FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes - April 22, 2014

FAFLRT Executive Board Agenda
                  April 22, 2014


1. Call to order

2.  Reading, correction, approval or disposition of minutes of previous meetings: March minutes were approved as amended.

3. Reports of Officers

Secretary (Kathleen: Kathleen commented that there was no listserv activity.

            Treasurer (Vicky) – Financial Reports were transmitted to the Listserv. Direct questions to Vicky.   The $1500 donation was received from Gale/Cengage for use during the Annual Conference refreshments for the Awards Ceremony, but the $3400 donation expected from Proquest is still spending. Richard Huffine is working on that.

4. Reports of boards and standing committees (if any)

            Council (Vicky): As of April 22, 2014, about 16% of the membership voted in the current election.  Council is meeting three times (as normal) during Annual, on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

            Planning & Budget Assembly (Vicky) – The PBA is reconsidering its roles and functions – stay tuned for updates.

            Other? Listserv – there has been NO activity on the revised FAFLRT Committees listserv; only Helen has responded to any messages posted there.

5. Unfinished Business :

Membership list reconciliation (Anne) – Pending

Archivist (Virginia): Request to Lucille regarding type of materials shipped to the archives, and Asima Mahdi as new Archivist. Lucille Rosa indicates the Annual Reports, which contain the summarized financials should be shipped to the Archives if not able to do so electronically.  Lucille also provided samples of the transmittal forms.

“SenseMaking” with David Moore as a virtual, perhaps co-sponsored event during the year.  There were no objections to pursuing this program idea.

Bylaws changes: Vicky will formalize the proposals for changes to the bylaws for presentation to the Membership for a vote. Vicky spoke with Ros Reynolds at ALA for clarification of what is officially required to change our bylaws. Ros stated that since our bylaws already only required a simple majority vote, we don’t need to post the changes to the annual election ballot, as would ordinarily be done. (Good news, since the next ballot wouldn’t come out until this time NEXT YEAR.)


The current FAFLRT bylaws state “The constitution and bylaws may be amended by a majority of the members present at a regular or special meeting of the Round Table provided the membership is notified by the Board of Directors of proposed changes at least one month before such vote.


Vicky proposed that the vote be conducted by Survey Monkey, and post to the Listserv. This was agreed upon.


7. New Business
            Do we want to have the June meeting the week before ALA Annual? It was agreed to have a meeting before Annual, and there was discussion as to who has the FAFLRT nametag flags and the availability of membership brochures.


8. Adjournment