FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes-August 6, 2014

FAFLRT Executive Board Minutes August 6, 2014 1200 PDT/ 1500 EDT

1. Call to order

2. Minutes postponed for email approval.

3. Reports of Officers
President Amanda Wilson
Vice President (Steven Pomes)
Past President (Virginia Sanchez) absent
Federal Director (Marla Chesler)
Armed Forces Director (Theresa Taylor)
Armed Forces Director (Bianna Ine-Ryan) absent
Secretary (Kathleen Hanselmann):
Treasurer (Vicky Crone)
1. Secretary discussed procedure usually followed for minutes. Secretary prepares the minutes, sends to President, corrections made and then sent out to Board for approval.
2. Vicky Crone gave the Monthly Treasurer report as nothing has changed. Just waiting for final figures from ALA.
3. No other reports were made.

Committee and Liaison Reports
a. Peter Horne will continue as the ALA Executive Board Liaison.
b. Awards: Marla and Katie are continuing to be this committee. Adelaide del Frate Conference Scholarship Award money is coming from Proquest. They do not care if the money is used for this scholarship. There was general discussion of changing the scholarship to award it to a working Federal Librarian, but the ethical considerations were raised and most felt that a Federal Librarian would not be able to accept a scholarship that was funded by a vendor, no matter how removed. This is still under consideration and may continue as a student scholarship. Marla is pursuing different ideas.
c. Nominating Committee was led by Helen Sherman, who wants to step down. Ideas were discussed. Amanda will put out a call on the Listserv and Board members are encouraged to ask FAFLRT members personally to take on this responsibility.
d. Programming discussion was lively, but Anne Harrison was not able to attend so all suggestions will have to be sent to her. Most Board members were very attracted to the idea of webinars, Virtual Mock interviews or SenseMaking sessions online. We want to remind our members that we exist regularly during the year to help our members and to draw more members. Our group will improve by more participation. Potential partners for programming were discussed including PLA,
ASCLA…State Librarian Assoc, LITA, GODORT, SRRT, DCLA and FEDLINK. Anne, who works for FEDLINK, will be able to follow up on this idea.
e. Vicky has the FAFLRT tags and will explore the option of purchasing more for us. Also, perhaps we will not maintain an exhibit space next conference, but put our membership material at the FEDLINK, OCLC and other booths instead.
f. Decision was taken unanimously not to appoint another exhibits Chair.
g. Richard Huffhine will continue as Fundraising Chair
h. Anne and Kelly are handling the online newsletter.
i. Amanda and Virginia will choose a FAFLRT activist from the two volunteers.
j. Membership list reconciliation was discussed and the need for a new membership chair, but no decision was taken.

New Business
ALA Strategic Planning initiative is being handled by Vicky Crone, but meetings have not been scheduled yet.
We agreed we cannot afford to contribute to the Emerging Leader program, BUT we might have a project for an emerging leader. Amanda will speak with Bianna Ine-Ryan about mentoring an Emerging Leader to work on our Membership issue. How can we build membership, keep track of our membership and involve our members?
Other items were discussed in passing, but no decisions were taken.