FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes-May 20, 2014

FAFLRT Executive Board Meeting May 20, 2014
0900 PST/ 1200 EST
Virginia posted to the FAFLRT members listserv and asked
1. Call to order: Virginia, Marla, Vicky, Anne and Theresa on the call. Nzinga was able to attend for a brief time.
2. Reading, correction, approval or disposition of minutes of previous meetings: Minutes of the February meeting with edits, and March meeting approved by email vote. Virginia will cobble together the notes from April’s decisions over the previous month.
3. Reports of Officers
President (Virginia): Report from Nzinga regarding webpage updates, including posting of Amazon Associates link: Nzinga spoke about her work updating the website. She is still working on getting the Amazon Prime link added.
Secretary (Kathleen): On travel – February and March minutes submitted to Nzinga.
Treasurer (Vicky): Membership is down in numbers.
4. Reports of boards and standing committees (if any)
Awards (Marla, Katie, Bianna): Announcements for the FAFLRT award recipients: Board voted by email to accept the nominations made by the Awards committee.
Deadline for the next Federal Librarian Newsletter? I’d like to make sure we have write ups about our recipients.
Plaque for FAFLRT Distinguished Service Recipient – Usually about $70
6. Unfinished Business :
Membership list reconciliation (Anne) – Pending
Logo contest (Anne)
Archivist (Virginia): Asima Mahdi now has scheduling conflict, recruitment for Archivist re-opened. Virginia posted to FAFLRT membership listserv. Air Force Libraries (Virginia): Unanimous vote in favor of endorsing forwarded to Richard Huffine, who posted to Membership listserv for discussion.
“SenseMaking” with David Moore (Virginia): a virtual, perhaps co-sponsored event during the year: Unanimous vote in favor of working with Richard Huffine for a program during the year. Richard contacted for his thoughts - pending
Name tag flags: Eileen Welch will ensure the flags are at the
Member ship brochures: Pending
7. New Business Room assignments at Annual finalized Unanimous vote to appoint a Membership Chair/Committee
8. Next meeting: It was agreed via email by unanimous vote to hold the June meeting at the Annual Conference during the break between the last program and the Membership meeting. All Exec Board members except Theresa are attending the conference. Theresa supplied her phone number to call her for the meeting.
9. Adjournment