FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes - September 3, 2014

The FAFLRT Board Meeting was held by telephone conference call on Wednesday, Sept 3, 2014 from 12:00 PM PDT to 12:55 PM PDT.



Amanda  J.  Wilson, Department of Transportation  (President)

Marla Chesler, Deptartment of State (Federal Director)

Anne Harrison, Library of Congress (Federal Director)

Kathleen Hanselmann, Defense Language Institute (Secretary)

Virginia Sanchez, China Lake Naval Station (Past President)

Theresa Taylor, Combined Arms Research Library (Armed Forces Director)

Vicky Crone, Department of Agriculture (Treasurer)

Bianna Ine-Ryan, Defense Intelligence Agency (Armed Forces Director)

Katharine Posner, China Lake Naval Station



The meeting started with discussion of the minutes.  August, June, and May 2014 minutes were approved by acclimation. April 2014 minutes are being reviewed and will be sent for approval in the October 2014 Board meeting.


Officer Reports


Amanda has been appointed to the Committee on Legislation’s Subcommittee on Government Information for 2014-15. Both GODORT and FAFLRT are now represented on the committee.



Vicky Crone (Treasurer) is expecting ALA’s August financial report some in the middle of September. This will include FAFLRT expenditures for the conference and be an accurate picture of 2014-15 finances. She will forward it for discussion via the Board listerv. She also worked through the FAFLRT ALA staff liaison to order 1000 FAFLRT badge ribbons for approximately $250.


Federal Director

Bianna  (Federal Director) has agreed to lead the FAFLRT effort for an Emerging Leaders project in 2014-15. She will also serve as the mentor to the Emerging Leaders team if the FAFLRT project is selected.


Committee and Liaison Reports


Marla Chesler had sent an email regarding our awards.  We discussed stopping the Adelaide Del Frate scholarship because we have lost our funding from ProQuest in 2012.  After general discussion the vote was to stop offering it. Marla moved and Theresa seconded. The vote was unanimous. 


The Cicely Phippen Marks Scholarship was discussed as her widow has pulled funding for the foreseeable future due to illness. Marla sent a card on behalf of FAFRLT to the family. Richard Huffine (Fundraising Chair) is being asked to approach American Overseas Book Co. Inc. (AOBC), Ms. Marks’s former employer, for possible funding, as well as other potential sources. The suggestion to use money donated from ProQuest was also raised. 


There was some discussion about using funds from ProQuest to fund attendance at ticketed events for current Federal Librarians, but potential ethics and conflicts of interest were deemed too likely to support this idea. Bianna suggested that winners of the Marks scholarship get a one year free membership in FAFLRT to encourage their participation the year after winning an award. Marla will work with the Awards committee to discuss options for the Marks scholarship and other awards for 2014-15.



Anne said that she anticipated making a call for programming at the Annual meeting from the membership in September. If we submit topics to ALA by November, there is a chance that those sessions could be recorded by ALA. She also asked Board members to send ideas to her.



Anne Harrison discussed the Newsletter and said she is waiting on the Fabulous Feds column from Cynthia Shipley. 


Special Committee Reports


The new logo was discussed and approved unanimously in two versions: A black and white version and a two-toned color version. Anne is getting higher resolution files from the creator for use in FAFLRT literature and media. The winner will be announced in the upcoming Federal Librarian newsletter.


Social Media

David Blum has gained administrative access to the FAFLRT Facebook page. He will be changing the contact email to the FAFLRT gmail account to avoid access problems in the future. New updates to FAFLRT social media are forthcoming (volunteers to assist are welcome).


Unfinished Business

FAFLRT Archivist

The candidate for Archivist is not a member of FAFLRT nor ALA. The Board confirmed that membership in FAFLRT is critical (which requires membership in ALA). Virginia is reaching out to the candidate to determine willingness and ability to join FAFLRT and ALA.


Call for Volunteers

Amanda will send a call for volunteers for vacant committee and liaison roles in September. The most critical vacancy now is Nominating Committee chair.



Anne is mocking up a new version of the FAFLRT brochure with the new logo. She will distribute to the Board for comment before the next Board meeting in October.