

1 October 2014


  1. Approval of Minutes

The minutes from April 22 and September 3 Board meeting were approved.

  1. Officer Reports
    1. President (Amanda)

A listserv for Round Table leadership was set up as a mechanism to provide input to the ALA Strategic Planning effort. The Fall Strategic Planning Session with the ALA Executive Board, Divisions, Round Tables and ALA Staff will take place in Chicago on Friday, October 25, 2014.

Input provided to this group will be used to communicate what the future plans for ALA should be regarding roundtables. There will be three representatives that will represent the round tables.  They are Pat Hogan of Poplar Creek Library, Streamwood, IL; Nikki Winslow of Las Vegas-Clark County Library District, Las Vegas, NV and Pete Reehling of University of South Florida, Tampa, FL.

  1. Treasurer (Vicky)

We have received the August financial report for FAFLRT, which is also the end of fiscal. Several expenses are missing and others listed are unexplained. Vicky is working through identified issues with ALA staff to correct the financial report. Overall, it appears that FAFLRT’s financial status remains similar to the end of FY2013.

  1. Committee and Liaison Reports
    1. ALA Executive Board Liaison (Peter)

There are Concerns have been raised about transportation during the overlap of San Francisco Annual and the Pride parade. On that day during Annual, the Pride parade route is near the convention center and will block some of the bus routes from ALA hotels. There is no solution as of yet to the issue, but it could be a problem that members will need to be made aware of before the conference. Peter will keep us updated if any information needs to be passed

  1. Awards (Marla)

Due to funding, FAFLRT will only be offering the Rising Star, Distinguished Service, and FAFLRT Achievement awards for 2015. Costs for these three awards in FY2014 was less than $500.

Marla will make sure the web pages are updated to indicate that the Marks and Del Frate scholarships are on hold until FAFLRT can find any consistent, reliable funding.