FAFLRT Board Meeting Minutes-March 26, 2014

FAFLRT Executive Board Minutes
March 26, 2014


Taken by Virginia Sanchez with assistance of Anne Harrison


1. Call to order: 10:10, Anne, Bianna and Virginia present

2.  Reading, correction, approval or disposition of minutes of previous meetings: Anne has correction: In para one, it is Anne vice Kelly for coordinating fundraising with Richard Huffine.

3.  Awards (Marla):  Bianna addressed the Awards questions and a committee member.  The question regarding award nominees being from U.S. institutions still needs discussion by the Board? Still need a Rising Star award nominee.

4. Newsletter: Submissions needed by are needed by April 15th.

5. Logo contest: (Anne): Two submissions, Anne will post a “Last Chance!” on 7 April.

6. Archivist: Potential volunteer, Asima Mahdi, looks like a good choice as Archivist, pending vote of approval by the Board.
Air Force base libraries resolution: A question: as federal employees can we urge ALA support of financial issues?Per Anne, some wording needs tweaking, to follow guidelines:


By Laws changes:
1) Retirees as Board/Committee members;

2) Attendance at Mid-Winter meetings “in connection with” – do we need to be in person?;
3) What do we do if we do not have a candidate?  Does the current officer serve a second term?

7. New Business
            'SenseMaking” program with David Moore

8. Announcements (such as date and time of next meeting): Next meeting: Week of Apr 21, 2014. Doodle poll sent.

9. Adjournment: Anne moved at 12:21, Bianna seconded.